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18 Jan 2012
The left-back position is perhaps one of the weakest points of Deportivo; it isn’t something new as the problem is dragged from the past season. Oltra trusts in Ayoze for the job, but his performance has been criticized.

The departure of Filipe Luis left an empty space that hasn’t been filled at Deportivo, just two years ago the left side of Deportivo was considered as the strongest sector of Lotina’s Depor competing at Primera División; the combination of the Brazilian with Andrés Guardado was considered as the main weapon of the team in attack, without forgetting the fact that Filipe was a solid defender after the years that he spent on the bench with Caparrós.

But now things are radically different; Filipe was transferred to Atletico Madrid and on last season the club made two exotic signings as Paraguayan Claudio Morel and Norwegian Knut Rindarøy joined the first team, neither of them were effective signings. The Norwegian never adapted to Spain and only lasted six months at the club; he barely played, while Morel still at Depor and played frequently during the first round of the past season, but later he disappeared from the lineups as the criticism against his poor performance was growing up.

Guardado felt the absence of Filipe Luis and the left flank was no longer a source of danger in the attacks of the team, it was worse than that, because the team struggled a lot at the left side of the defense and Lotina ended the season playing with Manuel Pablo, a right-footed player, performing outside of his natural position.

For the present season, now with the team at Segunda División, new coach Oltra brought Ayoze Diaz, a player that he met before and that represented a more stable solution compared to the signings made on the past year, stable because the Canarian knew Spanish football pretty well.

But the result has been the same, Ayoze has been a starter in 18 of the 20 matches disputed so far, only missing the clashes with FC Cartagena and SD Huesca due to suspension, and the problems continued as the Canarian has had a lot of problems trying to contain the rivals, actually he is the most criticized player by the fans. Ayoze is criticized because usually he is often out of position when the rivals are releasing a counterattack, also because it’s pretty easy to surpass him when the rivals are trying to penetrate or throw a cross from his side.

And the rival coaches are aware of these problems and usually sent their attackers to put more pressure on this side, as it happened in the last game at SD Huesca as Laure had big problems throughout the encounter, it’s something that must call the attention of Oltra ahead of the second round; even president Lendoiro has admitted in public that it’s one of the weakest points of the team.

In this sense it isn’t surprising to heard rumours about the intentions of Deportivo about signing a new left-back defender during the winter window; for the moment the only name linked with the club is Joan Capdevila, precisely the predecessor of Filipe that’s trying to find the door out at SL Benfica.



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