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25 Feb 2012
Depor visits Catalonia trying to extend its winning streak and also to take advantage of the direct meetings at the top; Xisco is back and Lassad is off, while Morel stays at the starting formation. The rival is surpassing its injury crisis.

Deportivo will try to extend its winning streak to ten consecutive victories, but in this match there are other two records that can be broken. The first is the streak of consecutive wins at Segunda División. Racing Santander clinched 13 on the season 1949/50, but that mark isn’t considered a record as at the time Segunda División was divided in groups, therefore the current mark is the one Merida, side that clinched nine consecutive wins on the season 1996/97.

The second is the mark of straight victories of Depor playing away from the Riazor; in the recent past Deportivo clinched four consecutive wins on the road in three different opportunities, the three of them playing at Primera División: 1994/95, 2001/2002 and 2005/06. Now Depor is at the edge of imposing a new record after the away wins at Las Palmas (1-0), SD Huesca (2-0), RC Recreativo (1-0) and Hércules CF (4-1).

But it won be easy to achieve the victory at the Nova Creu Alta; Depor has only achieved three wins there after 26 visits, the last one on the Segunda season 1982/83 (2-1, 08/05/1983, goals scored by Jose Manuel Traba and Jose Luis Vara). Besides, Sabadell is a strong team at home, it holds the eighth best home record and only lost twice on this condition: 0-3 Vs. Córdoba CF (matchday 13) and 1-4 Vs. Real Valladolid (matchday 19).

It now seems like a distant past, but early on this season Depor’s fans feared every time the team was playing away from the Riazor, the nightmares lived at Santo Domingo (0-4), El Collao (0-2) and Cartagonova (1-2) left a scarce that it no longer hurts thanks to the current state of euphoria that surrounds the club, and it’s that Oltra’s Deportivo currently holds a streak of five consecutive away matches without losing, chaining four straight wins in the process.

In this last period the Galicians have only allowed one goal, which means to clinch four clean sheets within the last five away meetings; this is a complete different picture compared to the first seven away matches, period in which the team allowed thirteen goals;

Aranzubia was trying to explain what has changed when the team performs away from home, ”A lot of things have changed, we have improved several factors and for this reason we found the way to play in this league; away from home we have found a solid performance and we want to continue like this. A lot still ahead and we must try to improve some things.” He said on Friday.

Now it’s time to pass a new test, a demanding exam called Nova Creu Alta, a stadium when only a few teams have been able to pick up the points, though Sabadell already suffered two big losses there, in any case it’s a great opportunity to confirm that the dark past of Depor playing on the road is already buried.

The big doubt throughout the week was left-back Claudio Morel, in the end the Paraguayan passed a late test and completed the full training on Friday, therefore he was included in the list traveling to Catalonia and will be a starter, actually the other left-back at the team, Ayoze Diaz, was discarded due to tactical reasons.

But the big surprise was that Lassad Nouioui wasn’t picked for the meeting, the Tunisian already surpassed his latest injury, but instead Oltra picked Xisco, who will be the alternative on the bench. It also calls the attention that Depor’s trainer picked the four centre midfielder at the team, leaving behind right winger Saul, but this should be considered as normal as he often picks four centre midfielders for the away matches.

The three players at the injury room are striker Rodolfo Bodipo, right-back defender Manuel Pablo and right winger Pablo Álvarez. The other player discarded for tactical reasons is central defender David Rochela.

So, the expected lineup for the match is the same 4-2-3-1 that defeated Barcelona B on the past weekend, Dani Aranzubia defends the goal, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ plays at the right-back position, Morel performs on the left, while the central defenders are Ze Castro and Diego Colotto.

At midfield, Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez continue to compose the Galician couple at the pivote functions; Bruno Gama performs at the right wing, Andrés Guardado attacks from the left flank, Juan Carlos Valerón is the playmaker and Riki is the central attacker, the Madrilenian is the new Pichichi at the team and has scored three goal within the last two matches.

Bruno Gama, who has scored a goal in the last two meetings, isn’t concern on the winning streak, but in completing a solid match, “We aren´t worried on the streak, because we are first at the standings, we still playing well and winning, and we need to think in ourselves; the rivals aren’t failing and must continue in the same way and later to see if they fail .The victories bring joy and confidence, but we must have both feet on the ground.”

Finally, Laure said that, “It’s important to achieve a good result, the clubs chasing us aren’t giving up and it’s important to extend the streak. I believe as long the weeks are passing, and as we continue winning, it means a burden for them as they realize that we still adding the three points. Sabadell is a team that made a serious match on here and that’s strong on their field, we’ll have to make a serious match in order to win there. It will be pretty to have a winning streak record, but we are more worried in playing the game. We are enjoying Segunda División, because we’re competing at the top and having a solid performance.”

