18 Nov 2011
Striker Xisco Jimťnez is finally fit to play after surpassing his muscular injury; he has just played 67 minutes on the season and shared with newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa his thoughts on his status and the one of Deportivo.

Q: How did you live the derby from the outside?
A: With much tension and emotion. It was a very nice game, very intense, a match you always like to play, a game the fans like to watch and thatís hardly seen on these days.

 Q: Do you have a thorn for have missed the derby?
A: I was very excited as I had the chance to be part of the match against Celta, because it was the goal I had set after my problems, but itís also true that I only had three trainings with the team and the coach made the list as he thought it was better. Now, I must continue working, and thatís it.

Q: Do you lack a lot in order to be at the top again?
A: Now, little by little, the goal is to earn continuity with the trainings. I will earn that as I slowly enter into the dynamic. In the end everything comes with time. If I having minutes, then the way to gain physical shape is to play and compete.

Q: Do you feel sorry as you may have more options due to the injury of a partner, in this case Riki?
A: It's a shame, because heís an exceptional partner, friend of mine for many years, and I know heís having a hard time. We're screwed, not only him, but the whole team. He is a loved player and isnít having luck with the injuries. We send him all our support.

Q: Elche, Almeria and Valladolid are the next opponents, all candidates for promotion.
A: Yes, very important games are coming, against teams that a priori will be with up there fighting with us. Hopefully these three points in the derby, which are more than three points, will gave us much more moral, a lot more of confidence and could be the turning point we needed to have good results and continuity, so we could release the pressure and left behind all the stories and everything that has not gone so well. In these big games we must see the level of the players and if we are going to end fighting for the goal. You have to be mentally prepared and know that these are very difficult encounters.

Q: After a long wait, is it difficult to contain the will to compete again?
A: The truth is that yes. It gives a lot of anger. I eat my head at home and the walls fall all over me for the fact that I could hardly help the team. For one thing or another I havenít been at one hundred percent for a long time and the truth is that yes, I'm dying to play, feeling fine, to score goals and bring joy to the fans. Whenever you are outside, especially when the team isnít convincing so much, the fact that I could be there helpingÖ the truth is that you end angry. Now I'm fine, the discomfort has virtually disappeared. I just hope to be at the top as soon as possible and help the team as much as possible.

Q: Despite the irregular performance of Depor until now, is it a heartwarming fact to see the team up there?
A: That is good. Out there it seems that we are wrong, that we are still a mess, that we arenít convincing and that the team isnít having a good start, but itís also caused by the expectations that were created and the team that we have. We have a great team and itís clear that we must demand a lot from ourselves, because we have a good team, good players. And it hasnít been a factor in many games and  we havenít  practiced a good football, but we still up there and I am convinced that once this starts to roll, and the team starts to play smoothly and regularly, then things must improve.

Q: Are you convinced that your time will come?
A:  Yes. It has always been like that. I have never been suspicious and neither lost the hope. I wish it will be like that.



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