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04 Feb 2012
Depor’s coach said that the casualties aren’t an excuse to plan a good game, though he wasn’t aware of the Bruno Gama’s injury at the moment of the press conference. At Recreativo, the second coach was the one attending the media.

Álvaro Cervera Díaz is a Cantabrian former player that, during the decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s, performed at Primera División with Racing Santander, RCD Mallorca and Valencia CF. He started his career as a coach in 2002 and, despite been new in this new facet, he already coached nine different teams before joining Recreativo de Huelva.

His best achievement was to clinch the promotion to Segunda División with CD Castellón (2005/06), but he was unable to work in this league before as he didn’t continue for the following season; therefore this is the first experience of Cervera at Liga Adelante after signing during the pass summer for El Decano.

It’s his second meeting with José Luis Oltra after Depor’s 1-0 win on the first round, and it should be reminded that both men are close friends; Cervera began his coaching career as the assistant of Oltra at Catarroja CF. So, they know each other pretty well. To mention that Recreativo’s coach lost his mother during the week, reason why he joined the group until Friday.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday’s morning; he talked for twenty-six minutes to reporters. There were several casualties at the team and the coach explained all of them,, though he didn’t talk of Bruno Gama as, at the moment of the press conference, his physical problems were unknown. He started explaining the status of Ze Castro, “He suffered an elongation and definitely is a casualty for Saturday’s game, but you know that I don’t like excuses and fortunately we have a large squad. We will try to cover his casualty. I trust in all the players that I have.”

About the absence of signings in the winter window, he said that, “I said it before; it was perfect if someone was coming, but it was also perfect if no one was arriving, now we must face the rest of the season plenty of confidence and without any problem.”

Then he was asked about the possibility of tying the historical mark at the club of seven straight victories, and he responded that, “I never lived something like this; I never had this kind of streak in my career, and we must be competitive and ambitious, not only for the streak, but for the fact that a victory will secure to continue as the leaders. This is a very demanding tournament, as example the fact that our numbers at home are pretty strong, but many games were won only by one goal.”

“We are traveling to the stadium of a team that has deserved more at home; it also has the same numbers than us on the road. Recreativo is a solid team and its coach, beyond been my friend, is a man that knows how to extract the best from his men. So, it will be hard to achieve a seven straight victory, but it will be good to secure the leadership.” He added.

Later he was explaining the physical status of other players, beginning with Riki and Xisco, “Yes, both were dragging problems from the past week, but since Monday they are training with the group and are already fine; they are better now.”

About the continuous physical problems of Manuel Pablo, the Valencian man said that, “Let’s hope he will follow the path of the other players that have suffered injuries, let’s hope this will be his last problem, little by little he should be joining the group, because he is a player destined to be important, he adds quality and level to the team, and he was only available for a while; I think he has only played in liga, and in other games he wasn’t picked. Let’s hope he won’t have more problems.”

Then he was asked about Morel, and the Valencian trainer responded that, “He is already recovered from his injury, the true is that he is a kid that never surrenders against any adversity; at the beginning of the season I told him there were some people before him, but he continued working at the top, and for now I see him at the same level than the rest.”

Once again Oltra didn’t want to give too many hints about the replacement of Ayoze at the left-back position, “One possibility is to put Seoane at the right and Laure switching the side, another is to play with Seoane switching the side, which is a choice often used on here, and the third option will be Morel himself, or even Guardado or any other invention that I won’t reveal. In the end we have several alternatives.”

Oltra was trying to explain why he doesn’t like to give clear hints on the lineups that he presents for the matches, “I don’t like the players to get noticed by reporters, I like to keep the tension until last minute, there are players to whom I revel the plans, secretly, but officially the lineup is revealed one and a half hour before the kick-off. It’s my way to be. The players are noticed one and a half hour before the matches, and I don’t want them to be informed two days before by the media.”

Then, Depor’s trainer gave his view on the current battle for the promotion, this after ajournalist commented the words of Celta’s president, Carlos Mouriño, who said that the target of his club is to dispute the first place to Deportivo, “According to my experience I can discard any of the ten top teams for the automatic promotion spots or for the playoffs positions, I think all the teams are direct rivals.”

Finally, he was remembering the difficulty of the meeting, “We know it will be a tough game; remember that this was the first game of the first round, and I always say that this is the match that you prepare better, because you spent one and a half month thinking of it, and even so it was hard; we suffered and only won with a goal of Colotto after a corner-kick. Now a full lap has passed and they continue with the same coach.”

Recreativo’s coach didn’t talk to reporters, because the club didn’t want him to face the media in the week in which his mother passed away; instead it was second coach Juan Manuel Rodriguez ‘Juanma’ who gave the press conference before the meeting with Depor. He explained the status of coach Cervera, “He arrived last night, evidently he is in a resentful mood, but is reaching the end of the week willing to be with us.”

About the composition of the list for the game, he said that, “As you can notice we had problems during the week, so we preferred to wait until the end. Sergio [Enrich] is unavailable and there are other players with knocks, so we had some problems; now we hope they could be fine in the next twenty-four hours.”

Then he was asked about Deportivo, and Recre’s second coach said that, “The leader is the leader for something; it has strong arguments and is a team that started with some problems, which is logical as it needed adaptation, but with the pass of the matchdays it has demonstrated that it’s the team to beat and is a clear candidate to promotion. It has combinative game; still we know that we can hammer them.”

He was asked if striker Javi Álamo has the chance to be a starter, and he responded that, “Off course that someone will stay out of the final list, but I can assure you that all the players in the list have options to be starters.”

Finally, Juanma was emphasizing the improvement of Recreativo in recent matches, “For me the best of the team is that the group has been evolving; I would say each week, so the recent results are good news. We are seeing young and veterans molding together and offering a better performance compared to the beginning; for me these are the best news with the past of the weeks: to see the team growing up.”



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