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31 Jan 2012
Oltra and the players were happy with the performance of the team, but especially with the moral response after Depor was left with ten men on the pitch; meanwhile Lendoiro isn’t expecting for signings, though he doesn’t discard anything.

José Luis Oltra was quite happy with the performance of his men, “The team adapted to the circumstances and knew how to fight against the elements. We early found with an expulsion but, despite the inferiority, something that often affects any squad, we continued being a brave team.”

“We missed the same thing of always, which is clarity to close the games through a counterattack. We allowed a goal almost from nowhere, with some luck for the rival, and despite everything the team kept believing, making a combinative game, and later scored the second goal, so we have saw a brave and combinative team. It was a deserved triumph, though everything according to what we have sawn at home.” He added.

The Valencian coach was also emphasizing the great game of Guardado, “He has been great with his hard work, with his aids. His performance has been laudable since his arrival for the pre-season, and the true is that his contribution has been great. He was huge in this match.”

It called the attention the fact that Oltra admitted that both Riki and Xisco were having physical problems before the kickoff, “Riki and Xisco were having some issues so, in order to determine their status, both warmed up at the same time before the game, but the true is that we knew who was going to play.”

Juan Dominguez was commenting his performance during the match, "I did the best I could; I think we were fine at midfield and must continue in the same way. I don't know if this was my best game, but the fact is that this was an important meeting and we won.”

The Galician midfielder was also proud as Depor dominated despite losing a player early in the match, “The team must keep working and adding the three points in every game. The team closed the lines after the expulsion, we had to work harder, but the idea was to not change the plans. The team never fell down despite having one less player and I believe this is important. It's meritorious to win a game like this."

Álex Bergantiños commented that, “I am content for our game, because we suffered and won. The team was daring and the result was fair. The team pressed in the first part despite having ten men and we still were having chances; in the second half, despite the draw, we still were a daring team and clinched the win. We are seizing this positive streak and must continue like this."

Xisco was the hero as he scored the winning goal in this clash; he said that, "I'm pretty happy; to return and score the winning goal… it couldn’t be better. I’m excited for how things went. We are starting from zero in the second round; these are the first three points; we suffered a lot, but we still at the top. The team was always solid, we never lost our mind and in the end it was worthy.”

The other scorer in the game, Riki, said that the result was short for what Depor did on the pitch, “I think the result was fair, though it was too short, but well… football has these things… fortunately everything was okay. I never chained six straight wins in my career, and the team deserves the credit for it. The squad is doing a great effort and the results are there. We thought yesterday’s game was going to be different to the one with Villarreal B, because Villarreal B likes to have the ball possession. And it was different as the rival bet more in the direct game. Still, they equalized the meeting.”

The winter window closes its doors today, president Augusto César Lendoiro was asked about the matter, and he said that, “For anything that can happen only 48 hours are remaining, and the most probably thing is that nobody would come, but I can’t discard anything. Nobody knows what could happen. It depends on several actors.”

About the leadership of Deportivo, Depor’s boss said that, “Every Saturday or Sunday we are seeing the same thing, like a movie that goes on; now a gap of five points in opened with the third place, but a lot still ahead, and we can’t think of it, so we need to keep working. The next away matches will be difficult, but let’s hope that we will keep the distance with the other clubs.”

At Cartagena, coach Carlos Ríos commented that, “The first half was marked by the expulsions. They have quality players and any counterattack meant a situation of danger. We struggled trying to have the ball possession, also to open the game and sometimes we were too hurried after allowing the first goal. In the second part, we equalized and tried to go for the game, but they scored the second. Still, we had our chances. It wasn’t the best to travel by bus, but it isn’t an excuse. I can’t complain and instead must search for solutions.”

The scorer of the goal, Collantes, said that, “We missed a bit of luck. They have a good team and played a great game, but the true is that we could have achieved something. The expulsion of Abraham [Paz] was rigorous and the referee is the kind of official that doesn’t like to talk… but we must think of the good things in this game.”

Finally, midfielder Dimas said that, “The true is that things were favourable after Ayoze was sent off. We never had the control over the actions and in the end we were unable to take it from them. The expulsion of Abraham was unfair, the referee was willing to compensate. In the second part we gave a hard battle, we were close to achieve a good result. We must keep going and can’t lose more points before Hércules.”



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