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23 Dec 2011
Oltra was content with the sacrifice of the players, and he also believes that things would have different if Depor would have played the full game with eleven players. Borja is feeling guttered after causing the injury of Juanlu.

Despite the elimination, coach José Luis Oltra was happy with the performance of his players, and felt sorry as his team was left with ten men during big part of the meeting, “I must congratulate my team. They are falling with honour, it isn’t enough with honour and dignity, but when you play with one man less for a gif time, and even with nine at the end… with eleven they wouldn’t escaped and with ten it almost didn’t happen.”

“My players completed a serious game; they worked as lions. We were fine, before a rival with an important trajectory and with enough arguments, but that suffered a lot in order to eliminate us as they were playing against ten men during one hour and a half. The normal thing would have been to score that last-minute penalty, but this is football. We’ve made a great tournament, a great game and it was a good tie, now we must congratulate Levante.” He added.

Once again Depor’s coach was emphasizing the effect of Saul’s expulsion, “It was determinant; with him at the starting eleven the team was feeling pretty comfortable; we were having margin, we were playing with criterion, trying to combine and playing with the result of the first-leg. Later we tried to defend the result with tooth and nails. We had our chances; before the 3-1 we hit the post. There were two or three counterattacks to score the second, and with that goal the game would have ended.”

“There were a lot of adverse situations, but the team was fine. I won’t say that I am not satisfied, but with the caste had by the team and the football practiced, even with ten men, I have to congratulate my men and we’re proud, though the defeat is painful. About Riki, he felt a problem and wasn’t able to start. It was absurd to force him. I had to modify the starting eleven and then we saw the injury of Manuel Pablo, which conditioned a change. We could only make two more modifications.” He finalized.

Side defender Diego Seoane was criticizing referee Paradas Romero for not continuing with the play in the second penalty, “The referee could have waited a little more, because Lassad scored the goal while he was whistling the penalty. In the end it wasn’t possible and now we can only focus in achieving the direct promotion and think only of la liga.”

Pablo Álvarez was saying that Deportivo missed more luck, “We had the big opportunity to pass the round, but in the end it wasn’t possible and I believe that we missed good luck. We spent more than an hour playing with one less player and it’s tough to compete in that way, but the team was courageous.”

“We missed more luck and aim, because we had several opportunities to score a goal; truly there was no fortune, because we had three or four opportunities to score a goal, but in the end we were unable to do it.” The Shark added.

The most dramatic moment on the game was the injury of Juanlu after a challenge of Borja Fernandez; Levante’s player broke his ankle and it was reporter that Depor’s midfielder was crying at the changing room after hearing the news. He didn’t talk to reporters, but wrote on his Twitter account that, “This is the worst moment in my career, but can’t be compared to what Juanlu is living. I don’t use this source to talk in a professional sense, but today it was necessary.”

Another player that used Twitter was Fabril’s Juan Carlos, the youngster made a great game entering as a substitute and was the key in the second penalty in favour of Depor; he wrote that, “Football is like this, sometimes it gives and in others takes things from you. A pity what happened today.”

Neither Saul talked to reporters, but he was trying to explain his expulsion in Twitter, “It was a pity after the great work of the whole team. It was the first expulsion in my life! The first card wasn’t necessary as we were pulling each other. He didn’t show me the yellow for striking the ball. The second was in a loose ball; I hit the rival, but it was too rigorous as I was searching for the ball. The game was under control with the 1-1, two rigorous fouls and two cards, the referee was compensating for whistling a penalty.”

At Levante, coach Juan Ignacio Martínez was saying, “Not even in the best of the scripts we could have had a more intense final for a game and a year, but the injury [of Juanlu] has screwed everything. It isn’t a matter of changing or not the qualification for the health of the player. He could be injured and we eliminated, so we can’t relate both things.”

Ruben Suarez, who was decisive in the game, said that, “We are content for passing the round, and the triumph goes for Juanlu. Let’s hope he will fine soon. The injuries are never good and soon we will be watching him running around there. We tried to put the spark as things were against us; in the end I was tired as we played for a lot of minutes.”

Midfielder Barkero was saying that, “It was exciting and it occurred of everything, luckily we passed the round. I hope the fans enjoyed the show, because we have enjoyed. We are closing a good year and it was great.”


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