20 Jan 2012
Midfielder Álex has been a key piece on this season, the Galician talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and analyzed the current situation of the team, and also the presence of Borja as his partner for the last meeting with Huesca.

Q: Hard worked victory and leadership, little more can you ask, right?
A: Yes, for now we continue with the same run and I'm also glad as we are achieving the results away from home, which was the pending issue, and especially at a tough field like Huesca.

Q: A meeting in which the team also knew how to suffer and where the second goal came until the end…
A: It's the only way to win in these fields, always suffering. Huesca was attacking by the sides, always releasing crosses and at times the game was uncertain. We didn’t feel comfortable having the ball possession, they pressed a lot, but in the end we imposed our style and didn’t allow a goal in a tough stadium, place where all teams suffer. I also think that with the change of coach they are a more dangerous rival.

Q: You had a different partner this time, Borja, did you understand each other?
A: The approach of this game was a little different; the plan was to put Borja in front of the defense in order to take advantage of his aerial game, because he's a player that dominates the aerial game, while Juan [Dominguez] and I were having more freedom. What is clear is that he [Dominguez] is a more offensive player than me. I was a little more delayed. It was a different way to play than when Valerón is at the team, but is simply another way of looking at it. The team went out pretty well, always knowing how to stop the will of Huesca and we went away with the game, which is what matters.

Q: You wanted to clinch a series of good results and you did it: four straight victories and leaders...
A: We knew that it was coming. The team is getting better and better, and now we are trying to extend the streak as much as possible, knowing that we haven’t achieved anything yet. It's all very tight but the line to follow is this: to solve the home games and compete at the top in the away meetings, and I think we're on the right track.

Q: January is a propitious month to hold the first place and put land in the middle, with two games in a row at home (Villarreal B and Cartagena).
A: Yes, but you never know. You can’t drop points and for the moment we think of Villarreal, then we should be going game by game, knowing that if we fail no one else is going to fail, because the league is like this, there are always surprises. There are teams that are drooping points and if we do our work then we will put distance with some of them, and that's the mentality we need.

Q: Surprises like Hercules, who lost last weekend against Xérez, do they give you an idea of the competition ?
A: Yes, this league is like this. For example, Alcoyano won at Elche. All the teams put pressure, especially now with the issue of the playoff, which will make all the teams to be plugged until the end, and also at the bottom with the relegation. You always play for something and now the second round is close to start, and all the teams will make things harder.

Q: Is it important to reach the second round as the leader?
A: Morally it's good to be at the top, to see yourself first, but there isn’t much difference in points. It’s clear that the more we have the better, but the second round is very long. We have confidence because the squad has depth and I believe that when you can realize about the quality of this team is in second round, just when is more difficult is to get the points. But all the teams at the top tend to add fewer points, because everybody is pushing harder. Although we have the peace of mind for having a long squad, neither we can relax, because we know it will be very hard until the end.

Q: Fundamental at this stage in the league is that by now there are no injuries and the coach can count with all the players ...
A: Yes, I also believe that it was a key point in the recovery of the team. At the beginning of the season we missed a lot of people, we lacked players during the trainings and also in the matches, and now it will be good to have the full team available. It allows having a higher level during the trainings, and this is later reflected in the matches.

Q: Although the game still not attractive, you are achieving the results away from home, something crucial because you are conscious that you aren’t infallible at the Riazor, right?
A: Yes, we have solid numbers at home, but you can always fail. We knew we had to improve a little outside of our stadium, and I think the team is now competing better. We haven’t allowed a goal in our three last away games, we’ve won in places such as Cordoba, Las Palmas, Huesca, and we achieved a tie at Valladolid... Perhaps the beginning of the season we difficult, but the group is presenting good numbers away from the Riazor and now what we must do is to keep that regularity.



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