28 Oct 2005
The captain of Deportivo is satisfied with the performance of the squad against Real Madrid, he also said that his situation in the squad is OK after been in the starting eleven during the last two matches. Now, Scaloni targets Getafe, a complicate challenge that needs the same attitude showed against the Madrilenians.

Q: What a change  in the attitude of the squad after the defeat against Real Sociedad.
A: Yes. What happens is that the rival and the circumstances were different. We were in a important moment and it was necessary to win the match in any way possible. What we rescued is that the team responded in this complicated moment.

Q: The cause? To play at home, to make it against Madrid or the meeting of the last Monday? 
A: I want to understand that the fact of facing Madrid wasn't the key here. We had to react, to punch the table and to say that we are OK although the things weren't occurring as we expected. What we wish is that the attitude and the game will be the same against Getafe. For that reason I say that the explanation cannot be in the fact that we played against the best team of Spain. 

Q: So... The reaction came by the fact of been playing at home and for the previous meeting between the players? 
A: No!, No!. What I say is that the reaction wasn't caused for the fact of been playing  in our house nor that the rival was Madrid; the reason was the attitude that the squad presented, is the same one that we will have to show in the following confrontation. The support of our fans is fundamental, but the important thing is our will, because we're the ones performing over the field and those that must surpass this situation. For that reason I say that if we don't maintain this conduct we're going to live a bad moment against Getafe. 

Q: The game was perfect, you created occasions and you also avoided to give them to Madrid. 
A: Yes, it's certain. The truth is that the squad entered to the pitch with a lot of rage and I want to repeat that I always want to see this attitude in our club. Hopefully. 

Q: Satisfied with your particular performance? 
A: Yes. Like all the team, since I suppose that there will be no player who has gone away displeased.  We left everything on the field, the prove is that when we arrived at the locker room we were all dead after leaving our life on the pitch. 

Q: Does it change anything for you the fact that you already have two consecutive games played as starter? 
A: It doesn't change anything because this is only an anecdote. Today I'm there and tomorrow I don't know where I am going to be, perhaps I will remain outside of the squad again. What I was needing is to have a little stability and to know which was my situation. Now the thing is different from the scenario that I was living fifteen days ago and I'm OK.

Q: And you are playing in midfield. 
A: It doesn't matter where I play. I do what I can and what better leaves to me. I always say that the important thing is to be in the starting eleven. 

Q: What can suppose this victory for the fans and the squad? 
A: The result is a little deceptive. Real Madrid can score you 3 or 4 goals and dance over you, but if you are with the desire that we showed on Wednesday you can win as we did it. We can't fall in the error to think that we're again above and that we are OK, because on Sunday Getafe comes and it's another important game. We must play in the same way and the fans that will come to the stadium must show the same behaviour.

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