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27 Nov 2011
Everybody was content for the performance of the team and also for the final result, but the incident with Ze Castro was also marking the comments after the match.

Coach José Luis Oltra was content with the performance of his team, “We have made a great game. We are now the best local team in the league; we showed a solid level and even scored three goals against a team that only allows a few goals. In a general sense we were superior; the first part was among one of our best on the season.”

“When we have the ball possession then you can notice that things happen. Almeria knows how to defend, it’s a solid team and it’s hard to be precise against them. At half-time I talked with the players about it, because we were needing one more point with our passes and crosses. We were recovering the ball and always playing at their side of the pitch. We had several corners too. In the end I’m satisfied with the victory, it was clear and we were phenomenal.”

Oltra also had some words for Juan Dominguez, “His goal could be good in order to see him gaining confidence, but it isn’t determinant. I can’t ask him to score goals, because his criterion is to be a link, to make combinations with El Flaco, with the strikers and the wingers. I just ask him to not limit himself to release horizontal passes; I asked him for the same at Elche and he made a solid game. He did the same the day of Celta.”

But what was calling the attention was the fight of the coach with Ze Castro; Depor’s trainer commented the incident, “The change was requested by Ze Castro, because he was having some issues, a muscular problem caused by the fatigue. I’m vehement and sometimes can’t avoid showing my feelings, and then I don’t hide what I don’t like. It wasn’t for requesting the change, but because he went out from where he shouldn’t, just in a moment when we needed a pause. It bothered me and I talked with him.”

“The true is that his behavior was right, because I was the one that had strong words. It would have been worse if he would have said something to me. I was on the bench, I was mad and I didn’t shut up. But he came later and asked for apologies, so everything is sorted. His match was impeccable and our relation still solid. This can happen everywhere, even in the best families.” He added.

Ze Castro also commented the incident as he gave a press conference on Saturday, “We all make mistakes. I already asked for apologies as I left the pitch by the other side, and everything is fixed now. Great persons know when they are wrong and that’s why I ask for apologies. It’s just that I was unhappy for leaving the pitch.”

Meanwhile, Bruno Gama was one of the best players on the pitch; he commented that, “I was hoping for a victory after been injured for so long. I was a starter and am happy for helping the team. Everything was fine and I’m happy for it. It was an important match against a direct rival and we all were hoping for a win; now we are happy because we achieved it.”

“These fans are different from the ones I have seen in Portugal; those are great fans, but the ones on here are different, because the public is more united with the team and they are always cheering up. Now I hope to have continuity and keep entering into the plans of the coach and complete good season.” The winger added.

Juan Dominguez scored his first goal in liga and was happy for it, and also because he is having continuity after completing his third appearance as a starter, “I am satisfied for scoring a goal and also because I took part of the victory. Now I feel free to join the attacks. It’s also true that, at the pivote role, I feel better than on the playmaking function or on the wing. The coach asks me to join the attacks and I’m doing it.”

Álex Bergantiños was also commenting the meeting, “In the first part we had the ball possession, we even had ten or eleven corner-kicks. It was a complete match that should help us to find the path to follow. We must now try to improve away from home.”

Rodolfo Bodipo played the final nine minutes and he was happy for the way the fans treated him, as he wrote on his Twitter account, “I will never forget in my life the warm welcome and the ovation when I was entering into the pitch… It’s worthy after so many bad moments. I want to thank everyone for their supportive messages; I must seize the moment and let’s hope the goal will arrive soon.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was commenting that, “It was one of the best matches of Deportivo on this season. The true is that we never have a tranquil game; in the end it isn’t easy to meet Goitom, Ulloa or Soriano. Now we must celebrate a victory on Friday and wait for the results on Saturday and Sunday.”

At Almeria, coach Lucas Alcaraz was complaining of the referee, “I believe the first penalty was a normal challenge you see inside the area. The referees never award us with these kinds of penalties, and the game was marked by the circumstances, for the first goal at the end of the first half and the second at the beginning of the final part. I don’t know how many cards were shown, but there were no hard tackles and for me, the clearest one, which should was the second for Ayoze, was not even showed. We are leaving full of yellow cards, two injuries and three goals against us. It was an unfortunate game in all the senses.”




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