30 Dec 2011
German Lux talked with Depor Sport about been the only player at the team that havenít debuted yet in liga; he ends his contract in June, but prefers to focus in the promotion to Primera Divisiůn.

Q: Are you recovered from the disappointment that meant the elimination in Copa?
A: Yes, though we are conscious that we missed a nice opportunity. We were carrying a nice advantage and had the best intentions; we were trying to make a solid game, as we did at home in the first-leg, with commitment and giving importance to the Copa, for the club and ourselves, because we have a large squad and it will be tough to have minutes. Still, this is too long and I hope that there will be opportunities for everyone. There wonít be a problem as the group is healthy.

Q: We saw of everything, excitement and scoring opportunities until the end, maybe you missed luck.
A: Yes, we werenít fortunate enough, the penalty at the 90th minutes, the chances of LassadÖ it was a weird game, but at the same time exciting; we allowed the first goal too soon. Unless the play in which the ball hit the foot of Rochela, I believe that the others goals were avoidable, but I rescue the attitude of the team. The effort was good and I believe we gave a hard fight.

Q: Did you talk of the referee at the changing room?
A: Not too much. There are always some mistakes and the referee isnít an excuse. He considered that the red card was fair, though we didnít share his opinion, and is pretty clear thatís difficult to play with ten men for so long. It pushed us to lock ourselves at our side of the pitch in order to defend and Levante had the ball possession almost the entire game, always searching for the sides. Even Ballesteros was playing at our side of the pitch, but we had our options to claim the tie, especially the second penalty, which was the sentence when the time was up.

Q: You just talked of the large team and that it will be hard to have some minutesÖ
A: Itís well known. The team, despite allowing a lot of goals, is reverting the situation. Weíve been more solid within the last games; defensively weíre fine and following the right path. Now weíre up there at the promotion zone and the logical thing will be to not change the teamÖ

Q: The Copa was the only way to get a chance.
A: Obviously we all want to play, but I spoke of the true when I came here: I know who is above me; I know what Dani represents; he is a top figure and I have to wait as his shadow. Still, my adaptation to the city has been pretty good and I feel comfortable at the team.

Q: How do you measure your role at the team?
A: Each week I train at the top, and despite not having the chance to play, I consider myself as a positive person for the group. Iím always there, I always add and I want to remain like that. I donít have anything to reclaim, because the coach is who decides, I think his choices are fair and donít think he should be changing his mind right now.

Q: Would you sit and discuss your continuity at the team for next season?
A: Right now I am in a good position, because Iím happy with my team mates, with the coaching staff and also with the club, and my only thought is to see Deportivo clinching the promotion. My contract expires in June and from there we will see what could happen. We could have arrivals and exits and things will be decided in the future, so we would talk at the right time. Iím happy and my predisposition is good, but for the moment the promotion is the only thing that matters.

Q: About the team, whatís the balance of the first part in la liga?
A: It must be positive; I believe we are improving, although the team can do more. The adaptation to the league was hard and now we are in the right track. If we keep solving the issues then I believe we will be fine.

Q: Are you surprised by the level of the teams at Segunda Divisiůn?
A: Yes, things are pretty equal on this league. We are the favourites for the promotion since the day of the relegation, we still are the favourites and each day that passes it weighs less. In the first games it was hard for us and we learned that it isnít enough wearing a shirt, and realized that in this league you have to suffer in each game. At Primera you have to fight, but here everything is more equal and nobody gives anything for free.

Q: Xťrez, Huesca, Villarreal B and Recreativo will be the first rivals in 2011, ready to assault the leadership of the league?
A: Thatís the idea. We want to have a strong start and it will be important to chain four or five straight victories, something already enjoyed by the other teams at the league. Itís the right moment to take off and must seize these four meetings in the year, and especially to confirm our improvement playing away from home. A lot still ahead and canít relax, because thereís no margin for it. We must continue with the knife between the teeth and gain more difference with the other teams, which will allow us to have more tranquility.

Q: What do you think of Galicia?
A: I just knew it from the times I played here and the true is that we love it. We are content and the family is already adapted. I havenít been able to bring my parents, but if everything is fine and if we stay, then we hope to bring them here, so they can meet where we live.

Q: And the fans?
A: The true is that it surprised me a lot. I was used to other fans, who practically donít attend to the stadium in Mallorca, and Deporís fans make me remember the fans at Argentina, which are always supporting the teams and filling the stadiumsÖ It isnít normal to see a club suffering the relegation and then having more socios than at Primera. It speaks greatly of the club and its people. I only have words of gratitude as at home we always play with twelve men.



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