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17 Nov 2011
On Tuesday, Depor’s president gave a press conference in order to release the most recent news related to the socios; in other subjects he said that no movements are expected ahead of the winter market.

The news conference of president Augusto César Lendoiro had two motives; the first was to confirm the club’s intention of reaching the mark of 25,000 socios before the end of the year; the second was to inform about the creation of a new category of socio: the U-25 socio.

Deportivo Las Coruña is trying to reach the mark of 25,000 inscribed socios before the end of 2011, about this matter Lendoiro explained how the club is trying to stimulate the public, “We are trying to reach the mark of 25,000 socios, and the intention is to see people giving the membership as a Christmas present. We confirm that we’ll celebrate if we pass the mark of 25,000 socios, and every socio will receive a little gift. We also confirm that we’ll have a draw with other special gifts to the socios. We must confirm some details yet.”

Later he explained the reason to create the so-called group of U-25 socios, “The club is trying to thank the youth movement produced with Celta’s match, a game in which we sold 5,000 tickets to people under 23, and taking in mind the big financial problems of the families having young sons and daughters that are wishing to watch Deportivo at the Riazor, plus considering that this age is the average in which people end their college studies, the club has decided to create the U-25 group of fans starting on December 1st, which means after the game Deportivo-Almeria, and the prices for them will be released soon.”

Lendoiro also said that, “We want to thank the extraordinary support during the derby, something only comparable to what was sawn in the Champions League game with Porto. The stadium was full; there was no room for anybody else, and people still enjoying the match. For this reason we will reduce in 35% the ticket prices for the rest of the season”

Then, reporters begun to make their question; one of them asked if this is one of the best season at Depor in terms of number of socios, and Deportivo’s president answered that, “I think the best year was when we were close to the 30,000 socios, so this is the third best season of Depor in this regard.”

Asked about other issues, the president confessed that, during the past week, the club didn’t work on the renewal of the players ending contract as they were focused on the derby, “The fans were eager to see the match, and we didn’t want to distract the players. We’ll try to renew all of them, I mean the players that are important to us; other thing is that they are convinced about continuing at the club. But one thing that should be a motive to stay is the environment at the changing room.”

About the particular case with Guardado, Lendoiro said that, “Guardado is among the players that we’re trying to renew, but so far we haven’t been able to talk to Mario Ordiales, his agent. It’s the harder case until now, because with the rest we, at least, have maintained a conversation.”

Then, Depor’s boss assured that there are no intentions at the club of making movements during the winter window, though he didn’t discard to make a quality signing, “There are no exits at this point; neither conversations nor ideas about this matter. We aren’t thinking in signing a free-agent, though can’t discard to make a signing in the winter market, but it should be a player with a great level, because we already have a great team.”

The last issue talked by Lendoiro was related to the incidents during the derby with RC Celta; first to all he was criticizing the attitude of players like Iago Aspas: "What you can't do is to tolerate the attitude of some players; no one can become an idol for this. The [competition] committee should act on this.”

Depor’s boss was also criticizing the comments coming from Vigo related to the incidents during the derby, “It calls my attention the information provided from Vigo related to the incidents, because it’s quite different to what the police told us. We knew of three buses with broken windows, while there they are talking of twenty-three.”

Finally, Lendoiro was warning people about what could happen if they don’t behave during a match, “Everybody should know it, they are watching. Today at the Riazor we have a camera taping everything, some people might be fined 6,000 Euros after Sunday's incidents at the Riazor, and I don’t know if they have the money to afford it.”



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