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07 Jun 2006
The media in Spain has continued to speculate about Deportivo’s interest in Ikechukwu Uche. Since Recreativo were promoted to the Primera, several comments have appeared about the possible arrival of the Nigerian striker. Also, there are more details about the case of Lopo.

The latest rumour that has surfaced is the possibility of using Diego Trist??n as part of the deal for Uche.  According to AS, Lendoiro will offer the Sevillan striker plus an additional amount of money. The same source wrote that Trist??n has already agreed to the operation.

But Trist??n's salary (€1.5 million) seems too high for Recreativo.  A new agreement would be necessary between the player and the Andalucian club in order to finalize the deal. Besides, Recreativo's president, Francisco Mendoza, was very emphatic when he was asked by El Ideal Gallego about the possibility of negotiating with Depor: "Deportivo is the last club that I would negotiate with," he said.

Lendoiro has maintained his silence about the interest in Uche, but it's very well known that he contacted the player last summer. It's also known that Francisco Mendoza promised Uche that he would let the striker go at the end of the season, but the promotion of Recreativo could force a change of plans. Is Uche Lendoiro’s main target? All signs point to yes, but the name of Roberto Soldado has also popped up. The only thing that's clear is that any negotiation with Recreativo won't be easy.

The non-presentation of Lopo as a Depor player has generated a lot of comments in the media. Yesterday it was discovered that the reason for this was RCD Espanyol – the Catalan club is upset because Deportivo doesn't want to pay any amount for signing Lopo.  According to the agreement between the Primera clubs, if a club is offering a renewal to one player whose contract is ending, and if this player prefers to sign with another Primera club, then the new club must pay a compensation fee.

For this reason Espanyol didn't give permission to present the player.  It is important to remember that Lopo’s contract ends on June 30, and although the season has ended, the Catalans can still denounce the Galician club if they consider it to be interfering with its interests. But Espanyol is going beyond that.  One of the club's officials, Pedro Tom??s, explained his club’s position: "Deportivo has two options: to pay us as Villarreal did to Real Sociedad in Nihat's case, or instead we can go to court."

But Lopo’s arrival isn’t in danger because the agreement between him and the club is a done deal and the only thing left is to determine whether Depor will be forced to pay the €6 million asked by Espanyol. Meanwhile, Lopo blamed Espanyol on Galician radio for his cancelled presentation.

Lendoiro is preparing himself for another war.  This time he has reached an agreement with Racing's keeper Dudu Aouate for the next five years, but the agreement with the Cantabrian club is far from final. AS is reporting that the keeper and the club’s president, Francisco Pern?­a, will meet to solve the situation.

According to AS, Aouate will press for his release, but Pern?­a has said that he won’t allow the move: "Aouate has told me that he wants to leave, but he is a Racing player and we count on him.  Racing will not sell Aouate for any amount. Besides, with Racing he has a chance of playing in the UEFA cup.  With Depor...who knows...?"

But the keeper’s agent, Gustavo Crnko, believes that Aouate’s future lies outside of his present club: "Dudu will not continue at Racing. The attitude of the club isn't helpful. They think that Depor can afford to pay more, but they don't want to be reminded that the player will be free in one year." It seems that the next few hours will be crucial in determining the keeper’s future.

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