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12 Dec 2011
Oltra was satisfied, but also worried as his team was close to lose two points in the second half; meanwhile Lendoiro is already dreaming with the first place at Segunda División

Coach José Luis Oltra was content, but also worried for what happened in the second half, “A reading in the game was the strength of the team, the goal, the punch, also that we’ve learned the ideas; and the other reading is the stage between their goal and the penalty, moments  in which we’ve suffered. Nobody likes to suffer and we aren’t masochists; their goal affected us.”

“Ten minutes are fogging the whole game, but the general sense is that we deserved more. The league is pretty equal, let’s see if we can realize about it. Numancia had never lost for more than one goal; we are improving our defensive numbers, because we are allowing lesser goals and also lesser scoring opportunities. People say we are playing badly, but let’s notice that we are only one point behind the second place.” He added

The Valencian coach continued with his analysis, “I’m leaving satisfied for several reasons; the first part was quite good, playing football and having arrivals, making goals and were also solid at the back. In the second half we were passing the ball without hurries, but the goal affected us. We spent ten or fifteen minutes in which we weren’t fine, without ball possession; we had options for the 3-0 and we didn’t do it. We can’t say anything of our punch, because we had our opportunities, if we would have scored the third before the game would have ended; since we didn’t do it, then there was more uncertainty. From their goal to the penalty I don’t remember more opportunities for them.”

Finally, Oltra confessed that he was ready to make a final substitution as he saw that Numancia was going to tie the actions from the penalty spot, "At the moment of the penalty I was thinking in sending Diogo [Salomão] to the pitch. Later we hold on the modification, and the team scored the third before we could make the third change.”

Borja Fernandez completed his second appearance with Deportivo; he commented that, “I went out to the pitch when things were calmed for us, but soon it turned complicated; we allowed a goal in a set-piece, kind of action that every day is more important in football; until that point the team was playing fine.”

Álex Bergantiños was saying that Depor must be more careful when it defends the set-pieces, “They didn’t create too many opportunities, but everything changed with a single free-kick. We must solve this, because it can’t happen again. We were lucky as they missed the penalty, though I think the Riazor helped on this, because he is a quality player and it isn’t normal to see him missing a penalty.”

Juan Dominguez scored his second goal of the season and the midfielder said that, “We are content with these three points; perhaps I wasn’t as good as in other matches, but I did my best and was able to score a key goal, just in the precise moment. Now we hope to win on next Sunday and chain a series of good results. I want to thank the fans for their support.”

Ze Castro was admitting that Deportivo is facing problems to keep the performance of the first parts, “The team is having good moments, having arrivals and creating pretty plays, like the first goal; we just need more consistency; we lose the football in the second half and surely we can improve.”

About the play of the penalty, the Portuguese defender said that, “Well… I could have done better in the play of the penalty, but perhaps I was overconfident about clearing the ball and it was my mistake. I don’t know what would have happened if they would have scored the penalty; because we would have been 2-2, but fortunately they missed the penalty and later they lost confidence, then we made a pretty play for the third goal. I believe it was fair to see us claiming the victory.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was targeting the first two places at the standings, “In football is impossible to avoid the suffering, but the true is that Deportivo always had the control over the game. As soon as we can reach the direct promotion spots, the better. Within the next five games we are playing for the possibility of reaching the first place, and I don’t think it’s a complicate dream. It will be positive to not see any team escaping.”

At Numancia, coach Pablo Machin was commenting the penalty that his team missed, “If we are strict, the penalty over Julio should have been a red card and anything could have happened with the 2-2 in the scoresheet, but it didn’t happen. For us the penalty was the moment on the game. We planned an open game, brave, and tried to attack a major team, and in the end the quality to define the plays has marked the faith of the match.”

“Deportivo was the superior side for its aim during the first part, but the 2-0 at half-time was too much reward. In the second half we knew how to overcome the situation and were highly involved in the game. Julio missed a penalty, but in some games he has been decisive in set-pieces and today he failed, and I think that he’s pain for the miss.”


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