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26 Feb 2012
End to the winning streak of Deportivo in a lucky game for Sabadell, lucky because their goal should have been disallowed in a meeting in which neither side deserved the three points. Even the referee had a poor match.

No surprises at the starting lineup of Deportivo; Oltra presented the same squad that defeated Barca B on the past weekend; Aranzubia was at the goal, Laure performed at the right-back position, Morel played at the left, while the central defenders were Colotto and Ze Castro.

At midfield, the pivote positions were for the Galician duo composed by Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez; the right wing was for Bruno Gama, the left flank was for Andrés Guardado, the playmaker in the scheme was Valerón and the central attacker was Riki.

The novelties were at the side of Sabadell, because coach Lluis Carreras made several changes in attack, though he kept the 4-1-4-1 figure, the main novelty was the presence of ex-Malaga man Nabil Baha up front, Manuel Lanzarote was the reference of the team and the former player of Real Oviedo was going to be decisive in this meeting.

The shadow of Alcorcón and Alcoyano retuned in order to harass a Deportivo that turned to be a dreadful and thick team that never demonstrated to be the leader of Segunda División; neither Sabadell did something special and scored a goal that should have been disallowed due to an offside.

The first ten minutes were pretty calmed, Sabadell gave the ball possession to Depor, but the visitors didn’t have the needed depth in order to create scoring opportunities, neither Sabadell was reaching the area of Aranzubia despite they were constantly regaining the ball with the possibility of releasing a dangerous counterattack, and it’s that the locals always missed the last pass before facing Aranzubia

At minute 13, Sabadell had the first chance to score in a counterattack that ended with Morel fouling Puigdollers at the edge of the area, but the resulting free-kick hit the defensive ball (13’), in the next play Lanzarote completed the first shot on target of the game, but it was an easy catch for Aranzubia.

Depor had the same problems and left the same impression of the meetings at Alcorcón and Alcoyano, because was that the rival was giving the ball to Oltra’s side and later put a wall of five men that blocked the game of Valerón and Juan Dominguez, then the locals were regaining the ball and found the cracks at Depor’s defense thanks to the quick moves of Lanzarote and Puigdollers.

This fact forced the defenders to improvise and multiply their aids, and it complicated their job as they frequently were caught out of position, in the end both side defenders, Laure and Morel, were booked after just 25 minutes. Fortunately for Deportivo the Catalans missed more ideas in attack and, despite reaching the edge of the area with ease, later they were unable to create any clear opportunity before Aranzubia.

The first scoring opportunity in the game came until minute 30, a distraction at Depor’s defense allowed Oscar Ramirez to release a cross into the penalty box, and no one marked Antonio Hidalgo, who headed alone the ball at the six-yard-box, but his attempt went wide.

Depor’s first opportunity in the game came until minute 35; a long throw of Aranzubia was met by Guardado, who later drilled the ball into the area and into the path of Riki, but the Madrilenian didn’t find the way to define before the  pressure of local keeper De Navas.

Lanzarote sent his first warning three minutes before the pause, it was a volley from long-distance that was stopped by Aranzubia, and at the last minute the same player was going to score through a direct free-kick at the edge of the area, he tried to assist Baha, who was offside, but nobody touched the volley and later the ball hit the ground; Aranzubia didn’t react properly and couldn’t clear the danger at the goal line.

The goal should have been disallowed, because the striker that tried to head the ball was offside, but it was a quick move, therefore the referees didn’t have the time to see the play. It was the worst way to end the first half and Deportivo was in disadvantage for the first time since November 20 (2-3 at Elche).

Depor only pushed for the equalizer until the final twenty minutes, but fate was against the Galicians and Oltra’s team was unable to break a flimsy rival that only needed courage to pick up the three points. To make things worse Ze Castro was sent off at the end due to an absurd play.

The final part started with Deportivo having the ball possession and pushing in attack, but it missed fresh ideas and effectiveness to surpass the defensive wall of Sabadell; later the Catalans were trying to reply through counterattacks, but they also missed aim and barely reached the area of Aranzubia

At minute 52, Depor had its first attempt to score, it was Andrés Guardado, who made a long run at the centre of the pitch, to end releasing a powerful volley that went over the crossbar. Three minutes later Riki found at the area a prefect cross of Bruno Gama, but his header went directly into the path of De Navas, that was the first shot on target for Depor in the game, a clear sign of Oltra’s problems in this encounter.

Still, Depor was playing in slow motion and Oltra ordered the first substitution; Salomão replaced Bruno Gama , he covered the left wing and brought more accuracy to the game, while Guardado was now playing at the right At minute 60, Depor had a great opportunity to tie the actions; it was a direct free-kick in which Valerón assisted Riki, and then the Madrilenian released a strong volley that was cleared by De Navas.

And Oltra wasn’t content and risked everything sending Xisco to replace Colotto, the move switched the draw into a 3-5-2. Ze Castro was alone at the centre of the defense, though Alex was constantly delaying his position in order to help the Portuguese. The switch left more open spaces at the back, in one of them Lanzarote was close to score with a shot from the edge of the area, but he missed the target (65’).

Deportivo finally started to push strongly within the last twenty minutes and had two clear chances in one minute; in the first Riki assisted Xisco and the Majorcan scored after deflecting the high cross of the Madrilenian with the ball hitting the crossbar first, but the referee disallowed the goal due to a doubtful offside, then Riki made a long run to face De Navas one-on-one, but instead of trying to assist Xisco he attempted a strong shot that was miraculously saved by the local keeper.

Sabadell responded and Juvenal, who replaced Baha one minute before, found a long throw from defense and seized a bad clearance of Ze Castro to release a strong and drilling shot that was brilliantly saved by Aranzubia. Then Jesús Vázquez entered for Valerón and Xisco had the last chance of the night with a header than went directly into the path of De Navas (83’).

And the game ended with the expulsion of Ze Castro, a rigorous call as the Portuguese touched the ball with the hand when Lanzarote was was running towards the goal, but it wasn’t a clear opportunity to score. It can be said that referee Jesús Gil Manzano affected Depor with his decisions, but also that Oltra’s team played its worst game in 2012.

First defeat in 2012 for Deportivo; Oltra’s team made a poor presentation after nine straight victories and never deserved the three points, though neither Sabadell deserved something positive from this game. The referee also made terrible calls, starting with the offside in the goal of the locals, plus the red card shown to Ze Castro.

Still, Depor is the leader at Segunda División; Valladolid lost its match at Real Murcia (0-2), and Elche CF was trashed at home by RC Recreativo (0-3). Today RC Celta hosts UD Almeria and the final result of that game will determine is this setback is important or not for Oltra’s men. On Friday the team returns to the Riazor in order to face AD Alcorcón (21h00 CET).

Sabadell: (4-1-4-1) De Navas - Toni Lao, Olmo, Pablo Ruíz, Redondo – Juanjo  – Óscar Ramírez, Hidalgo (Agustin 79’), Puigdollers (Juvenal 64’), Lanzarote – Baha (Ezequiel 72’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto (Xisco 63’), Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama (Salomão 57’), Valerón (Jesús Vázquez 82’), Guardado – Riki.
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano. He showed yellow card to Morel (13’), Laure (22’), Agustin (89’), Guardado (89’) and Xisco (after the final whistle). Ze Castro was sent off (89’)
Goal: 1-0: (45+1’) Lanzarote
Venue: Nova Creu Alta (7,100)




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