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11 Mar 2012
New suffered victory for a Deportivo that still leading Liga Adelante; the best chances for both teams came through the direct game, Riki scored his goal 35 at the club and Ze Castro was sent off ten minutes before the final whistle.

No surprises in the lineup of Oltra; he sent the expected 4-2-3-1 formation; with Daniel Aranzubia defending the goal; Laure played at the right-back position, Morel performed at the left and the central defenders were Diego Colotto and Ze Castro.

Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the pivotes on the formation, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Andrés Guardado did it from the left flank; Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker and Riki the central attacker.

At Guadalajara, coach Carlos Terrazas modified the 4-4-2 figure of past games and preferred to play with a 4-2-3-1, a formation made in order to have the ball at midfield; the main reference in attack was the trident composed by Anibal, Ernesto and Iván Moreno. Around 1,800 Depor’s fans were at the stands.

Very physical first part; Guadalajara pressed at times and looked dangerous in set-pieces and long-range shots; Depor was having more criterion moving the ball, but the main danger was also coming in set-pieces, mainly corner-kicks; in  one of those actions the visitor scored its first goal in the game.

Depor started the game strongly; at minute 3, Bruno Gama found the ball inside the area after a free-kick, but the Portuguese winger sent the ball over the crossbar.  Guadalajara responded with a header of Anibal, but the ball went wide (5’). Three minutes later Valerón drilled the ball to Laure, but the crossed shot of the side defender missed the target (8’).

The Galicians were trying to attack, but they missed punch; first a cross of Morel was too easy for local goalie Mikel Saizar (13’), two minutes later Riki found the ball at the edge of the area, but his shot was horrible (15’). Still, the combination Valerón-Álex-Juan Dominguez was the best thing at Depor throughout the encounter.

Later Guadalajara started to grow in the game, though the locals also missed depth; Guadalajara was looking dangerous in set-pieces and long-range attempts; their best chance was a shot of Anibal that was cleared by Aranzubia (23’). Then Deportivo had a double opportunity; first Bruno Gama released a volley that Saizar cleared with the fists (24’); in the next play Valerón assisted Guardado at the edge of the area, but his crossed shot went wide.

At minute 29, Ernesto attempted a volley from the edge of the area, but the ball went over the crossbar. The game was pretty open at this point; at times Depor was having the ball possession and created a few interesting moves, and Saizar was pretty active mainly clearing the danger with his fists. At the same time Guadalajara was pressing Deportivo and at times they locked the visitors, and Aranzubia was intercepting all the attempts.

And Deportivo was the side that stroke first; it did it with an impressive goal of Bruno Gama; it was a corner-kick of Guardado that Colotto headed on target, the ball was cleared by a defender at the goal line and then it reached the path of the Portuguese winger, who scored his fourth goal in liga with an impressive volley from the left corner of the area that was impossible for Saizar.

The goal affected the morale of the locals, and Depor had chances to extend the lead before the pause, again mainly through direct game –free-kicks and corners- but the locals cleared the danger and Depor reached half-time mark with a narrow lead at the scoresheet.

Entertaining second part; both teams were looking dangerous through set-pieces though Depor practiced the better football. The final twenty-fine minutes were cardiac, with two goals, one player sent off and a disallowed goal to Depor that should have counted.

The first minutes of the final part were similar to what was sawn throughout the first half; Guadalajara was pushing in attack and focused its game in long throws and long crosses that were harmless; meanwhile Depor was looking calmed moving the ball over the grass, but it was missing depth. The first opportunity to score came at minute 51’, it was a drilling shot of that was too easy for Saizar (51’)

One minute later Ze Castro found the ball inside the area after a corner-kick of Guardado, but the Portuguese defender sent the ball out. This last action was again demonstrating that Depor was more dangerous in set-pieces, though it was trying to practice a more combinative game.

The first shot on target in the half for the locals was an attempt of Ernesto that hit Laure and then went into the path of Aranzubia (53’). At minute 58, a good combination between Valerón and Ze Castro ended with a shot of Álex from the edge of the area, but the ball went over the crossbar.

