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23 Jan 2012
The papers emphasized the winter championship of Deportivo, but also the fact that Oltra’s team presented one of its worst home performances on this season, all in a game in which a struck of luck allowed the final victory.

La Voz de Galicia: Improvement in the results, deterioration of the game. Winning without playing, without deserving to win, a win by chance, but a win, always a win. Depor has taken a serious step backwards in its game, but still advancing in the scoresheet to the point of settling at the lead of the league. Looking at the wave in which the Blanquiazul team has been navigating at the top of the standings it begins to seem impossible to miss the promotion, living moments of great euphoria and unconditional surrender to their colors. But Depor feels so superior to the rivals that is already forgetting that the important thing is to play football.

Seeing that things are going extremely well and that luck can never be a method, José Luis Oltra needs to make another step forward by bringing order, not chaos, in his ideas, a matter in which Depor has been slacking in recent meetings. The promotion will be welcomed when it could be achieved, but José Luis Oltra has the moral and professional obligation that his personal stamp on the team's game is something else to just making the lineups. The victories cover everything. And more with the promotion in the horizon, but still giving the impression that the players of Deportivo are one level above their coach, whose influence on the course of events is unclear. Fernando Hidalgo

 La Opinión A Coruña: Unrecognizable Champion. Oltra had warned: "If we aren’t plugged, then Villarreal B can shake us in an unexpected way." And the Valencian man was right, he watched from the bench the violent shaking that the submarine inflicted to Deportivo within the first 45 minutes, maybe the worst first half of the Galician team at its stadium so far on this season. Fate smiled more than ever before to the brand new leader at Segunda, crowned winter champions thanks to a gray and soulless triumph, but at the end of the day it adds. Up to three balls where send to the posts by the yellow B team, and it happened before the break. Then it couldn’t do anything else. And not because they didn’t want it, but because they had to play nearly 40 minutes with one less player after Kiko was sent off. It was then, only then, when Depor pushed in pursuit of the victory. It had occasions, some of them very clear, but didn’t score any goal. And if they won it was thanks to an own-goal of Lejeune. Another stroke of luck, who knows if the luck of champions. Xisco could have scored the second, but he met an inspired Diego Mariño. The second goal wasn’t necessary, because Villarreal overstretched. Despite the swing of the first part, it left the Riazor empty-handed. And Depor is now more leader; three points above the second place. Unrecognizable winter champion. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo closed the first round with a suffered win over Villarreal B. Riazor celebrated the end of the first round with a win that consolidates Depor as the leader, and also with the honorific title of winter champions. It was after spending one of the worst moments of the season against Villarreal B, side that gave everything to win and ended up doing almost everything to lose. It hit three times the posts of Aranzubia, all of that in just 20 minutes, it displayed a brilliant game of touch and speed, but also suffered an expulsion within the first 10 minutes of the second half and ended up scoring the winning goal on its own net. Deportivo, exceeded in the first half, pulled pride and intensity in the second, but couldn’t impose its game against the rival, not even against an opponent in disadvantage. It had everything in favour, with the exception of Lassad’s early injury; but not even with two strikers on the field, with the revival of Xisco, created enough danger.

Few times Depor was seen so unrecognizable, not only at the Riazor, but on its idea of football, in its label of leader at Segunda. There have been games in the first round in which the team hided the clothes after scoring a goal, or preferred to wait at its own field crouched on the counterattack. But perhaps Villarreal B is the first team that steals the ball possession to Oltra’s Depor just when they really wanted to control it. The Valencian B team, pressured at the standings as the first team, lasted in taking the control, but when they did it, it hushed the Riazor and frightened Depor, with a good game, speed in the attack, pressure at midfield... And three shots to the posts, just when Aranzubia was completely beaten. César Quian

AS: The flower of the champion. Deportivo added its fifth straight victory, which helps the Galician team to become winter champion and also extends its lead to three points. But the ways weren’t colorful, much less, but a big team is usually adorned with many virtues. The Galicians have won games with solvency and domain, such as the meeting with Almeria, or have pulled of efficiency as it happened in Las Palmas or Huesca. Yesterday´s version was related to the luck, the flower which no one knows why often accompanies Champion teams. Villarreal B, worthy of much more, watched how in 26 minutes three of their first attempts were spat by the posts. At minute 52 they were left with ten men due to the expulsion of Kiko, but they never quit the game. The last unfortunate move was put by Lejeune as he deflected a heel touch of Xisco with an uncertain destiny. If something similar always happens to them, then it’s easy to understand why the mini submarine hasn’t won away from their stadium since matchday two. Now it’s time to wait for Cartagena on Sunday to see if yesterday was just a one-day flower. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: Depor suffers, but adds and goes on. Deportivo La Coruña closed the first round being the leader and, therefore, getting the honorific title of winter champions. It suffered a lot before a worthy Villarreal B, side that was superior in all aspects of the game until it was left with one less player at minute 52. After that, the Galician side harassed until Lejeune scored an own goal with 13 minutes remaining in the clock.

The fate of the champion materialized in the form of wood and the lack of definition at both areas and sentenced, again, a yellow team that continues in the danger zone of the standings and, despite its game, it chains four straight matchdays without a win. Meanwhile, at the middle of the championship, Deportivo is already looking into the eyes of its maximum and only goal: the return in one year to Primera Division.

El País: Midway for Depor. Behind are the matches at Alcorcón and Alcoy, places where it fell with shame, paying the toll in the league of narrow fields and small dressing rooms, away from the luxuries and glitz, something that doesn’t forgive people who are trying to dominate only with a resume. Surpassed the vagaries of muscle injuries, the same problems that weighed the team on its last season at Primera, Deportivo is the leader, winter champion. Nothing unexpected, but suffered because there is no enough sufficiency on the results of a team with promotion numbers. Juan L. Cudeiro

El Periódico Mediterráneo (Castellón): Bad luck pursues the B team. Unbelievable. Pure bad luck. Villarreal B deserved much more before the leader of Segunda Division, Deportivo, in a magnificent game of the yellow team, side that smashed the crossbar up to three times, and allowed the only goal in an unfortunate play of French central defender Lejeune. In addition, Velázquez’s team had to play for 40 minutes with ten men after the expulsion of Kiko. The B team falls into the relegation zone. Fran Segoviá



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