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14 Nov 2011
Oltra’s Depor claimed the victory in the Galician derby as it seized its opportunities before a brave an offensive Celta that deserved more. Lassad just appeared twice, but was crucial with his great goal.

No surprises at the lineup of José Luis Oltra, Juan Dominguez and Saul Fernandez were starters in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Daniel Aranzubia was at the goal, Laure< covered the right-back position, Ayoze played at the left, while the central defenders were Colotto and Aythami. Galicians Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the two pivotes, Saul was the right winger, Salomão was performing on the left, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation, and Riki the central attacker.

At Celta, coach Paco Herrera was presenting an offensive 4-2-3-1 figure, with three strikers at the starting lineup; the big novelty was the presence of David Rodriguez replacing Chilean Fabian Orellana at the left wing. The other references in attack were Iago Aspas, Quique de Lucas and Mario Bermejo.

It was the first sell-out of the season at the Riazor; around 1,500 fans travelled from Vigo and there were around 500 policemen controlling any possible confrontation. Small incidents were reported before the kick-off, but nothing more happened. Former players Lionel Scaloni and Sergio Gonzalez were among the spectators at the Galician derby.

Intense first part at the Riazor; Celta had the ball possession, but missed to capitalize its chances, while Depor seized its first opportunity in the match. As it was expected both defensive lines were having a lot of problems to contain the game of the rival, mainly Depor’s back zone, side that was constantly surprised by the moves of the visitors. For the visitors Salomão was a constant threat.

It was an electric beginning, but without clear scoring opportunities; both sides were trying to have the ball possession, but at the same time were attempting to release a fast counterattack to surprise the rival. Depor started the game with more pressure on its shoulder as it was needing the victory to climb some positions, and the best thing that could happen was a quick goal.

And that’s exactly what Oltra’s side got as the locals scored the goal after just three minutes; Laure and Salomão combined during quick throw-in and put the ball inside the area, Saul collected the ball when he was backwards the goal at the right corner, then the Asturian turned around and sent a cross that touched with the heel at the near post, and central defender Jonathan Vila, who was coming from behind to block the play, trampled the ball by accident to end scoring an own goal. Anyway, referee López Acera gave the goal to the Madrilenian in the act of the match.

The goal just accelerated the things as both teams were still attacking; at minute 7, Riki attempted from long-distance, but his shot was stopped by visiting goalie Yoel. The first warning of Celta came at minute 10 as Alex López assisted Iago Aspas, who fired a drilling shot from long-range that missed the target.

Two minutes later Riki had to be replaced due to an injury, later it was confirmed that it was an adductor problem; Lassad was the one that claimed the spot as central attacker. He was going to be crucial at the end of them match. Celta started to be a menace for Depor’s defenders as its offensive scheme was giving a lot of problems to the defense, but Deportivo was also dangerous with its counterattacks; in this sense Salomão started to be a real threat, like the crossed shot that missed the target after a solo-play on the left wing (20’).

One of the biggest chances for Celta came at minute 23, David Rodriguez entered by the left wing and released a dangerous cross that Aranzubia couldn’t clear, the dead-ball was found by De Lucas, but his shot from the six-yard box went out after hitting Depor’s goalie.

Celta was having the ball possession and found the way to break the defense of Depor on the side defended by Laure, because David Rodriguez was making a lot of damage there, at the same time Salomão was still hurting Celta at the left wing; his long runs were impossible for Oier, like the one in which the Portuguese assisted Saul, who later sent the ball over the crossbar with a shot from the edge of the area (32’).

The stoppage time was the toughest moment for Deportivo; Celta was having the ball possession and Oltra’s team was asphyxiated, always failing trying to unleash the counterattack; in this way the visitors had two clear chances; the first was a s shot from close range of Iago Aspas that was cleared by Aythami (45+1’), and later a volley collected inside the area by Mario Bermejo, who later completed a shot on target that was saved by Aranzubia (45+2’).

