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17 Jan 2012
Oltra was satisfied with the performance of the team, but says that the important thing is the position at the end of the season and not to be the leader at this stage of the competition; similar is the opinion of the players.

Coach José Luis Oltra was satisfied with the performance of his team, “We have made a serious match. We adapted to the demands of the rival. The team was fine at the beginning, combining and for this reason we found the goal, though it was in a set-piece.”

“But it’s also true that we missed more accuracy with the ball; Huesca pushed us and prevented to see us practicing the game that makes us feel more comfortable. They surrendered us and the team didn’t know how to counteract it in order to have continuity. In the last part of the game we were trying to complete a counterattack and Riki could have sentenced the match before. We knew how to suffer, work, defend, to organize; always with sacrifice…” He added.

The coach continued praising the game practiced by Huesca, “Huesca has more merits than points; today they could opted to something more, but at some point we had that good luck that you always need, apart from our quality and punch. They played close to our goal, but neither have I thought that the result was unfair, because we were the ones that had the best opportunities. If they would had claimed the lead in the scoresheet, then the game would have been different, and also the sensations.”

Finally, Oltra was denying the importance of been the leader at Segunda at this stage of the season, “We are the leaders and are enchanted to do so, but the important thing is matchday 42. Let’s hope we can keep the spot from here to the end of the season, even to open a gap with our chasers.   It’s a helpful situation, because the environment is more calmed, it gives the impression that you are guessing right with your decisions.”

Diego Colotto, one of the scorers in the game, was satisfied with the final result, “The team never left that negative impression saw in past away matches, games in which, perhaps, we were neglect; now the team knows exactly what it has to do.”

The Argentine defender is also content as Depor is the new leader in the league, “It’s pretty to see yourself up there, but we know that a lot still ahead. The first round hasn’t ended yet. It’s all about adding in order to see things improving. The difference with other teams is that we are going out to win the games no matter where we are playing, and always keeping the same philosophy. Other teams have problems with this, because they play in a different way when they are away. If we are able to keep this philosophy then team is going to add a lot of points.”

Diego Seoane was a starter replacing Ayoze, he said that, “The true is that the weekend was perfect, and we must continue on this way, though things aren’t done yet. It was a tough game, it wasn’t our best presentation, but it was a game to win and nothing more. The rival was fine and was putting pressure throughout the game. We couldn’t close the game before, but had enough chances to do it.”

“We learned the lesson and now know how to compete playing away from home; today we demonstrated it and put things difficult to the rival as  we scored an early goal. We want to thank the fans for their support; I didn’t expect so many people cheering up the team and they make us feel better.” The side defender added.

Meanwhile, Juan Dominguez was saying that the game was equal, “They went out fully involved in the game, feeling motivated and with strength. The first half was pretty equal and both sides struggled to have the ball possession. In the second we were able to have the ball. Both teams had their opportunities. It was an equal match and we achieved the victory, which was the important thing.”

“Depor was more effective than the rival and that was the key to achieve the victory. We also want to thank all the people that travelled there. The fans made us feel like at home, they always supported us during the game. You can’t ask for more. If it wasn’t for them surely the performance of the team wouldn’t be the same.”  He added.

Daniel Aranzubia was saying that, “We are content, because in the end this is the goal of the season, but it’s just anecdotic as what matters is what can occur at the end of the tournament. We claimed an early lead and later had chances to sentence the game, but the important thing is that we achieved the victory. The team went out fine and spent more time at the opposite side of the field.”

At Huesca, coach Quique Hernández was praising the performance of his men, “My team has completed a serious game; it made its best effort, always offering a solid version. We had the ball possession, and that’s difficult against a rival that can intimidate you. Deportivo is a good team, with a good technique; it’s a solid block that’s coming after clinching a positive series of results, and therefore they are mentally strong.”

“I’m content with the attitude shown by the team; this is the path to follow in order to leave the bottom places. We have demonstrated the capacity to overcome this difficult situation, now we must continue fighting, because I know that we have the ability to surpass this tough moment.” He finalized



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