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20 Feb 2012
Oltra and his players admitted that they were aware of the difficulty of the match and also of the fact that Barcelona B usually has the ball possession, while Lendoiro doesn’t mind to suffer as long as his team keeps winning.

Coach José Luis Oltra was emphasizing the fact that his team knew how to play without having the ball possession, “The team made a solid game, complete. The team knew how to play with and without the ball. In the first part we were aware of the difficulty of this rival, but we were fine. The picture for us was to steal the ball and find an output, but our counterattacks were too hurried. We wanted to go out with a definitive pass and we missed control over the game, though we neither suffered at defense.”

“In the second half the scoring opportunities arrived, joined by great plays. It’s impressive what the team did in the play of the first goal. It was a pretty goal after a combinative play. Despite the advantage the team kept defending and creating scoring opportunities; we could have scored more, but in the end they scored once, which was normal, but the team knew how to suffer and managed the game. Each day the team knows better how to read the meetings.” He added.

Later the Valencian trainer explained that it wasn’t intentional to lose the ball possession before Barcelona B, “It wasn’t that we didn’t want to have the ball; everybody knew that it was a complex game and that we were needing to make a great effort and suffer; in any case we achieved the victory, which was the important thing.”

Finally, Oltra was remembering that the direct rivals for promotion, despite Depor’s winning streak, are still chasing at the standings, “The other teams aren’t stopping; the important thing is that we are still winning, and we must go on as a lot still ahead, but the fundamental thing are the sensations transmitted by the team. It seems that 80 points won’t be enough to achieve the promotion.”

Álex Bergantiños, the only field player that has been a starter in all the liga games, commented that, “We are passing through a good moment and must enjoy it. In the first part we missed the ball possession, but in the second we were better with the pressure and completed the passes. The team was fine in defense and in the first half we just missed to complete the passes. In the end it was what we expected; they had the ball at the centre of the defense during the major part of the time and we didn’t want to get tired so early.”

Right winger Bruno Gama scored his second goal on the season; he said that, “I’m happy for my goal; it brings me more confidence, and the important thing is that it helped us to win the game. We won and that’s what we wanted; truly we suffered a bit, but it was a difficult game anyway.”

His compatriot, Diogo Salomão, was content with the current winning streak of Deportivo, “We hope to keep the streak until the end, because it’s our goal. We were able to win a difficult game before a rival that likes to have the ball possession, besides I’m happy with my performance and am trying to enjoy on the field.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was aware of the problems faced by Depor throughout the encounter, but was also content with the final result, “We are content as we are pulling out this team, it wasn’t an easy match and the team knew how to play. We must be content. “

A curious stat is that the yellow card saw by El Flaco –for a foul committed by Colotto- meant his first yellow card in seven years; his previous yellow was on March 6, 2005 in a 1-0 win over Malaga. In any case, the Canarian midfield believes that the club shouldn’t appeal the yellow, “It’s better to keep a yellow for me rather than to give it to an important player like Colotto.” He said.

Riki talked to reporters on Sunday; he said that, "I'm enjoying with the performance of the team, and also because I'm having minutes... The goal at Primera was to achieve the permanence, now the goal is prettier, because we fight for something. The team wants to be the champion." 

Juan Dominguez was also saying that Deportivo knew since the beginning how to face this game, “We were expecting for a game like this, because they have talented players, and in the end we knew how to counteract their game. We have now chained nine straight victories and it’s pretty to enter into history.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that he suffered during the match, but is still happy with the present of his team, “We always said that, maybe, some of us could die of maturity. The level of suffering is linked to great teams. As we used to say in the army, today we must throw the cap and say that we have one day less and that the situation is better than before.”

At Barcelona B, coach Eusebio Sacristán was feeling sorry as he thinks that his team could have extracted something positive from this clash, “If we would have transformed some of the occasions of the first part the match wouldn’t have been so tough then. In the second part, after the goals of Deportivo, we were close, but it wasn’t enough. Deportivo has a lot of quality and punch. We knew that we should had the ball possession and dominate, to attack with determination and we did it, but they were great in the first phase of the second half.”




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