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05 Jun 2006
Rumours and more rumours. This is the food that the media in Spain has been giving to the hungry Depor fans since la liga ended fifteen days ago. But nothing seems to be happening. Why? tries to answer this question giving an analysis of the movements made in the market by the Galician club.

The list of possible reinforcements for this position seems to be endless: Roberto, Bizarri, Kameni, Aouate, Jorquera, Mandanda... but the truth is that Depor hasn't made any move for them. The exit of Molina and the uncertainty with Dani Mallo are forcing the club to do something, but the club's officials seem to be careless with this issue. Why?

There are two possible answers. Firstly; they can already have a deal with one or two keepers ending contract with their current clubs, and they don't want to make it public. And secondly, they can be just waiting to make a move. If the first case is the right situation, then the selected keeper could be playing in Segunda, bearing in mind that this competition ends in two weeks. Albano Bizarri (28) and David Cobe?o (24) could be the selected choices in this case.

The second scenario will mean that Lendoiro doesn't consider the goalkeeper's position as a priority, or maybe he's waiting for something. Depor's president could be waiting to recollect cash in other operations or he's probably waiting to see how things get resolved in other clubs, as example the elections in Real Madrid (it was previously reported that their second keeper, Diego L??pez, is one of Lendoiro's targets.)

The arrival of Albert Lopo means that Depor has four central defenders in the squad: Andrade, Coloccini, Juanma and the same Lopo. Besides H?ctor could occupy the position if Caparr??s needs it. So, why is Lendoiro trying to sign a new central defender? the answer is simple: because he will sell one of his current players. The two candidates are Coloccini and Andrade.

Alexis Ruano (20) and Miguel ?ngel Llera (27) are the main candidates to come as replacements. The case for Alexis is uncertain. Depor is offering €2 million plus two players (some papers says Momo + Arizmendi, others Momo + Rub?n), but M??laga prefers only the money (€4 million). Getafe already offered €3 million for the defender and everything could be solved during the present week. If Depor fails to sign Alexis, the second choice will be Llera, a defender that Caparr??s knows really well since he was in Recreativo. The option of David Navarro (26) shouldn't be discarded either.

There isn't news about the possibility of signing a left-side defender, Capdevila is the only alternative in the squad since Romero went out. Oscar L??pez (26) has been mentioned in AS, but it isn't clear the interest Depor has in him. This position isn't a priority for the moment and Lendoiro could try to incorporate players if he finds the proper conditions. Alvaro Arbeloa (23) has been also mentioned as a candidate for the right side, but this option must wait until the situation in Real Madrid is cleared out.

Juan Rodriguez will confirm his signing on July 1st, but the club's officials want another pivote in the squad, maybe because Aldo Duscher has one foot in the Premiership. It is known that Lendoiro asked for the Brazilian B??vio (M??laga), but nothing more. Jordi L??pez (25) is another candidate, his agent (Ra??l Verd??) has said on several occasions that Osasuna, Celta and Deportivo are interested in the player, but the truth is that only the first two clubs have presented offers. It seems that he's only trying to call the attention and that Lendoiro might have other interests.

Interests that already have a name: Jos? Manuel Jurado (19) and Rub?n de la Red (20). Lendoiro is following these two talented players since the past season, a move for them shouldn't be discarded and it would depend of who will be the new president in Real Madrid. Once again, Depor’s president is waiting for further developments in order to make his moves.

After the central defender, this is the position in which Lendoiro is working harder. Pablo Alvarez will come in order to cover the right side, while the left could be for Nen? (24) or Juan Arango (25). Lendoiro already offered €3.5 for the Brazilian, but Piterman is blocking the operation. In the case of Arango, he is offering money plus the transfer of Rub?n or Diego Trist??n. The problem in this case is that Mallorca wants at least €9 million for the Venezuelan star.

The two cases seem complicated to fulfil, and other options can be studied. Another thing to watch carefully is the possibility of signing a new right winger. With Pablo Alvarez out of action until December, the only option remaining in the squad is Iv??n Carril. Curiously Lendoiro didn't want to give him a professional contract although that Caparr??s recommended the action. Besides Scaloni has one foot out and V?ctor will not continue, for this reason a new right winger will be needed, at least until Pablo Alvarez has recovered.

Maybe the position in which the media is focusing its attention. The two main candidates continues to be Roberto Soldado (20) and Ikechukwu Uche (22). The promotion of Recreativo to Primera has generated the idea that Depor would be near to negotiate the incorporation of the Nigerian forward, but this is just speculation. The truth is that Lendoiro will try to sign him sooner or later. But the negotiation will be tough since Recreativo's president, Francisco Mendoza, is unhappy with Lendoiro's behaviour. It's already known that Depor's president contacted the player without asking Recreativo first, and that's a thing that Mendoza doesn't like.

The quest for Soldado will have to wait until July 2nd, the day in which the elections in Real Madrid will take place. Lendoiro would try to buy him, but it's also probable that the winner in the election will block the exit of the young promise.

Other options (Riki, Nino, Bodipo, Purovic) will not be studied until the incorporations of Uche and Soldado get discarded. It has been speculated that Lendoiro might want to sign two new strikers instead of one, but this will depend on the exits of the squad. It seems that Caparr??s only counts on Arizmendi and Taborda, but any offer for them will be welcome. If any of them is sold, the squad will try to incorporate a second striker.

Lendoiro isn't only thinking of the first squad, he is also trying to sign reinforcements for Deportivo B. The first two candidates to emerge are Nacho Matador (19) and Adri??n (17). Matador is an offensive midfielder that's ending contract with Oviedo. Adri??n is also performing in Oviedo and Depor will have to pay for his incorporation.

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