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27 Feb 2012
Oltra admitted that his team had a grey performance, but also that Sabadell didn’t deserve to achieve the victory; meanwhile Ze Castro believes that he shouldn’t have been sent off at the end of the meeting.

Coach José Luis Oltra commented what he saw during the game, “The team wasn’t fine during the first part, actually it was the worst we have done lately. In the second part our proposal was better. There was the message of going out for the game. The difference between halves wasn’t a matter of winning or losing, but the attitude.”

“The team didn’t know how to read the game; we talked of been facing an intense and constant team. If we wanted to play with exact passes going directly into our feet then we would be in trouble, we knew it. There was more focusing in the second part, but the problem is that Sabadell put a lot of people at the back. We had the ball possession, but never knew how to open the field. There was no fluidity and it was a merit of the defensive work of Sabadell, but neither was to lose the game.”

For Depor’s coach the victory of Sabadell wasn’t so clear or even deserved, “They made a great defensive work to keep the score that they had. We weren’t fine, but I don’t know if Sabadell deserved to win. They knew how to counteract our game and seized a play that, perhaps, shouldn’t be thrown, but in the end we are remain with the victory of Sabadell.”

Finally, Oltra said that he believes that the result won’t affect the future performance of the team, “We knew that we weren´t going to win forever. It has its merit what we have done, we now lost and it isn’t the end of the world. I know this result won’t have an impact at the team.”

Ze Castro was the protagonist of one of the polemic plays in the game after handling the ball, an action that cost him the red card, “It’s true that I touched the ball with the hand, but for me it can’t be a foul; therefore the play shouldn’t be a red card.”

About the game, the Portuguese defender said that, “The result wasn’t fair according to what we saw on the pitch. We never saw scoring opportunities; we faced the second part with another mentality and the equalizer was close. During the game we, the players, never thought of the record of victories, but we have lost a great chance to extend the distance with the others teams.”

Meanwhile, Juan Dominguez said that, “The team is hurt with the defeat, now we must turn the page. I was waiting for a draw as both teams were equal. I believe the goal was offside, but well... we were unlucky and the referee failed against us. We can’t blame him and now we must continue. The positive thing is that the direct rivals have also lost.”

At Sabadell, coach Lluis Carreras was euphoric with the outcome, “Today we were better in terms of ambition. Perhaps we weren’t in other aspects, but in a global sense we were better today. In past matches we failed to defend as a block, and today we have improved this aspect. We have made a good game, though it wasn’t our best. We knew how to play with the result, to suffer and defended pretty well.”

The starting striker in the meeting, Nabil Baha, was pretty content with the final score, “We are content as we left a positive impression playing really well. The match of the first round was a great game, but they were lucky enough to score one more goal. Today it was the same, but the points are staying here.”

Finally, midfielder Albert Puigdollers was saying that, “I wasn’t lucky enough to play at the Riazor, but today I have removed the burden with this match. This has been better. In Sabadell we were willing to have a game like this. I hope people have enjoyed with the victory. You can win in several ways, but this is something to be praised, because we took the ball from Depor in several phases of the meeting.”


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