With the pass of the minutes the strategy of Depor was looking clear: the Galicians were holding at the back, but this time they were also trying to have the ball and from time to time release a fast counterattack, reason why the locals weren’t having clear opportunities.  Still, things were looking complicated as Guadalajara was living close to Depor’s area.

And the locals seized a distraction in order to tie the actions; it was an error of Ze Castro, the Portuguese couldn’t clear the danger in a counterattack and the ball reached Iván Moreno, who released a curved volley before Morel, Aranzubia couldn’t do anything, just watch the ball going in.

Oltra shacked the bench and ordered the entry of Salomão for Bruno Gama, but the one that unclogged the match was Álex Bergantiños, who just five minutes after the equalizer drilled a perfect pass into the path of Riki, and then the Madrilenian scored the goal crossing Saizar. It was the tenth goal on the season for the ex-Getafe man, and also was his goal No. 35 at Depor, he now ties Claudio Barragán as the 18th best liga scorer in the history of the club

As it happened after the first goal, Guadalajara lost its spirit and Depor looked more dangerous and closer to score the third goal. And that goal should have arrived at minute 74, Salomão attempted with a shot from the edge of the area, his shot was deflected by Saizar, and Juan Dominguez found the loose ball to score from close range; but referee Alejandro Hernández, inexplicably, disallowed the goal due to an inexistent offside. Then Borja Fernandez entered for Valerón.

It seemed that Depor was going to have a pleasant final stretch, but then Ze Castro was sent off. The Portuguese defender was booked in the first part after a big fight with a rival, and now saw the second yellow for releasing a shot on target after the whistle of the referee. It was an error of the Portuguese, but also the referee was too strict, especially as at the edge of halftime the referee just showed a yellow card to Anibal after a brutal tackle over Guardado. Oltra made the last substitution with Aythami replacing Juan Dominguez.

So, Depor ended a new game suffering, and for some minutes with nine men after Riki left the pitch for some minutes after picking a thigh problem. He returned for the final three minutes and was even booked. Guadalajara pushed strongly for the final minutes, but the true is that Deportivo was the side that looked more dangerous. Guardado was close to score after a great collective play of the team (82’), and the biggest chance was for Borja.

The centre midfielder got the ball at the six-yard box after a great play of Aythami at the left, but the Galician player sent the ball over the bar. Still, he redeemed himself three minutes later after clearing a dangerous free-kick that was going into the path of Anibal. The match ended with part of the Depor’s fans at the stadium invading the pitch in order to congratulate the players.

Serious game of Deportivo; it didn’t show the best of its repertoire, but it was solid enough to score twice in a tough stadium and before a courageous opponent. Riki scored the winning goal and still climbing positions at the club’s history, while Ze Castro was sent off after a rigorous call, before the referee disallowed a goal to Juan Dominguez, a goal that would have made things easier for the Galicians.

Depor recovers the first place at the standings after the demolishing victory of RC Celta over CD Numancia (5-0); Oltra’s team now awaits for the full results in the matchday in order to calculate the profits of this game; on next Saturday Deportivo returns to the Riazor in order to face relegation-troubled CD Alcoyano (16h00 CET). For that game Ze Castro and Salomão are suspended, this last player after seeing his fifth yellow card of the season. Riki will pass new scans in Monday in order to know what happened to him.

Guadalajara: (4-2-3-1) Saizar - Antonio Moreno, Gaffoor, Jony, Javi Barral - Iván Moreno, Arriaga (Nico 61’), Javi Soria, Ernesto, Jonan (Collado 61’) - Aníbal.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Ze Castro, Morel – Juan Domínguez (Aythami 80’), Álex Bergantiños – Bruno Gama (Salomão 65’), Valerón (Borja 73’), Guardado – Riki.
Goals: 0-1: (39’) Bruno Gama, 1-1: (64’) Iván Moreno, 1-2: (69’) Riki
Referee: Alejandro Hernández Hernández . He showed yellow card to Joni (19’), Moreno (38’), Anibal (44’), Aranzubia (63’), Javi Soria (84’), Morel (87’), Iván Moreno (87’), Salomão (88’) and Riki (89’). Ze Castro was sent off (79’)
Venue: Pedro Escartín stadium (8,000)




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