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09 Jan 2012
Oltra was convinced that Deportivo didn’t suffer in this game, while the players insisted that during the second part they were just trying to contain the game of the rival.

Coach José Luis Oltra was questioned for the suffering in the second half; and he answered that, “We neither are [Real] Madrid nor Barcelona. We aren’t going to pass all over the rivals, because this is an equal league. Their keeper was fine and we hit the posts three times. We can’t talk of lack of luck on this victory. The team felt comfortable in the second half as we had the ball possession, without suffering.”

“I don’t share the view that our performance in the second part was inferior to the first half, what we missed was more intention at the moment of making combinations, but the team never lowered the pace. For me to lower the pace means to not have arrivals or to spend the time locked at the back, but we hit the posts and had five or six scoring opportunities.” He added

The Valencian coach continued analyzing the game, “In the second part they only had the chance of Jose Mari, but when the result is only of one goal, then you fear any free-kick, corner or error. Neither had I feared for the game, because I saw that my team was fine on the pitch. The entry of Borja was made in order to help the defense and to have the ball possession. With a narrow advantage the equalizer could have arrived at any time, but today things were fair. I want to emphasize the positive things, though I would say that we can still make things better.”

"The issue is the expectations. The expectations are high, because the demand is high and it must be like that, but you can’t say that we’ve suffered, it wouldn’t be fair to the team. We had many occasions, shots to the post plus many saves. They scored through a free-kick and then it was the same thing, they could generate another play, but we had our opportunities. We must be demanding and there are things to improve, but the dynamics are good, we create opportunities and are playing well. The team has exceeded the opposition in almost everything. It was a fair though a short victory." Oltra finalized.

Bruno Gama was one of the best players in the game; the Portuguese winger commented that, “I felt fine, but would have loved to score a goal; I hope it could happen in the next game. We made a great game, but missed to score another goal to have more peace. We were only able to score twice, but the important thing is that we won and added the three points.”

Alex Bergantiños  was saying that Depor didn’t push in attack during the second half as it was trying to administrate the advantage, “The team could have done better, but never is a bad thing to score two goals playing at home. The fans were pushing us to search for more, but we were needing to be smart and keep the ball possession. The important thing is that we didn't fail and should continue on this line. We must tighten the things trying to increase the distance taking advantage of the matches in January.”

Juan Dominguez was sharing his view, “I believe it was normal, the rival also plays, but they didn't have any chance after been left with ten. Off course, they tried to react as they saw themselves going behind at half-time; we just had to contain their game. The true is that the score should have been bigger as we had clear chances, we allowed a late goal in the first part through a free-kick and we should have reached the pause with a bigger score.”

Left-back Ayoze Diaz picked a fifth yellow card on the season; he was commented the play in which he was booked, “I committed a foul in order to avoid a counterattack, and for this reason I am fulfilling the cycle of yellow cards. This is the first year in which I receive so many cards.”

The Canarian is aware that, as it happened to Jesús Vázquez, he might lose the spot at the starting eleven after this suspension, “It’s something coming with this sport; you go out and maybe you don’t return, but you have to accept the decisions of the coach.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was asked about the winter transfer market and the situation of Guardado, “If there’s something interesting that could reinforce the team, then we could think of it. As there isn’t any novelty we will have to wait. About Guardado, it seems he already has a deal with Valencia, but in football, until it isn’t confirmed, you have to fight.” He said.

At Xérez, coach Vicente Moreno was commenting the match, “With the 2-0 in favour of Depor, and playing at home, it was complicated, but we were in the game throughout the ninety minutes. I thought we were going to equalize the score and they suffered until the end despite we were playing with ten men. That’s the attitude that I want to see with my players. “

Goalkeeper Toni Doblas was impressed with the environment that he found at the Riazor, as he wrote on his Twitter account, “We are sad for the defeat, but we gave  hard battle to a rival of Primera División with a group of fans from Primera; God what a pleasure to play at the Riazor.”



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