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20 Dec 2011
Oltra admitted that his team had a bit of luck, while the play that meant the penalty and the only goal in the game was the most commented issue among the players at both teams.

Coach José Luis Oltra was admitting that his team had a bit of luck in order to win the game, “The match, if we are objective, isn’t different from the one we played at Valladolid. It isn’t different from the others we played on the road, like at Murcia, place where we could have tied or lost this one. Now we won, but could have tied too, that’s the reality. If we would have been more accurate, then we would have damaged the rival.”

“Sometimes we only look for the result, since the result was positive and since the team is fine we talk of seriousness, if not we would be talking of lack of intensity, that we are lacking ambition or that we are missing something else. I don’t think we miss anything, the team is each day competing better, I said it before, and today we were lucky to achieve the victory.” He added.

Finally, Oltra was commenting the play of the penalty over Valerón, “I don’t know if it was penalty or not; all we know is that Valerón is not the kind of guy that throws himself to the ground and neither likes to cheat the referee. It might be that he fell down due to the inertia of the play or maybe he stumbled, but he didn’t provoke it in order to cheat.”

Juan Carlos Valerón himself commented the play of the penalty, “Yes, he fouled me. I didn’t throw myself to the ground. I don’t know if the contact was enough to be a penalty, but he brought me down. It’s a silly and quick play. All I can say is that I never threw myself.”

El Flaco was also satisfied as the team clinched an important result, “We faced a great rival and in the second part we were highly involved in the game. It’s an important victory that gives us some room. The team is going up and is ending the year in the best possible way, having confidence and plenty of hope.”

Álex Bergantiños was pretty happy with the final result, “Today’s victory is very important for us and is allowing the team to start the new year with a strong mentality. The game was equal and we found that penalty early in the second part; they pressed a lot, but we were fine and achieved a fundamental win.”

“The play of the penalty was determinant and later the team was fine. The game was as we expected: Jonathan Viera was having the ball possession; they missed Javi Guerrero, but still put us in deep trouble, the other rivals will have big problems in order to win on this pitch.” The blonde midfielder added.

The other Galician midfielder at the starting formation, Juan Dominguez, was happy for the result and also for his renewal, “It was a good week for me and the team, we have achieved the goal before the vacations, which was to enter into the direct promotion spots. The game was equal, but well, they committed that penalty over Valerón that was cashed by Guardado. “

Saúl Fernandez wasn’t picked for the clash, but he commented on his Twitter account that, “Three more points though it wasn’t a good game… the important thing was to achieve the victory, and someday we were destined to win like this. We are leaving for the Christmas break at the second place, just one point behind the leader. These are very good news! And we need to keep pushing as things are tighten at the top.”

Rodolfo Bodipo was using the same online social networking service to congratulate the fans for the final result, “We are second at the standings. Congratulations to the whole Deportivismo for this two straight victories… now we have to face the Copa Del Rey and end the year with ten points.”

At UD Las Palmas, coach Juan Manuel Rodríguez was saying that the result was unfair, “We did everything we could in order to clinch the draw, and in the end we are with a fool face, because is fine if they are the superior side, but it wasn’t like that, so we are upset. We had great opportunities in the first part, we could have claimed the lead, and in the second part we did the merits to score a goal.”

He didn’t want to talk of the penalty whistled over Valerón, “I don’t have anything to say about that play; I’m tired. The referee also failed in other things; their goalkeeper wasted all the time he wanted. If there were six changes, then we have played for more than three more minutes.”

Jonathan Viera was upset for the penalty whistled against his team, “The penalty is doubtful; there are several plays like that in one game and if the referees whistle that, then they would have to whistle more penalties during the matches. Deportivo didn’t do more than us in order to deserve the victory.”

Similar was the opinion of goalie Mariano Barbosa, “For me it wasn’t penalty, though I will have to watch again the play on TV. The true is that it was a quick play, but neither had they deserved to pick up the three points, because they didn’t have too many opportunities.”



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