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23 Dec 2011
The papers emphasized the emotive game between Deportivo and Levante UD; the unexpected things saw at the Ciutat de Valencia and also the mistakes of referee Paradas Romero affecting both teams.

La Opinión A Coruña: Incapacity before the unexpected. The approach of Deportivo against Levante was  knew by José Luis Oltra and the players that jumped to the lawn at the Ciutat de Valencia, but the system was blow up as many times as shocks were presented to the Blanquiazul team throughout the knockout-leg in Copa del Rey. The starting formation seemed faithful to the slogan and the model pursued by the Valencian coach, and that he has found in recent games. The circumstances, however led to a defeat and the elimination that the Galicians fought hard to avoid throughout the 90 minutes, and that suddenly put them in extra-time. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: Depor lost the Copa in the madness of Valencia. The Copa Del Rey in its entire splendor left Deportivo on the field of Levante, which overcame the 3-1 of the Riazor in a crazy game. There were expulsions, penalties, goals, extra-time and epic; perfect example of the Copa duel, and the victim was a Depor prisoner of its own defensive errors, which received the severe punishment of Levante each time they were looming the head. The expulsion of Saul on the half hour of play, which forced Depor to perform with one less man for an hour and a half displaying a physical effort, and the penalty missed by Pablo Alvarez at minute 91, which would have given the qualification, were slabs too heavy for a team with a heart of iron, but with a jaw of glass. Neither the inspired appearance of Juan Carlos rescued the team in overtime, time when Koné sentenced the game.  Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Asturian for good and bad. The two qualifying matches before Levante had an Asturian accent, the ones of Saul and Pablo Álvarez, both for good and for bad. On the first-leg they were the protagonists. The former Levante man scored two goals, the second made a great goal. Yesterday both repeated as starters wanting to shine in the knockout tournament. However, only Pablo Alvarez could perform at a high level, but missed a crucial penalty that would have given the qualification to Deportivo. Saul, the hero of the first-leg, went from heaven to hell after been expelled at the 35th minute, leaving his team short-handed for 85 minutes, adding the extra-time. Pablo Alvarez, meanwhile, offered a great performance, but the error in the second penalty condemned the Blanquiazul side.

Much earlier, at the 23’, he starred a great individual move that ended forcing a penalty, which he threw to score the lonely goal of Depor. He also gave a great assist to Lassad that almost ended in a goal. In the 90’ he provoked another penalty that he threw, with such bad luck that his shot from the penalty spot hit the crossbar. Luck turned its back at a defining moment, because there was no time and Depor’s goal would have forced Levante to score two more. The wood was spitting the ball and the locals forced the extension, period of time when they scored the fourth and final goal that sentenced the pass to the next round. Saul attended to the elimination powerless to help his peers. The farewell to the Copa is a step backward for both Asturian players, because now it will be more difficult to enjoy of minutes. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: Levante lifts the Cup in a dreamed 2011. Levante got it. In a magical year for the Granota side, JIM’s team pulled of spirit to turn a tie that was uphill. Depor missed a penalty at the last minute of the match and succumbed in overtime. In extra time, Kone decided with a goal on the turn. Depor could do nothing as the Galicians were left with nine men after the expulsion of Borja. The fantasy league of Levante moved to the Copa. The Valencians pray to live in a continuous Groundhog year. The 2011 will be forever etched in their memories.  Andrés Armero

AS: Ruben led the comeback against a warrior Deportivo. Things were looking beautiful for the locals when after fifteen minutes they had already achieved half the target. El Zhar, who minutes after met the crossbar of Lux, claimed the lead for Levante and put on the ropes a Deportivo that went out to see things coming. Manuel Pablo had left the pitch injured and the 'Yes We Can' was a reality, but the right hook to the jaw awakened Oltra’s men. More specifically Pablo Alvarez, who dressed himself of Maradona to leave in the way all the rivals until reaching Gustavo Cabral, and he send the winger to the ground. The penalty, which he seized, put the tie on the scoresheet. It was time to start all over again. But then the night was again uphill for the Galicians as they lost Saul for a double yellow card and later as Ballesteros was claiming a new lead for his team. And it could have been worse (or better, depending on which side you look at it) if Lux doesn’t put his foot to clear an effort of Koné, savior before halftime.

After the break, the second act was what Deportivo wanted, what Levante tried with his thrusts and what Parada Romero allowed in a hard game. But what neither the Galician nor the referee couldn’t avoid was Ruben left-footed shot just ten minutes before the end to force the extra-time unleashed the delirium that swept the Ciutat de Valencia. Although Paradas wanted more and he saw a penalty that the crossbar repealed to make justice. Alvarez went from hero to villain missing the penalty and it would take 30 minutes to see who was going to be in the next round of the Copa. Víctor López

El Mercantil Valenciano: Arouna Kone's goal at the 100th minute defined a vertiginous game and the qualification of Levante UD to the next round of the Copa. It was the culmination of a match absolutely full of emotions from beginning to end: Goals, tension, expulsions, controversy, a missed penalty, a goal in the extension and alternatives on the scoresheet. The Copa in its pure state, with all the players involved from the beginning in a relentlessly match; a tremendous joy for the most skeptical viewers attending last night to the stadium. J. M. Bort.



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