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13 Feb 2012
Very important victory for an unstoppable Deportivo, it secures the leadership, but also means a direct hit before a rival for the promotion, and also breaks the winning streak record at the club. Oltra’s side lives its sweetest moment on the season.

Oltra chose to play with Claudio Morel (left) and Diego Seoane (right) at both sides of the defense, while Bruno Gama was reappearing at the right wing. The rest was the expected 4-2-3-1 formation. Dani Aranzubia was at the goal, while the central defenders were Colotto and Ze Castro

Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the pivotes in the formation; Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker; Bruno Gama was attacking from the right-flank, Andrés Guardado did it from the left and Riki was the central attacker.

At Hércules, coach Juan Carlos Mandiá was presenting the expected 4-2-3-1 formation, Gilvan was on the bench, therefore Felipe Sanchón was starting at the right wing. Michel and Urko Vera were the main references in attack.

Convincing first part of a Deportivo that stroke at the precise moment and that deserved the lead before a nervous rival. Oltra’s side was feeling comfortable on the pitch, and despite the ball possession was equal, the Galicians were the better side as they were finding the cracks to release their quick attacks. Perhaps the best first part on the season completed by Deportivo performing away from the Riazor.

The first five minutes were intense, but both teams missed depth and effectiveness with their passes, therefore there wasn’t any scoring opportunity until Valerón attempted a shot from the edge of the area, shot that was stopped by local keeper Ismael Falcón (5’)

The second scoring attempt was also for Depor, it was a combination between Bruno Gama and Guardado that ended with a drilling shot of the Mexican that was too easy for Falcón (13’). Depor was feeling pretty comfortable on the grass; Oltra’s side was stealing the ball at ease and was finding plenty of room to unleash quick attacks, but it was missing more aim up front.

And that missed aim appeared as soon as Juan Carlos Valerón found enough room to assist Riki with a precise pass; the Madrilenian entered into the area by the left corner and, despite been marked by two defenders, he unleashed a powerful shot past Falcón.

Riki was on fire and he hit the corner of the crossbar in the next opportunity for the Galicians, it was after a pass of Seoane (28’). Hercules tried to push after the goal and had two opportunities, both on set-pieces. In the first it scored a goal that was disallowed due to a foul over Aranzubia. The second was a direct free-kick of Urko Vera that was deflected by Depor’s goalie (32’).

But Deportivo was strong enough to reply before the half-time mark; the play started on the left wing as Guardado released a cross from the left that Riki couldn’t connect, then Juan Dominguez found the loose ball and attempted a cross to the right corner of the area, defender Paco Peña should have cleared it, but he missed and Bruno Gama found the ball to score the goal with a drilling shot passing between the legs of Falcón. It’s his first goal in liga

Depor dominated the final minutes and was looking as the more dangerous side on the pitch, but contrary to what happened in the first round match, this time the Galicians were capitalizing their opportunities; they scored twice after attempting four shots on target. The last chance of the half was for Hércules, it was a collective play that ended with Felipe Sánchon firing from close range, but his attempt passed over the crossbar (45+1’)

Hércules pressed a lot at the beginning of the second part; it had more goal attempts within the first ten minutes than in the whole first half, and it scored a deserved goal. But Depor reacted in the final stretch and scored a brace in two counterattacks. A victory that secures the leadership and breaks a record at the club.

The start of the second part was promising as there were two scoring opportunities within the first minute of actions; firstly Valerón combined with Riki and the Madrilenian released a cross from the right wing that hit the crossbar. Just a few seconds later Gilvan Gómez attempted a shot from the edge of the area that was deflected by Aranzubia.

The true is that the Valencians dominated the first twenty minutes and were looking as a more dangerous team, this change was possible thanks to the entry of Gilvan Gómez, who was a dagger that gave big problems to Seoane at the right side of Depor’s defense. Hércules was pushing for a quick goal that could put them back on the game, and Urko Vera had a new opportunity at minute 48. It was a drilling shot of the Basque attacker that was saved again by Aranzubia.

