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19 Jan 2012
Valerón and Manuel Pablo, two of the captains at Deportivo, talked with Sportpaper Marca after Deportico reached the first place at Liga Adelante. Both are optimistic ahead of the near future.

Juan Carlos Valerón, the second captain of Depor, commented the fact that Depor is the new leader at liga Adelante, “We are content, because we improved a lot compared to our irregular start. We were fine when the team reached the Christmas break and we’ve carried away with the two games played on this year. This is the path to follow and must be regular, because the next games are important.”

El Flaco was also saying that he’s feeling happy for staying at Depor for the current season, “I’m pretty happy and hopeful. It was a pretty challenge to stay here and help the team in order to achieve the promotion. I’m having continuity and can’t complain of anything; I am feeling identified with the team and our way of playing.”

Who isn’t having too many minutes is Manuel Pablo, the first captain of the team, this due to the injuries; he was commenting that, “I have suffered a third stress fracture on this season and it’s something that never occurred to me before, but need to be patient and not been in a hurry. A lot still ahead and must be positive, because surely I will end playing.”

The Canarian right-back defender was also talking of the promotion, “We all have the same goal, which is to achieve the promotion. The players support each other no matter who is playing. Things are pretty clear inside the changing room. It all passes through achieving the promotion and my function is to help the team in everything.”

Valerón emphasized the fact that Deportivo knew how to correct the problems at the start of the season, “It brings confidence to realize that we are up there no matter the team made an irregular first round. The team is fine no and if we follow the same path then we will have more options of ending at the top.”

Manuel Pablo was remembering once again the injury problems that affected the team, “At the beginning we had bad luck with the injuries, but now the players are recovering and the coach has more options to choose from, the competence is good. Let’s hope we can continue with our current good form and that we could end the season up there.”

There were also some words for the fans, as Valerón said that, “It was an injection of energy to start the season with a full stadium. It is motivating. We’re thankful for that support and love. It’s a responsibility and will try to return the love with the promotion that everybody is wishing for.”



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