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20 Feb 2012
The Galician papers admit that Barca B dominated the match, but also highlighted the punch of this Depor in state of grace. Also interesting that the Catalan and Madrilenian papers were careless of the match as they didn’t write anything about it.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor, inferior at the centre of the field, resolved the meeting at both areas. Depor adjusts the outfit for Primera Division. Eleven matchdays without losing and nine straight wins. Every scenario suits to the Galician team. At home, with authority, on fields as complicated as that one of Hercules, or appealing to pragmatism, as it happened at the Insular stadium or in Huesca, or sheltered at the Riazor, by the law of the minimum effort, with sufficiency. Yesterday, before a rival that brought the ball, it knew how to wait for the precise moment and bear until the young Barca showed some weakness. Until then, defensive strength and few concessions at its own area. Then, positioning and punch. Enough to take a new step towards the promotion. José M. Fernández.

La Opinión A Coruña: The ninth, as usual. Little more can you ask to a team like Deportivo, it has a nine-game winning streak and yesterday it did almost everything right. First it knew how to paddle without having the ball and held the initial flurry of Barca B, then, after the break, it had the necessary pause and punch to score twice and sentence the victory. It only lacked only one thing: to kill the game with the third goal. It had plenty of chances to do so, but eventually forgave and ended asking for the final whistle. Another end with suspense, as usual. Dying, but happy.

Oltra had warned of the rival’s ability to control the ball possession. Actually there was no discussion, because the ball was the patrimony of the visiting team. Without too much depth, but with patience and precision in the passes, Barca B took command of the match with ease. Depor had no choice but to retreat, ordered at the back and waiting for the precise moment to strike back. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: In state of ecstasy. Depor lives in a state of ecstasy. Nine consecutive wins attest the group of Oltra, which is poised to establish an unapproachable record. Yesterday, it dispatched a B team with makings of an A side, but that for many minutes was recreated in safe passes and forgot to shoot on goal. When it understood this imbalance it was too late as it was losing two-nil.

Depor follows its own path. It falls back pretty well and knows that sooner or later it will have opportunities. It scored two great goals. The first was a lovely coral move of Valerón, continued by Guardado, seconded by Laure and topped by Bruno Gama after the collaboration of Riki. And the second, another wonder of Riki, who sought for his life outside the box, dribbled to his good side and booted with intent and effectiveness. The Aranjuez-born player also completed the full ninety minutes and rises his number to eight goals (nine according to him and la liga). Riki is precisely one of the most involved men in the return to Primera Division. Surely he still thinking of the six failed chances before Valencia. If he continues like this, then no one will remember that accursed day. Fernando Hidalgo

La Opinión A Coruña: Riki takes the lead. Less ambitious than usual, Yesterday Deportivo extended its remarkable winning streak and also put Riki as the team's top scorer with nine goals. It was the major thing did in the game disputed at the Riazor, because yesterday the Blanquiazul team gave the initiative to the Catalans, as if the brand of Barca is too heavy at the moment of planning the game. Oltra had already warned during the week in the form of cautions and disclaimers of the features that have distinguished the team’ style during the season. The coach hinted that, if it was necessary to play through long balls, then he was not going to feel sorry for it. The fans, however, didn’t think the same and so it informed the coach at the beginning of the game as soon as they verified the proposal of the Blanquiazul team.

The game, with little continuity by both teams, because Barcelona, despite dominating the ball possession, hardly raised danger; it seemed that any isolate action would be decisive, but neither abounded  on the lawn of the Riazor. It was, however, when Deportivo approached to the version that usually shows that it unclogged a game installed on the tedium. The play of the goal by Bruno Gama was the closest thing to the game displayed last week in Alicante, and that served to chain the best winning streak in the club’s history.

Good approach by Oltra. Based on withdrawing with the lines close to each other and clogging the passing lanes, Barca was lost in playing and playing. Since it’s also a team that doesn’t make shots on target the fact of covering the passing options is vital. The consequence was that Deportivo played on the counterattack. In this way it took advantage of their losses. I want to emphasize the collective action of the first goal, but especially the breaking of Laure, which was the basis of the goal. Defensively the team was solid, but also to highlight some individual actions of the four defenders, especially Colotto, truly masterful. Finally, watch out for the boomerang effect of the muscular injury. M.O.

El Ideal Gallego: Deportivo has expanded, before the B squad of Barcelona, a talented team in creation and fragile in contention, its spectacular winning streak (now nine wins in a row) to hold on the leadership at Segunda and take another step toward Primera. Barcelona B choked to Deportivo in the first period, but not in the second, half  in which Portuguese Bruno Gama and Riki paved the road to success, which was pledged by a goal of Armando in the final stretch of the meeting, though the Catalans were left without Jonathan Dos Santos for a second yellow.

El Correo Gallego: Deportivo continues to demonstrate that it’s too big for Segunda and achieved its ninth straight win against Barcelona B (2-1), Deportivo prolongs its winning streak and succeeded in a game that dominated from the beginning and that was only in danger for the final minutes.

Oltra’s team drags nine straight wins and escapes in the fight for direct promotion to the top flight of Spanish football. The Galician team faced a game aware of the difficulties for been facing a rival with touch and class. In the first half there was no success at both goals, but the Blanquiazul  side went out to the second with more intention and drilled twice the Catalan goal. First Gama and later Riki put the hosts 2-0 and railroaded a game that was only in danger with Armando's goal ten minutes before the final whistle.



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