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19 Dec 2011
Grey game of Deportivo, but the solid defense and the lonely goal of Guardado, from the penalty spot, meant three valuable points that are leaving Deportivo at the second place of the standings; the highest position on the season.

Oltra presented the same starting squad that defeated CD Numancia on the past weekend; Dani Aranzubia was at the goal; Laure performed at the right-back position, Canarian Ayoze Diaz was at the left, while the central defenders were Diego Colotto and Ze Castro.

Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the pivotes on the formation, Mexican Andrés Guardado was attacking from the left wing, Portuguese Bruno Gama did it from the left, Juan Carlos Valerón was returning home as he was the playmaker in the formation and Lassad Nouioui was the central attacker.

At Las Palmas, coach Juan Manuel Rodríguez was having the novelty of Vicente Gómez replacing Roque at the centre of the pitch, while the main references in attack were Jonathan Viera, Vitolo and Javier Portillo.

Good start for a Depor that lost the stamina with the pass of the minutes; the visitors were the owners of the match within the first fifteen minutes, but missed to complete a shot on target; later Las Palmas reacted, though with the same result as the locals barely disturbed Aranzubia only completing one shot on target.

Both teams started trying to impose their pace, the first opportunity to score was for Depor as a cross of Bruno Gama coming from the right was found by Valerón inside the box but his drilling shot missed the target (3’). At minute 10, Guardado attempted with a long-distance shot, but he also missed the target.

The next chance for Depor came at minute 13; Guardado threw a free-kick at the right wing, he put the ball at the penalty box and local keeper Mariano Barbosa cleared the danger with the fists, then Juan Dominguez got the ball at the edge of the area, but his crossed shot went wide.

Depor was fine within the first fifteen minutes; the defensive line was playing in an advanced position and was blocking all the attempts, which gave the ball possession to Depor, but later Las Palmas started to win the battle at midfield territory as the locals started to put more pressure, which turned things upside down as now Las Palmas was having the ball.

The first chance to score for the locals came at minute 20; it was a corner-kick in which David González found the ball at the edge of the area, but his shot was stopped by Aranzubia. In the next fifteen minutes the locals had the initiative and were looking dangerous, but they missed that last pass to break the central defenders of Depor, Colotto and Ze Castro, who were solid throughout the game.

At this point the attacking line of Depor was disappeared; both Álex and Juan Dominguez were losing the ball pretty easily and the visitors were spending more time defending than attacking; then Ruyman missed a great chance to score the first goal; the side defender found himself with the ball near the six-yard box, but his final attempt just missed the target hitting the net by the outside (32’)

At minute 40, Portillo couldn’t control properly a cross of Vitolo and the ball went wide, the last attack of Depor in the half was also the first shot on target for the visitors; it was a cross of Laure that Lassad sent into the hands of local goalie Mariano Barbosa.

Not a good presentation of Depor in the final part, which is the normal thing when Oltra’s team is on the road, but at least the team was solid enough at defense while it found an early goal after a penalty committed over Valerón. Later the team felt comfortable protecting the result and launching its counterattacks.

Things couldn’t start better for Depor as the Galicians got a penalty just two minutes after the pause; it was a play started by Guardado and that ended with a cross of Ayoze that went into the path of Valerón, who attempted to shot on target from the left corner of the six-yard box, David Garcia challenged the playmaker from behind and referee Lesma López whistled the penalty.

It must be said that the call was doubtful, but Andrés Guardado didn’t forgive and scored his sixth goal on the season with a drilling shot that was almost stopped by Barbosa.  The goal opened the game as Las Palmas was pushing in attack, while Depor found enough spaces to release its counterattacks.

In one of those opportunities Bruno Gama made a great play on the right wing, but his cross was just too high for Lassad, who headed the ball out (53’). Las Palmas responded with a shot of Jonathan Viera that went over the crossbar (55’).

Then Oltra made the first substitution allowing the entry of Borja Fernandez for Valerón, it was the same substation made on the past game with Numancia. The Galician midfielder was playing in a more delayed position, which meant a triple pivote figure.

In the rest of the game Las Palmas had the initiative, but the Canarian team was too naïve and had big problems to break the deadlock of Deportivo. Then Oltra made the second change as Riki entered for Lassad. The Tunisian barely appeared in the game, but it was the same for the Madrilenian attacker.

Las Palmas pushed within the last ten minutes, but they missed punch and aim, substitutes Vega and Mauro Quiroga had attempts from close range, but both missed the target. Oltra didn’t want to take further risks and decided to replace Bruno Gama with Manuel Pablo, this in order to help the side defenders. Still, Depor suffered, though more for the nerves of been close to reach the second place than for the attacks of Las Palmas.

The locals had two opportunities to tie the game within the final five minutes, the first was a disallowed goal to Portillo as he picked the ball at the six-yard box after a shot of Vega; he was offside. Then it was a header of David Garcia that was an easy catch for Aranzubia.

Important victory for Deportivo; the Galicians didn’t clear the grey impression of past away matches, but at least it kept a clean sheet and seized a penalty committed early in the second part. Perhaps it was too little, but enough to see Deportivo ending the year 2011 at the second place of the standings, tied in points with Hercules CF and just one point behind leader Elche CF. It’s the highest position of the Galicians on this season.

The Segunda competition will return until January 8 as the Galicians will host CD Xérez, but before Oltra’s team has to play the second-leg in the last-32 of Copa Del Rey against Levante UD, which will be the last game in 2011 (Wednesday, 21h00 CET, Ciutat de Valencia).

Las Palmas: (4-2-3-1) Barbosa – Pignol (Quiroga 60’), David Garcia, Laguardia, Ruyman – Javi Castellano, David González – Jonathan Viera, Vicente Gómez (Roque 53’), Vitolo (Vega 74’) – Portillo.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Ze Castro, Ayoze – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez – Bruno Gama (Manuel Pablo 86’), Valerón (Borja 60’), Guardado – Lassad (Riki 74’).
Goal: 0-1: (47’) Guardado (penalty)
Referee: José Luis Lesma López. He showed yellow card to Vitolo (51’) and Guardado (85’)
Venue: Estadio de Gran Canaria (10,832)
Other statistics: Ball possession (52% - 48%); Attempts to score (12 – 10); Total shots (12 - 6); Shots on target (2 - 2); Saves by the keepers (1 - 2); Corner-kicks  (7 - 3); Offsides (2 - 3); Fouls committed (10 - 16); Accuracy in the passes (78.34% - 72.86%)




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