Vibrant second part in which Depor was unable to match the intensity of Celta; it suffered a lot, but it found the winning goal just when all hope was gone after Celta’s equalizer. Orellana was hero and villain in just two minutes, while Lassad just appeared twice, and one of those plays meant the decisive goal.

The second part followed the same path saw at the end of the first half: Celta was pushing up front and Deportivo was having big problems to unleash its counterattacks, which just left the ball possession on the boots of the visitors. However, Juan Dominguez had to great chances to increase the lead at the start of the half.

The first was a corner-kick in which the Galician midfielder was pushed by Catalá inside the area, but referee López Acera didn’t whistle anything (51’); in the next plat Salomão assisted Dominguez, who released a shot from the edge of the area that was cleared by Yoel.

It was just a mirage, because later Celta was pushing for the equalizer; at minute 54, Iago Aspas drilled a perfect pass to Mario Bermejo, who had the chance to score from the six-yard box, but Aranzubia advanced his position to clear the danger with his leg.

At minute 65, Depor had a great opportunity to increase the lead; again a play made by Salomão in which he drilled the ball into the path of Valerón, but El Flaco missed the target from close range. Lassad appeared for the first time in the game at minute 69, it was a drilling shot that was too easy for Yoel. Before this chances Oltra replaced Saul with Bruno Gama; the Portuguese covered the right wing passing unnoticed.

Then Celta increased its control over the actions and had some clear chances, like the drilling shot of Orellana that missed the target (70’), while Depor was just arriving from time to time, like the two shots of Salomão, the first stopped by Yoel (71’), the second missed the target (72’).

It seemed that Celta was losing stamina within the last ten minutes, but it was then when the visitors scored the equalizer. It was a great combination inside the area between Aspas and De Lucas that allowed the ex-Espanyol man to drill the ball into the edge of the area, just into the path of Fabian Orellana, who fell down after surpassing Colotto, but somehow the Chilean was able to release a crossed shot past Aranzubia.

Night was falling all over the Riazor, but the entire picture changed in just two minutes, because Orellana, who had just scored the equalizer, committed a big error losing the ball at midfield, Laure was there to assist Lassad Nouioui, and the Tunisian, who barely appeared in the match, released a powerful bomb from 30-meters that went directly into the left top-corner of Yoel to unleash the party at the Riazor.

Celta sought for the equalizer during 79 minutes, and just when it found it, it instantly committed an error that cost the three points. The visitors pushed within the final five minutes and the stoppage time, but it was unable to create anything; meanwhile Oltra used his last change to waste some time as Pablo Álvarez replaced Salomão.

Deportivo didn’t play attractive football and during big part of the game was at the mercy of Celta, but as the Riazor Blues sentenced during the week ”A derby is not to play… but to win”, and that’s what Oltra’s team did as it seized its best opportunities to claim a vital win the quest for promotion. Celta deserved more, but paid the price for its lack of aim and experience.

The win is a huge result for Deportivo, not only because it was before a direct rival, but also because leaders Hércules CF, UD Almeria, plus CE Sabadell, lost their matches; now Los Blanquiazules climb six positions to lie at the fifth spot, tied in points with third place Celta and fourth place Valladolid, and just two points behind the second position, which is the last direct spot for the promotion. On next Sunday, Depor visits another direct rival: Elche CF (Martínez Valero stadium, 12h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze – Juan Dominguez, Álex Bergantiños – Saúl (Bruno Gama 65’), Valerón, Salomão (Pablo Álvarez 86’) – Riki (Lassad 12’)
Celta: (4-2-3-1) Yoel - Oier, Vila, Catalá, Roberto Lago (Bellvis 65’) - Oubiña, Alex López - Quique de Lucas, Bermejo (Joan Tomas 57’), David Rodriguez (Orellana 65’) - Iago Aspas.
Goals: 1-0: (3’) Riki, 1-1: (82’) Orellana, 2-1: (84’) Lassad
Referee: Fernando López Acera. He showed yellow card to Laure (18’), Ayoze (47’), Juan Dominguez (71’), Álex Bergantiños (77’) and Iago Aspas (87’)
Venue: Riazor (34,500)




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