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03 Dec 2011
Andrés Guardado is once again the player of the month at RCDLC.com; November was a month in which the offense of Deportivo shone and the Mexican winger made a great job scoring twice and leading the attacking line of Depor.

One more time the offensive players at Deportivo have been the preferred ones of the peña members at RCDLC.com, and for the second straight month Andrés Guardado has been picked as the player of the month.

All thanks to his contribution in the last two matches of Deportivo; firstly he scored a goal in the defeat of Depor at Elche CF (2-3), and then the Mexican scored from the penalty spot to lead Deportivo to a comfortable win over UD Almeria (3-1).  Guardado was the most constant player in an offensive line that scored seven goals in four matches.

Guardado wasn’t available for the derby with RC Celta, so in that particular game the one that commanded the attack was the other natural left winger a the team: Diogo Salomão, who was chosen as the player of the match for the derby with Celta; he was also the second player with more points added in November.

It calls the attention the irruption of Bruno Gama, the Portuguese finally debuted with the team and he impressed the peña members with his performance adding six points in the period; Juan Dominguez also progressed as he gave an assist and scored a goal to end adding five points.

The only two defensive players that added points in the month were Aranzubia and Ze Castro; the first for his saves in the derby with RC Celta and the second for his work at the centre of the defense during the past meeting with UD Almeria.

The ratings on the month:

Vs RC Celta (13/11/11) 
1st. Salomão -  7 points
2nd. Aranzubia -  5 points
3rd. Juan Dominguez - 3 points
4th. Valerón -  1 point
PV: Lassad -----> + 1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Elche CF (20/11/11) 
1st. Guardado - 5 points
2nd. Bruno Gama - 3 points
3rd. Juan Dominguez -  1 points
NV: Aythami & Ayoze -----> - 1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs Almeria (25/11/11)
1st. Guardado -  7 points
2nd. Ze Castro - 5 points
3rd. Bruno Gama  - 3 points
4th. Juan Dominguez  -  1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Overall table: Guardado is now increasing his lead in the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12; Salomão remains at the second place, Valerón is the third place and Aranzubia is living at the fourth spot.

Overall Table
1st.  Guardado - 48 pts 
2nd. Salomão - 37 pts 
3rd. Valeron - 31 pts 
4th. Aranzubia - 21 pts 
5th. Lassad - 16 pts
6th. Álex - 15 pts 
7th. Juan Carlos - 10 pts
7th. Ze Castro - 10 pts
9th. Colotto - 6 pts
9th. Laure - 6 pts
9th. Bruno Gama - 6 pts
9th. Juan Dominguez - 6 pt
13th. Riki - 5 pts
14th. Seoane - 4 pt
15th. Rochela - 3 pts
15th. Vazquez - 3 pts
17th. Saul - 2 pt
18th. Morel - 1 pt
18th. Laure - 1 pt
20th Aythami (-) 1 pt
20th Ayoze (-) 1 pt




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