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13 Jan 2012
Within the last seven years only four former Fabril’s players have been able to play for more than 1,000 minutes in a league competition; the lack of participation continues to be a barrier for Lendoiro’s new project.

Diego Seoane is on the spotlight as he will probably be the starting choice that Oltra will use at the left-back position ahead of the clash with Huesca, this due to the suspension of Ayoze Diaz, but the true is that the ex-Fabril player has only disputed 193 minutes on the Segunda season. His former team mate at Depor B, David Rochela, has been more unlucky as he only played for 14 minutes.

It’s the reality of Deportivo, a club that’s aspiring to have, in the mid-term, a team largely composed by promoted players coming from the B squad. Currently, there are eight players at Depor’s first team that played in the past for Depor B, and only three of them have played for more than 1,000 minutes on the current Segunda season.

Álex Bergantiños (1,661) is the first man on the list and represents one of the main hopes to break the tendency; the midfielder had to spend three years loaned outside the club and was only able to debut with the first squad until he was 26, but he has gained a spot at Oltra’s squad despite the competence of veterans like Jesús Vázquez and Borja Fernandez.

 Laure (1,392) is the second ex-Fabril player in the list and surely the more constant one, because this is the fourth straight campaign in which he passes the barrier of the 1,000 minutes. On the season 2008-2009 he added 1,179 minutes at Primera, one season later he added 1,717 and last year he played 1,890 at Liga BBVA. This growing process might be completed on this season with Laure passing the mark of the 2,000 minutes, something that seems very probable.

The last ex-Fabril that passed the barrier of the 2,000 minutes at the first team was Fran, it was during the Primera season 2000/01 (2,040); precisely the former captain  of Depor is the role model for new generations, because he played fourteen seasons at Primera always passing the mark of 1,000 minutes.

The third ex-Depor B player that already passed the mark of the 1,000 minutes during the present season is Lassad Nouioui (1,216), the former striker of Fabril played for 1,448 minutes on the past Primera season and he will surely beat his personal mark on this year.

Juan Dominguez is another former Fabril member that should join the group in the coming months, he started the present season as a substitute, and in some occasions he was even out of the list of picked players, but now the midfielder is a regular starter and already accumulates 699 minutes in liga.

And, within the last seven years, there’s only one more former Fabril man that has played for more than 1,000 minutes on a single league season: Xisco, who performed for 1,629 minutes on the Primera season 2007/08. On the current campaign the Majorcan striker has only played for 67 minutes in one single match, this due to his constant injury problems.

President Lendoiro has stated that his dream is to see the promotion of one Fabril’s player per season, which would lead to have a first team mainly composed by players “made” at the club, but it isn’t a matter of just been promoted, because those youngsters will also need to have the confidence of the coaches, and subsequently to pass the mark of the 1,000 minutes.



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