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15 Nov 2011
Happiness and joy; those were the feelings at Deportivo La Coruña after the first Galician derby of the season; even Celta’s coach was satisfied with the performance of his players.

Coach José Luis Oltra was commenting what he saw during the match, “It was a great game, pure state football, two teams searching for the victory. The derby had it all; I believe our level was high, though we could have done a better second half in order to not suffer. We were facing a great team, and we can’t reclaim to their coach, because he wasn’t passive.”

“Our team had criterion and arrival; it won’t the match playing football. They don’t have our maturity, but the spark and dynamic brought by youth. They discussed the ball possession and found out the cracks at defense; these kinds of games reinforce you, while bring confidence and tranquility. It cheers you up. But also Celta leaves reinforced, because it completed a great match, with enough merits; I don’t know to have deserved a point, but to see their people proud of their team.” He added.

Oltra was recognizing that the winning goal came at the precise moment, “They were attacking and with a lot of people at our side of the pitch; for a few seconds the stadium was in silence and you can only heard the people of Celta. But our people showed up and the team reacted. We’ve people with character and experience for this kind of matches. The fans were simply great; they pushed us up and won the game before the kick-off. But we saw a team with capital letters; it showed intensity and hard work. Surely the goal came before we deserved it, but we knew how to search for it. We knew how to suffer and sought for the opposite goal. I’m satisfied.”

Finally, the Valencian trainer was expressing his hopes for the near future, “I’m pretty happy for the fans, for our people, because it was a party for Galician football. I believe this victory can now change the picture and should be the turning point that I was requesting to the players; now I hope things will be seen with a different colour.”

Daniel Aranzubia was one of the heroes in the game with his saves; the keeper was commenting the match, “We all were willing to achieve the victory; Celta also made a great match; they had scoring opportunities and forced me to see some action. These three points will bring confidence and morale; clearly it’s a derby that could mean a turning point for us.”

Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez completed his first match as starter on the season; he said that it’s among the best games of the campaign, “It was a pretty match at home; possibly the prettiest match of the whole season, besides to the promotion. I’m also happy for the goal of Lassad; probably it was the longest run that I made in the whole match.”

“I’m happy for the victory and for this party for Galician football. I’m a Depor’s supporter since my childhood and played against Celta since my stage as a Cadete, so it’s very special. This victory will be a turning point and should bring confidence, and at the same time it helps to improve the performance of the team. Now we should be more competitive.” He added

Left-back Ayoze Diaz was also pleased with Depor’s performance, “We have made a great job, we fought hard and the three points stay at home. Everybody is going home happy, because we competed against a great rival that put things difficult, but we completed a serious match; now we have both feet on the ground and must continue adding points.”

Aythami Artiles was worried as Depor is allowing too many scoring opportunities, “It was a tense match, with chances for both teams. We won, but I believe that Celta has a great team, highly competitive. We could kill the games before, and I believe we are suffering too much. It’s just one more step forward and must continue on the same road. We must keep improving, because we are suffering too much. We aren’t damaging the rival in the counterattack, and besides we are allowing too many opportunities.”

Lassad Nouioui was the hero of the match with his great goal; the Tunisian was confessing the importance of it on its life as a footballer, “It has been the most important goal in my career; it has been a great day for Deportivismo. I am so proud of our team. This match was worthy of Primera División and the result will surely help us ahead of the near future.”

Saúl Fernandez was a starter for the first time in ten months; he wrote on his Twitter account that, “The fans are great and demonstrated their love for the shield, and the team has scored the goal for the final victory… I want to congratulate Lassad for that great goal… So we must remember that we must talk on the field. Congratulations.”

Former keeper Dani Mallo, who is not at Girona, watched the actions from the distance and wrote at La Voz de Galicia that, “The key was to see Depor scoring early in the game, and it was like that. The own goal of Vila conditioned the whole game. At this point I already faced both teams and knew the key was to see Deportivo claiming an early lead. Celta is a team that has good transitions, a solid counterattack, and can harm if it has the advantage in the scoresheet. Deportivo defend pretty well and, with Valerón’s clairvoyance, and the velocity of Salomão, it can harm any rival. I am a Depor fan, but I believe that Orellana’s goal brought justice, though later an individual spark of Lassad defined the match.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was very happy after the derby, “It’s one of those matches that push people to become a fan of one club. The intensity and the game were extraordinary. This just brings more strength to Galician football. It has been one of the best matches between Deportivo and Celta within the last years. It was one of those matches that you must win if you aspire to the promotion.”

At Celta, despite the defeat, coach Paco Herrera was content with the performance of his team, “No matter the final result, I believe it was a good game, and I believe that it was unfair. It was a duel with alternatives, what happened was that we went behind in the scoresheet too soon, both at the beginning and after we scored the equalizer.”

“My team carried with the weight of the game during a long period and it made things easier for Depor; it explains some mistakes, and when we equalized they scored and things started all over again. We can only accept it. We were controlling the actions and with the 1-1, I asked my players to continue, because I was convinced that the game was ours. We wanted to win, it was the best way to leave alive from this game. We didn’t lack maturity; it’s just that we faced a team with 80 or 90% of players from Primera División.” He added.

The ban imposed by Celta over Iago Aspas was lifted after the final whistle and he didn’t feel sorry for his previous declarations, “I’m a Celtista and don’t repent of what I said. We're pissed off because we were the better team today; we deserved something more. Two infantile errors cost us."



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