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16 Feb 2012
Deportivo already broke its winning streak mark in a league competition, now it can also break another six records on its way back to Primera División. It won’t be easy as Deportivo will need to continue with the same pace.

The doubts at the start of the season have been replaced by the latest euphoria that came with the winning streak record of Deportivo. Oltra’s team leads Liga Adelante and it seems on the right track to Primera División, mainly after clinching eight consecutive victories, a record on the club’s history. Now the team is starting to find old records that could be broken depending on the team’s performance during the last 18 matches of the season.

More precisely there are six marks that Depor could break on this season, one is related to Liga Adelante, while the other five are club’s marks in the centenary history of Deportivo. Off course there’s a tiny line between success and failure and everything could end with a bad streak, or even with a single defeat. But beyond presuming of the potential of the team, the proposal of this article is to illustrate the reader about the historic records at Deportivo.

The following is a description of those six marks:

1- More straight wins on the road: Perhaps it’s the easiest record to break, actually last weekend’s victory at Hércules meant to tie the record at the club of four straight victories playing away from the Riazor. Depor did it on this season with the triumphs at Las Palmas (1-0), SD Huesca (2-0), Recreativo (1-0) and Hércules CF (4-1).

In the recent past Deportivo clinched the same mark in three different opportunities, the three of them playing at Primera División: 1994/95, 2001/2002 and 2005/06. In order to break this record Deportivo only needs to achieve the three points in the coming visit to CE Sabadell (February 25).

2- More straight wins at home: The record at the club is 14. During the season 1974/75 Depor was competing at Tercera División, it clinched the title in the league at the last matchday with a 3-0 win at home before Caudal. Then, for the campaign 1975/76, the team competed at Segunda División and clinched 13 straight home wins at the beginning of the tournament: Rayo Vallecano (1-0), Alavés (2-1), Gimnástic de Tarragona (2-0), Tenerife (4-2), Celta (2-0), Barcelona B (5-0), Cádiz (1-0), Ensidesa (2-0), Real Valladolid (1-0), Recreativo de Huelva (2-0), Sant Andreu (2-0), Terrassa (2-0) and Córdoba (2-1).

The streak lasted ten months until Depor fell down before Burgos (28/March/1976). Now, on the season 2011/12, Depor has clinched seven straight wins at the Riazor, so it needs eight more in order to break the record. It will be difficult as teams like Barcelona B, Elche CF and Real Valladolid will pass through La Coruña in the coming matchdays.

3- Undefeated streak: The record at the club is 22 straight liga matches without suffering a defeat; this happened between the end of the season 1993/94 and the beginning of the campaign 1994/95. On February 27th, 1994 Depor lost at the Camp Nou before FC Barcelona (0-3), since that day the team spent nine months without knowing the defeat, it was until they lost visiting Real Oviedo on November 11 (0-2). The true is that it wasn’t a pleasant period for the club as in the middle it lost the liga title in that infamous goalless match before Valencia CF (May 15th, 1994).

Currently, Depor has spent ten matchdays without knowing the defeat, which means that it needs thirteen more games in order to break the mark. It’s difficult taking in mind that within the period Depor has to play the derby at RC Celta, plus facing straight matches before Elche CF, UD Almeria and Real Valladolid.

4- More victories on a league season: The record at the club is 25 wins in a league tournament, this mark was conquered during the lonely year in which Deportivo competed at Segunda División B (season 1980/81). That tournament consisted of 38 matches, while the current Segunda league consist of 42games; currently Depor has achieved sixteen wins, meaning that, in order to establish a new mark, they need to win 10 of the last 18 matchdays in the schedule.

5- More goals in a league season: The record is 73 goals in one single liga campaign, mark that was conquered during the Primera season 2000/01. So far Deportivo has scored 41 goals in 24 Segunda matches for an average of 1.71 goals per match. Oltra’s team will need to score 33 more goals in order to break the club’s mark, which means an average of 1.83 goals in each one of the 18 matches remaining in the calendar.

6- Best mark in Segunda División: Real Valladolid holds the best mark in the history of Segunda División, on the season 2006/07 Los Pucelanos added 88 points in 42 matches, with a run of 26 victories, 10 draws and only 6 defeats. Now, Deportivo will need to add 38 points in order to break that mark, which means to add the 70% of the 54points still in dispute. It seems like a difficult mission, but a fact to have in mind: at this same point of the season 2006/07 Real Valladolid had exactly the same number of points than Depor (51).

Off course all this marks are nothing compared to the main goal of the season: the promotion to Primera. As Ze Castro explained it on Wednesday, “The team is winning and people are excited, but it isn’t a thing out of this world, no one will remember the marks if we fail at the end. We are clear about our goal;, things won’t change just for been winning games.”



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