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11 Dec 2011
Impressive reaction of Deportivo B in the second half as Ramallo’s team scored five times in forty minutes to clinch its biggest win of the season and enter into the promotion zone.

More problems for Tito Ramallo before the match, Julien, Richi and Víctor Diaz were out injured, during the week it was known that captain Diego Vieytes had suffered an adductor injury that will sideline him for some weeks, while the day before the clash central defender Uxio suffered a muscular injury that left him out of the meeting. At least Pedro Crespo and right-back Adriá Gallego were returning from suspension, while Diego Vela and Adrian Martinez were fit to play and were part of the starting eleven.

The scheme was the classical 4-2-3-1, Marc Martinez was at the goal, Gallego covered the right-back position, Ángel was playing at the left side, while the central defenders were Stefan Deak and Pablo ÍnsuaCrespo and Adrián Martinez were the pivotes, Diego Vela returned to the right wing, Iago Beceiro was on the left, the playmaker in the formation was Juan Carlos, and the central attacker was Luis Fernandez.

The rival was Cultural Areas; a club from Pontevedra that’s living its third year at Tercera and that was close to the relegation zone, though it was reacting lately as it had only lost one of its previous five matches. The team coached by Serapio Lamas had on winger Carlos Pereira as its best player on the season, with four goals scored so far.

Strange game at Abegondo, weird because Fabril was always the best team on the field, but it only arrived to the half-time mark with a poor 1-1, and in the second part Ramallo’s team unleashed its power as it scored five goals to end clinching its biggest win on the season and the biggest since the 5-0 at Bergantiños for the 2009/10 campaign.

The game had two readings; the first is that the combination between Iago Beceiro, Luis Fernandez and Diego Vela is pure dynamite as they were the main reason to explain the big score; the second is that Cultural Areas was the worst team passing through Abegondo in ages, the visitors barely made three straight passes and their goal can only be described as an accident.

It was a promising start for Fabril, with both Vela and Iago Beceiro been a constant threat on the sides, while Juan Carlos was providing Luis of the protagonic role that turned him into the best player in the game. The first goal came early as a corner-kick of Juan Carlos couldn’t be cleared by the visitors and Luis had just to push the ball in from the penalty spot.

Everything was perfect and it seemed that Fabril was going to have a placid game, but a big error of Marc Martinez as he couldn’t hold on the ball allowed Diego Couso to score the equalizer at the middle of the first part; then Depor B pushed until the pause without too much luck, because Gallego hit the post once, while referee Rodicio González didn’t whistle two possible penalties for the locals, one of them very clear over Iago Beceiro.

Things were very different for the second half as Fabril found the luck that was elusive in the first part, actually the second goal only lasted 49 seconds in arriving after Beceiro assisted Diego Vela, who later made a great solo-play to break the tie. The third goal came five minutes later after a great play of Adriá Gallego, who assisted Luis Fernandez to score his second goal in the match.

Both goals killed the already crestfallen spirit of Cultural Areas and the rest of the match was simply a massacre; at minute 62, Luis had to be replaced due to a thigh problem and his place was taken by Victor Diaz, who moved to the left wing pushing Beceiro to the centre of the attack.

The fourth goal didn’t last too much as left-back Ángel Martinez collected a loose ball inside the box after visiting goalie Álvaro Gómez ´Vitas’ failed to clear a shot of Juan Carlos. With the win already inside the pocket Ramallo allowed the entry of Jose Manuel and Cubillas for Ángel and Iago Beceiro. And there was room for two more goals; the fifth was again scored by Diego Vela in a solo-play, while the second was for Cubillas as he seized a pass of Juan Carlos.

The biggest win of the season as the trio Vela-Beceiro-Luis was too much for a rival that couldn’t hold on the avalanche. The result leaves Depor B living inside the promotion zone, just three points below the new leader CD Ourense, precisely the next rival of Ramallo’s team in the last matchday of the first round and also of 2011; that match will be played on December 18 at the O Couto field.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”We had the same number of scoring opportunities in both halves; the difference was that we missed aim in the first part, which we had in the second. Areas is a tough opponent that was coming after clinching a draw before [Racing] Villalbés and after losing with a narrow score before [Racing] Ferrol. If you are static then they are benefited, for that reason we sought for mobility and it affected them. I’m leaving content, because the team is maturing and now we are an ordered team.”

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez -  Gallego, Stefan, Insua, Ángel (José Manuel  68’) - Crespo, Adrián Martínez - Vela, Juan Carlos, Iago Beceiro (Cubillas 72’) - Luis (Víctor Díaz 62’).
Cultural Areas: (4-2-3-1) Vitas - Samuel Alonso (Sanromán 56’), Vicente, Costas, Cañi - Diego, Couso (Brais 72’) - Sombri, Fonseca, Carlos - Hugo (Silva 58’).
Goals: 1-0: (15’) Luis, 1-1: (28’) Diego Couso, 2-1: (47’) Vela, 3-1: (51’) Luis, 4-1: (68’) Ángel, 5-1 (72’) Vela, 6-1: (80’) Cubillas
Referee Rodicio González. He showed yellow card to Iago Beceiro, Luis, Adrián Martinez; Carlos, and Marcos Alonso.
Venue: Abegondo (1,000)





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