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01 Jan 2012
Third straight month in which Andrés Guardado is awarded with the Player of the Month award; the Mexican winger was among the four most voted players in 3 of the 5 games disputed in December. He’s also leading the race in the overall table.

Andrés Guardado is the RCDLC.com player of December as the Mexican winger leaded Deportivo to add three victories and one draw within the last month of 2011, which meant 13 points for him. The ex-Atlas man scored twice in the period and was awarded as the best man in the 3-1 win over CD Numancia, while he was the second most voted man in the clash with Real Valladolid and the third in the game before UD Las Palmas.

Central defender Diego Colotto was the other big winner on the month as the Argentine man received points in two of the five matches disputed in the month, which included been the most voted player in the goalless match with Real Valladolid. His performance brought 12 points in the period.

The third place in the month was Pablo Álvarez, curiously the right winger didn’t have any minute in liga, but it was his performance in Copa Del Rey what brought him ten points. He was the best player considering the whole tie before Levante UD.

Saul Fernandez showed his two faces in the month, like the case of Pablo Álvarez the Asturian only had minutes in Copa, he was the best player in the first-leg with Levante, but then turned into the villain as he was sent off in the second clash, for this reasons he only added six points to end as the fourth player with more points in the month.

The ratings on the month:

Vs. Valladolid (04/12/11) 
1st. Colotto -  5 points
2nd. Guardado -  3 points
3rd. Aranzubia -  1 point
Extra points: Ayoze: -1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs. Numancia (10/12/11) 
1st. Guardado - 7 points
2nd. Juan Dominguez - 5 points
3rd. Laure - 3 points
4th. Álex Bergantiños - 1 point
Extra points: B Gama: +1 point
Extra points: Ayoze: -1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs. Levante (13/12/11) 
1st. Saul - 7 points
2nd. Pablo Álvarez - 5 points
3rd. Borja Fernandez - 3 points
4th. Riki - 1 point
Extra points: Rochela: +1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs. Las Palmas (18/12/11)
1st. Colotto - 7 points
2nd. Ze Castro - 5 points
3rd. Guardado  - 3 points
4th. Álex  - 1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs. Levante (21/12/11)
1st. Pablo Álvarez - 5 points
2nd. Juan Carlos Real  - 3 points
3rd. Lassad - 1 point
Extra points: Saúl: -1 point
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Overall table: Guardado added his third straight POM on the season, reason why the Mexican has increased his lead in the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12; he now doubles the advantage over second place Diogo Salomão, who didn’t add any point in December, neither Juan Carlos Valerón added points in the period, though El Flaco remains at the third place in the voting.

Overal table
1st.  Guardado - 61 pts
2nd. Salomão - 37 pts 
3rd. Valeron - 31 pts 
4th. Aranzubia - 22 pts 
5th. Colotto - 18 pts
6th. Lassad - 17 pts
6th. Álex - 17 pts 
8th. Ze Castro - 15 pts
9th. Juan Carlos - 13 pts
10th. Juan Dominguez - 11 pt
11th. Pablo Álvarez - 10 pts
12th. Laure - 9 pts
13th. Saul - 8 pt
14th. Bruno Gama - 7 pts
15th. Riki - 6 pts
16th. Seoane - 4 pt
16th. Rochela - 4 pts
18th. Vazquez - 3 pts
18th. Borja Fernandez - 3 pts
20th. Morel - 1 pt
20th. Laure - 1 pt
20th Aythami (-) 1 pt
23th Ayoze (-) 3 pt




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