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01 Mar 2012
Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez is demonstrating that he is no longer a promise, but a reality. He gained a spot at the starting team of Oltra and now gives his next step: to be recognized by the fans. This is his first POM of the season.

February was a highly competitive month; Depor clinched three victories and suffered its first defeat of 2012, in the process Deportivo completed three very complete presentations, especially in the impressive 1-4 win at Hércules CF. Several players shone and it was hard for the RCDLC.com peña members to only vote for three men in each clash.

This explains the reason why there were four different Man Of the Match (MOM) awards, actually it was hard to find a player repeating his presence in the top-three list in different games, and the exception has been Juan Dominguez, who was part of three of the four list in the month, reason that explains why he is the player of February.

Truly he was chosen as the best player in the worst game of Depor in the month, the loss at CE Sabadell, but the skills with the ball of this Galician youngster still surprising the peña members, he was named the second best player in the visit to RC Recreativo and third in the clash before Hércules CF, which turned to be the best game of Depor in the month.

It has been a changing season for the Pontedeume-born player; he began the campaign sited on the bench and now he’s a fixed starter in the schemes of Oltra. Riki was second in the month with one less point than Dominguez; the Madrilenian striker seized the injury problems in attack and responded with three goals that put him at the top of the Pichichi list at the team.

February was also the month for the side defenders, because both Laure and Claudio Morel have bounced back and were among the big winners of the month. Especially surprising was the return of Paraguayan Morel, who seized the suspension of Ayoze in order to claim the starting spot at the left side of the defense, and in the process pick up eight points.

Meanwhile, Laure has been a regular starter due to the endless injury problems of Manuel Pablo, but it was until February that he called the attention of the peña members, and it’s that the Madrilenian picked 10 of his 22 points during this month.

The ratings on the month:

Vs Recreativo (04/02/12) 
1st. Morel -  Awarded 7 points
2nd. Juan Dominguez - Awarded 5 points
3rd. Valerón -  Awarded 3 point
4th. Colotto - Awarded 1 point
PV: --
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Ratings vs Hércules (12/02/12) 
1st. Riki - Awarded 9 points
2nd. Aranzubia - Awarded 7 points
3rd. Juan Dominguez - Awarded 5 point
4th. Valerón  - Awarded 2 points
5th  Morel  -  Awarded 1 point
PV: Xisco & Ayoze
Collective Note: 3 (Excellent) 

Vs Barca B (18/02/12) 
1st. Laure -  Awarded 7 points
2nd. Guardado - Awarded 5 points
3rd. Riki - Awarded 3 point
4th. Colotto - Awarded 1 point
PV: Salomao
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Sabadell (25/02/12) 
1st. Juan Dominguez - Awarded 5 points
2nd. Laure - Awarded 3 points
3rd. Salomao - Awarded 1 point
PV: --
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Overall table: Guardado still leading the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12; while Juan Dominguez already reached Valerón at the second place of the standings; Diogo Salomão is now the fourth man on the list, followed closely by both Aranzubia and Colotto.

1st. Guardado - 88pts
2nd. Valeron - 41pts
2nd. Juan Dominguez - 41pt
4th. Salomão - 39pts
5th. Aranzubia - 32pts
6th. Colotto - 31pts
7th. Laure - 22pts
8th. Riki - 20pts
9th. Ze Castro - 18 pts
10th. Lassad - 17 pts
10th. Álex - 17 pts
12th. Bruno Gama - 14 pts
13th. Juan Carlos - 13 pts
14th. Pablo Álvarez - 10 pts
15th. Morel - 9pt
16th. Saul - 8 pt
17th. Seoane - 4 pt
17th. Rochela - 4 pts
19th. Vazquez - 3 pts
19th. Borja Fernandez - 3 pts
20th. Xisco - 1 pt
21th Aythami (-) 1 pt
22th Ayoze (-) 4 pt




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