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12 Nov 2011
Guardado has earned the player of the month award for October and now leads the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12.

October was a busy month for Deportivo as he team played seven official matches; it calls the attention that the three major winners in the month are offensive players at the team without been central strikers; the winner in the month was Andrés Guardado as he was present in four of the six top lists in the month, the Mexican won one Man of The Match award (MOM) during the visit at FC Cartagena, this despite Depor lost the match.

Guardado added 22 points in the period, while Juan Carlos Valerón added 19 and Diogo Salomão 18; the trio still considered as the best offensive combination of Deportivo, so it isn’t strange to see the peña members of RCDLC.com voting for them during the matches.

It calls the attention the progression of players like Álex Bergantiños and Juan Carlos, youngsters that added 8 and 5 points respectively, this despite Juan Carlos only disputed a match, which was the Copa clash with Alcoyano.

Another thing to consider is that the defenders are barely adding points in the competition; on this month only three Depor’s defender picked some points: Diego Seoane (5), David Rochela (3) and Claudio Morel (1). It’s a clear symptom of the big defensive problems demonstrated by Deportivo throughout the start of the season.

The ratings on the month:

Vs Guadalajara (01/Oct/11) 
1st. Valeron - 9 pts
2nd. Guardado - 7 pts
3rd. Alex - 5 pts 
4th. Salomao 2 pts
Collective Note: 3 (Excellent) 

Vs Alcoyano (13/Oct/11) 
1st. Salomao - 7 pts
2nd. Juan Carlos - 5 pts
3rd. Seoane & Rochela - 3 pts
4th. Juan Dominguez & Morel - 1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Nastic (15/Oct/11) 
1st. Guardado - 5 pts
2nd. Salomao - 3 pts
3rd. Laure - 1 pt
NB: Lassad - 1 pt.
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs Cordoba (23/Oct/11) 
1st. Salomao - 7 pts
2nd. Guardado - 5 pts
3rd. Alex - 3 pts
4th. Jesus Vazquez - 1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Cartagena (27/Oct/11) 
1st. Guardado - 5 pts
2nd. Valeron - 3 pts
3rd. Saul - 1 pt
NB: Lassad - 1 pt.
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs Girona (30/Oct/11) 
1st. Valeron - 7 pts
2nd. Riki - 5 pts 
3rd. Lassad - 3 pts
4th. Laure & Saul - 1 pt
PB: Jesús Vázquez - 1 pt.
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Overall table: The results on October are completely changing the picture, because now Guardado is leading the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12; the Mexican is followed really closely by both Salomão and Valerón; the mentioned defensive problems have been too expensive for goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia, who didn’t add any point passing from been the first place to be now occupying the fourth spot.

Overall Table
1st. Guardado - 36 pts 
2nd. Salomao - 30 pts 
3rd. Valeron - 30 pts 
4th. Aranzubia - 16 pts 
5th. Alex - 15 pts
5th. Lassad - 15 pts 
7th. Juan Carlos - 10 pts
8th. Colotto - 6 pts
8th. Laure - 6 pts
10th. Ze Castro - 5 pts
10th. Riki - 5 pts
12th. Seoane - 4 pt
13th. Rochela - 3 pts
13th. Vazquez - 3 pts
14th. Saul - 2 pt
14th. Jesus Vazquez - 2 pt
16th. Juan Dominguez - 1 pt
16th. Morel - 1 pt
16th. Laure - 1 pt




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