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27 Nov 2011
The match had two readings for the papers, the first is that Deportivo deserved the victory because it tried, and the second is that Almeria deployed an awful performance at the Riazor.

La Voz de Galicia: With the wind in my sails. Almeria played with fire and burned when it was licking for been reaching the half-time mark with the only thing they searched for at the Riazor: the tie. Depor monopolized the ball possession, certainly with more control than aim and spark. Only the corners announced some danger. And it was, of course, in one of them, in the last one of the first half, the fourteenth, when Colotto had a tussle with Carlos Garcia. Depor opened the game in the final minute of the first half and closed it at minute 12 of the second, thanks to a great move of Juan Dominguez, and the ability of Guardado to find the hand of the naive Dani Bautista. Depor deserved it, at least for the number of attempts to score. Too much punishment? perhaps excessive for the initial slacker approach of Lucas Alcaraz, who only reacted after the 2-0. José M. Fernández

La Opinión A Coruńa: A slacker Almería. The game against Almeria had two keys: the slacker approach made by the Andalusian side, plus the fact that Deportivo was able to score the first goal. Depor met a very stingy rival, which went out extremely scared at the Riazor, reason why they barely reached the goal, so Deportivo felt comfortable. Even so, it attacked a lot but didn’t have many chances. Thus the second key was the penalty committed over Colotto. It was clear although Almeria complained. Also was the 2-0 at the start of the second half. Furthermore, Depor still without clearing the doubts. It returned to show signs of defensive weakness and doesn’t know how to close the games. Neither is good what happened to Zé Castro. That’s always harmful. Carlos Ballesta.

La Voz de Galicia:
Such was the pitcher to the fountain finally broke. This is what happened at the Riazor on Friday’s night. And it’s that Depor had fourteen corner-kicks in the first half. In the last, on the edge of the first part, Carlos Garcia grabbed Colotto preventing him to shot on target and the referee whistled the penalty.  Guardado managed the pressure with ease and drove the ball into the goal of Esteban to claim the lead in a match that was always favourable.

Almeria, which is supposed to be a rocky team, and one of the candidates for the direct promotion spots, jumped into the lawn with one of the slackest strategies saw at the Riazor in recent times. Ulloa, its striker, spent more time in the area of Esteban than at Deportivo’s midfield. Yes, the Argentine giant demonstrated that he doesn’t need too much to create danger, and its’ that in one of his two interventions he forced Aranzubia to make a save. In the final moments, Ulloa scored the goal with a shot from outside the area. Certainly, while there was a game, it only existed one team on the field.
Fran Balado

AS: Depor recovered credit against a slacker Almeria. Deportivo is getting used to recover at the Riazor the credit and the points lost on the road. After its latest loss in Elche, yesterday it defeated an Almeria that leaves big doubts for its slacker proposal and almost worse result. The forecasts pointed to a dominating Deportivo, with the ball as a badge, and a solid Almeria biding on the counterattack. Well that's exactly what we saw at the Riazor during the first part. However, it seemed that none of the proposals would be rewarded, because both executed their plan at diesel speed.

The proof of Almeria’s intentions was evident in two moves. The first, a yellow card for Esteban as he was wasting time after just 28 minutes. Another, a great header of Ulloa after a corner kick (37’), which didn’t end in a brilliant goal thanks to the hand of Dani Aranzubia. The occasion was a gap in the domination of the Galicians, but still it was the clearest chance of the half.

Almeria was so comfortable on defense that it granted corner after corner, undeterred. There were more than a dozen until Carlos Garcia, in the calm of his own area, made the mistake of grabbing Colotto by the neck, especially since referee Valdés Aller saw him. The punishment was the penalty, and the reward that Guardado, the best until this point, crowned with a goal during the stoppage time.

The advantage on the scoresheet could have indicated that Los Rojiblancos were going until death for the second half, but nothing is further from the truth. Oltra’s men were still dominating with pleasure and Juan Dominguez, who still growing, scored with a splendid shot. His goal practically ended the night.

Controversy. The lace came from a naive play of Dani Bautista, whose hand finished in a penalty to see Lassad signing the third. Involuntary, yes, detached from the body, too. Alcaraz’s late modifications didn’t change the balance, but at least served to Ulloa, who gets oil where there’s nothing, to get the reward of the goal. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: Depor is happy at the Riazor. Comfortable victory for Depor before an Almeria that only reacted when the game was lost. Depor was the dominator from start to finish, but the scoring chances lasted in arriving. When it seemed that Almeria was going to get out unscathed from the first part, Carlos Garcia was going to embrace, literally, Colotto, after a corner and Guardado wasn’t going to forgive the penalty.

Just when the second part was starting Depor found the second goal. Great pass to Juan Dominguez from Álex Bergantińos, who turned around to put the ball close to the post. Only then Alcaraz dared to send Goitom to play alongside Ulloa, but another penalty left his team without responsiveness. Álvaro Hernando

El Ameria.es: NO-NO for Almeria: no game, no ideas. Alcaraz began to pay dearly for his cowards approaches  An absurd penalty of Carlos Garcia put the game uphill and other even more absurd of Dani Bautista made impossible an utopian comeback. Oltra won the game to Alcaraz. He didn’t do it from a daring approach, as it would be expected, but waiting to see Almeria falling as a ripe fruit, victim of its own mendacity. The cowardly approaches are starting to be too expensive and if you add gifts shaped as penalties, then the conservative strategy collapses like a house of cards. Paco Gregorio



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