05 Jan 2012
The former player of Deportivo is now the sporting of Xťrez CD; he talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained his view on Deporís bet in the youngsters.

Josť Emilio Viqueira was one of several players that had to leave Deportivo in the past in order to find new opportunities; he made 26 appearances at Primera wearing Deporís shirt within the years 1995 and 1997; he spent a period at Xťrez CD and now heís the sporting director of the Andalusian club. He talked with journalist Pedro Barreiros from La Voz de Galicia and analyzed the current Deporís situation.

Q: Youíll be reunited with Alex.
A: I talked a lot with him when we played together. He has been giving his footsteps. First here, then in Granada, and now it's back at Depor at a time thatís good for the youngsters and he deserves it, because he's a kid who works hard, a very honorable professional that gives everything. And I'm glad that things are going fine for him in A CoruŮa, because he has worked very hard for it and he deserves it.

Q: Do you feel angry to say: "If I had been born ten years later, maybe I'd be succeeding there too"?
A: No, not anger. I'm glad Iím finally seeing that Depor is relying in the young teams and that there are more Galician players than before. I was born when I had to be born and lived with people that for a boy from Galicia was unthinkable, with Rivaldo, Bebeto, Mauro Silva, Djalminha, Fran... and for me that experience was very nice. I lived in my time, then I had to leave and search for life elsewhere. I am more than happy with many Galicians at the team, because thereís quality in Galicia, what happens is that you have to give them a chance.

Q: What is your best memory from the Riazor?
A: Maybe my last game there, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my career. I was there with Xťrez and the crowd gave me an ovation that I wasnít expecting, really. I played the last fifteen minutes, finished the game and they chanted my name. It was very nice, many years have passed, a lot of time, but was very nice to see the fans remembering me, because in the end I have grown as a person and player over there, and I will always be grateful. I really want to be there on Saturday, but I want to win and after this game I wish the best for Depor.

Q:  Was this moment more beautiful than any other wearing the Blanquiazul shirt?
A: Well, I played the semifinals of the UEFA. It was also very hard for me to leave, but an era was ending and the club was too big for the people from the B squad. Nobody thought that Viqueira was going to play for so many time at Primera, and that he was going to score goals to Madrid and Barcelona. In the end I'm very happy that I was able to make a life outside of CoruŮa.

Q: At Xťrez you didnít tremble to bet in novel coaches in this league. Not even now.
A: In the end anybody with 25 years in this sport, and that had studied to be a coach, knows all the aspects that football can have. I think both Juan [Merino, fired early in December] and Vicente [Moreno, the current coach] are two very prepared guys, what happens is that you also need to get lucky. Even there are many coaches who have been fired like this: Guardiola, Emery... We are not seeking anything, but now our coach has been here for thirteen years, he has been everything in Jerez and has studied to become a coach; heís a rigorous and methodical guy. Who better than him? He knows the house and especially heís hopeful.

Q: And you? Didnít you have the temptation to sit on the bench?
A: No. I have a strong character and would be difficult to see me coaching. It's true that I have the second level and someday surely Iīll bring out the third, but for the moment it isnít something that has caught my attention.

Q: Do you feel fulfilled in your role as a sporting director? It was what you expected?
A: When you are a footballer you donít realize of the many things that compose football. It's something that, when I took the job here, there were only two players. I had to make a full team and the truth is that it worked out pretty well. And this year weíre trying to get things right. It isnít a job [he laughs] recommended for anyone, but itís linked to football and it comforts you.

Q: Is it more unpleasant than been a coach?
A: Well, both are complicated [he laughs]. What happens is that, in the end. I am at the one who makes the signings and the coach is the one that trains, but itís complicated to be the sporting director, and I assume it, like everything in my career, trying to do my best and that's it.



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