And soon Hércules found what it wanted; it was a distraction of the whole defensive line; a play on the right wing that ended with Gilvan firing from close range; Aranzubia made a great save, but the loose ball was found by Peña, who drilled the ball to the centre, Ze Castro arrived late and Urko Vera just had to push the ball in to score his fifth goal on the Segunda season.

Depor was nervous and the locals were pressing for the equalizer; Urko Vera was close to conquer it with a header from close range that was saved by Aranzubia (53’). It was the worst moment of Depor in the game; the Galician team was locked at the back and was suffering before a rival that suddenly realized that it had a real change to extract something positive from this match.

Then, Oltra decided to make the first change and ordered the entre of Diogo Salomão for Bruno Gama; the Valencian coach was looking for the velocity of the Diogo in order to decide the game in a counterattack. And he guessed right as the winger was going to be directly involved in the last two goals.

Mandiá risked and order an offensive change allowing the entry of Tote replacing central defender Mora, a move that switched its system into a 3-5-2, at least for a few minutes as later he changed again for a 4-4.2 . Oltra responded allowing the entry of Borja Fernandez for Valerón, a modification made in order to regain the control at midfield.

Depor had a great chance to define the game in a set-piece; it was a corner-kick of Guardado in which Colotto found the ball at the far post, but he could only hit the post (71’). The locals responded with a header of Urko Vera that was brilliantly saved by Aranzubia (73’).

Álex Bergantiños had a chance at minute 80, but his mid-distance shot was stopped by Falcón. Then Oltra ordered the final substitution allowing the entry of Ayoze replacing Guardado. The modification meant to leave Riki and Salomão alone in attack, while Ayoze was helping Seoane to cover Gilvan.

For the final ten minutes everybody was expecting for more suffering, the same suffering that has been the faithful companion of Deportivo in several matches of the season, but the true is that Depor turned to be a hurricane that, without mercy, wiped off Hércules with two decisive counterattacks that killed the game.

The first was a long pass of Morel that found Riki in attack, the Madrilenian controlled the ball and then assisted Salomão, who released a drilling shot from the edge of the area that Falcon missed to block; the second came in the stoppage time after Hércules was throwing a corner-kick, the ball was cleared by the defense and Salomão collected the ball at midfield, then he assisted Riki, who ran 30 meters until scoring the goal from close range. With the brace the Madrilenian attacker reaches the mark of seven goals in liga, while the Portuguese winger has now four goals added to his tally.

Impressive presentation of a Deportivo that crushed a direct rival for the promotion spots, the Galicians clinched three important points and also broke a record at the club, all in a game in which Oltra’s side dominated the first forty-five minutes, suffering at the start of the second part to end wiping off the rival at the final minutes.

The victory means that Depor still the leader at Liga Adelante, but now the difference with second place RC Celta is five points. Oltra’s team also broke the winning streak record at the club as it clinched its eighth triumph of the season. This is also the first time in which Depor scores four goals in liga playing away from home since the 5-0 at Balaidos (January 3rd, 2004). On next Saturday Deportivo hosts Barcelona B at the Riazor (18h00 CET).

Hércules: (4-2-3-1) Falcón - Juanra, Mora (Tote 66’), Samuel, Peña - Abel Aguilar, Tiago Gomes (Ardilla 76’) - Felipe Sanchón (Gilván 46’), Míchel, Carlos Calvo - Urko Vera.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Seoane, Colotto, Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama (Salomão 61’), Valerón (Borja 69’), Guardado (Ayoze 82’) – Riki.
Goals: 0-1: (21’) Riki, 0-2: (36’) Bruno Gama, 1-2: (52’) Urko Vera, 1-3: (86’) Salomão, 1-4: (90+2’) Riki
Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias. He showed yellow card to Peña (14’), Morel (31’), Juanra (51’), Colotto (75’), Abel Aguilar (75’), Michel (82’) and Ayoze (83’).
Venue: Rico Pérez (14,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (52% - 48%); Attempts to score (9 – 11); Total shots (15 - 13); Shots on target (8 - 9); Saves by the keepers (4 - 7); Corner-kicks  (2 - 5); Offsides (3 - 1); Fouls committed (21 - 18); Accuracy in the passes (72.63% - 80.37%)




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