List of picked players (18): Aranzubia, Lux (goalkeepers); Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ze Castro, Morel, Seoane (defenders); Juan Dominguez, Álex Bergantiños, Borja Fernández, Jesús Vázquez, Valerón, Guardado, Salomão, Bruno Gama (midfielders); Xisco and Riki (strikers)

Catalan club CE Sabadell achieved its first promotion to Segunda in 20 years and had a clear goal at the beginning of the season: the permanence. But it found a pleasant surprise as it only lost a game –against Deportivo- within the first nine matches in the competition and seemed itself at the top of the standings. However the dream vanished as it spent the next twelve games without adding the three points.

The problems were the injuries and the sudden lack of strength at defense; and it’s that coach Lluis Carreras had big problems to build up the lists of picked players due to the casualties –in the game with Recreativo he had to pull a player from the B team in order to have 18 players available- and later witnessed as his team suffered big losses, like the 0-5 visiting last place Gimnástic Tarragona.

 It was until the beginning of this year that the Catalans started to regain the injured players and also its form. And it’s that before last weekend defeat visiting FC Cartagena (0-1)  they have added 8 of the 12 points in dispute, and now the goal is to follow this track and avoid any situation that could endanger the permanence.

In this sense Carreras is ready to give continuity to the team used in the latest matches, which is a 4-1-4-1 figure, with Costa Rican Keylor Navas at the goal, Toni Lao performs at the right-back position, Manuel Redondo plays on the left, while Jesús Olmo and <Pablo Ruiz covers the central positions at defense.

Former Racing de Ferrol Héctor Simón is the lonely pivote at the team, there are two playmakers: ex-Zaragoza Antonio Hidalgo and former Sevilla David Pérez Arteaga; then defender Óscar Ramírez is the improvised right winger and  Manuel Lanzarote, the Pichichi at the team with 8 goals in favour, attacks from the left flank. Finally, French Florian Taulemesse is the central attacker; to mention that he is just one of the four foreigners at a team mainly composed by Catalan players.

Former Depor goalie Ian Mackay will be on the bench, he confessed during the week that he tried to return to Deportivo at the beginning of the season, ”I tried to return during the summer, but Depor is Depor and they wanted people with more weight, though you are always confident on returning to A Coruña, it’s your house and want to defend the goal, but you must be realistic. I believe we are going to win this game, Depor has a five-point gap over Celta, so nothing will happens if they lose. Depor is going to be at Primera on next season and I don’t believe I am good enough to be at Primera on next season.”

Meanwhile, midfielder Héctor Simon thinks the game won’t be different to the rest, ”It’s a pretty match, but I face it as in the same way, it doesn’t matter if it’s Depor or Alcoyano. I have to do my job no matter I’m marking Gato or Valerón, it’s the same mentality, but we imagine that the environment will be different, because we will have more public at the stands, and that’s pretty too. They are living a good moment, but the streaks are there in order to be broken, and Deportivo hasn’t lost any point within the last nine matches, why it can’t happen on Saturday?”

Finally, Antonio Hidalgo believes that Sabadell has to enjoy this meeting, ”People must enjoy this kinds of matches; Sabadell achieved the promotion to Segunda A in order to enjoy matches like this one, and I hope we could have a nice attendance, and in order to complete everything, and enjoy even more, what we have to do is to win the encounter. They have the best team of Segunda A and are a squad made to return to Primera. We respect them, but we don’t fear anyone. We are going out for everything.”

List of picked players (20): De Navas, Mackay (goalkeepers);Oscar  Ramírez, Toni Lao, Olmo, Pablo Ruiz, Agustín, Redondo (defenders); Hèctor Simón, Juanjo, Arteaga, Puigdollers, Juvenal, Antonio Hidalgo, Fran Piera (midfielders); Lanzarote, Ezequiel Calvente, Adrián Luna, Florian and Baha (strikers).

Sabadell: (4-1-4-1) Navas - Toni Lao, Olmo, Pablo Ruíz, Redondo – Héctor Simón – Óscar Ramírez, Hidalgo, Arteaga, Lanzarote – Florian.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama, Valerón, Guardado – Riki.
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (5 games on the season, only 1 win for the visitor)
Kick-off: 18h00 CET (Nova Creu Alta)
Head-to-head Vs. Sabadell: 21 wins for Depor, 12 draws, 20 wins for Sabadell (Primera & Segunda)
Record at Sabadell:  3 wins for Depor, 7 draws, 16 wins for Sabadell (Primera & Segunda)



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