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22 Nov 2011
Oltra was admitting the defensive problems that caused the defeat; there were also criticism towards the referee, actually Elche’s Sergio Pelegrin admitted that he committed a penalty at the last minute

Coach José Luis Oltra wasn’t happy with what he saw at the Martinez Valero stadium, “It was a match with two completely different halves. In the first both sides missed to create anything, we didn’t have the needed determination to face these kinds of games. Without football soon they were winning 2-0. In the second half we went out with more intention and criterion.”

“We’ve scored two goals and could have scored more; the true is that the result isn’t fair, but what matters is the result. With the same performance of the second part probably we wouldn't have lost the game, but neither can win as we played in the first.” He added.

Once again the Valencian coach was taking of a lack of intensity at his team, “Elche has it owns strengths, but our defensive mismatches clearly reflect out lack of intensity. The first two goals are a clear example of the subject. In the third we watched a great play of Sumetra, but there was also permissiveness from our side. We are missing intensity in some moments and to realize that this league is tough.”

Finally, Oltra didn’t want to comment the influence of the referee, “Sometimes they whistle in your favour, sometimes they don’t. I am pissed for losing the three points, but if you make the game we did in the second part and if you lose because you don’t get a penalty, or because the rival arrives once, or because you miss three chances, then it isn’t the same compared to what happened at Alcoy, matches in which you seem unable to find the key. In any case, I don’t believe in useful defeats.”

Centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños was upset as Deportivo lost the match, “It happened what always happen playing away from home: they harm us doing too little. In the second part the team came from behind, and when we were better they scored the final goal in a counterattack that we should have prevented.”

“In the final minutes there was a clear penalty; in the first part the referee invented a foul to cancel Lassad’s goal, and in the second he didn’t whistle that foul. We are leaving pretty upset; those small details are never in our favour.” He added regarding the decisions of referee Mariscal Sánchez.

Juan Dominguez, the other centre midfielder at the starting lineup, was also upset, not only with the referee, but with the defensive work of the team “I’m pretty upset, because it happened what always happens. They arrive two times and scored twice, later we were able to tie the actions, but in a new attack they scored again. It’s incredible.”

“Besides, you must remember the disallowed goals and the penalty at the end of the game, because it was a clear hand. I don’t know if the goals should have been cancelled or not, but the hand inside the area was clear. They created danger against us, yes, but I believe we at least deserved a draw. Anyhow, I want to emphasize the work done by the whole team.” He added.

Rodolfo Bodipo played the last minutes on the match; he was complaining of the referee on his Twitter account, “We are sad with the defeat, but I believe it was unfair, mainly in the second half and especially for the penalty that wasn’t whistle… The referee and the linesman, but well, it is what we got today…”

On Monday, Daniel Aranzubia talked at the press room of Abegondo and he was admitting the defensive problems of Depor, “Playing games like yesterday, off course we won’t achieve the goal of the promotion, because the first part wasn’t good at all, and despite the team reacted in the second… well no… it isn’t good, but you don’t achieve the promotion in just one game, you do it for the regularly throughout a season.”

At Elche, coach José Bordalás was pretty excited with the victory, “I am very happy as we have defeated a great team; it is meritorious to be where we are right now, fifth and just two points behind the second place. You need to valorize what this team is doing and the effort of all the players. We are a humble team, with a low budget, but we defeated Deportivo, a club with a budget of forty million. It’s something to be satisfied.”

“We were pretty superior during the first part; they barely created danger and then we scored twice; later had a new opportunity with Xumetra and could have reached half-time with a3-0 in the scoresheet. They went out plugged in the second part and reduced the distance just when we were going to make a change trying to reinforce midfield. It was a hard hit and later they equalized. But this Elche, as its normal, never lowered the arms and in a great play we scored the 3-2. We knew how to suffer and must recognize these players.” He added.

The hero of the game, Jordi Xumetra, commented that, “It’s a very important victory, because if not we would have stayed behind. Let’s hope it won’t be the last. I’m pretty happy with my goal; it was nice, with the aid of Ángel. We are pretty satisfied for the goal, the victory and for the support of the fans. Last year I made a nice performance and now I am feeling confident. Things are fine for me. When you suffer so much the victory tastes better.”

The interesting fact is that central defender Sergio Pelegrin was admitting that referee Mariscal Sánchez committed a mistake as he didn’t see his hand inside the area, “It was a clear hand, the referee was wrong, but it’s normal to see this happening. They also annulled two goals to me and now they didn’t whistle a clear hand inside our area. Sometimes they affect you, sometimes they hammer you. The referee didn’t go out for Deportivo, the play was too quick, I didn’t expect for that, and feared the worst, but luckily the referee didn’t see it, neither the assistant and were able to pick up the three points.”


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