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12 Mar 2012
The papers understood that the game was tough as Deportivo faced a brave rival, and they preferred to emphasize the quality of a team that seems destined to return to Primera División.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo La Coruña responds to the pressure in Guadalajara. In a cardiac final, Deportivo responded to the glove of Celta and kept the leadership at Segunda Division to claim the three points from Guadalajara. In a match without brakes, with ups and downs, Oltra’s team succeeded with two major individual actions, a brilliant shot from Bruno Gama and a subtle pass of Bergantiños to see Riki scoring, and later survived to the final push of the locals and the expulsion of Zé Castro. In the type of games of the first round that were leaving a disappointing result, Depor achieved one of those victories that leave a mark in order to deal with larger things than the ones of the modest Guadalajara.

There was little pause at the Pedro Escartín. Depor was carried away by the environment: by a rival launched into battle, also by a stadium that had a background filled with thousands of Galician fans. The blend of sporting passion and exuberance at the stands provoked to see a game with many arrivals, and sometimes little football. The set-pieces became into the style of both teams. Deportivo’s midfield struggled to put the pause and impose the quality of its players. With Guardado below its usual level, Bruno Gama became the reference for the Galicians. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Leader in reliability. Deportivo proved its reliability at the Pedro Escartín. It’s a strong leader that can also suffer. Yesterday it did it to add three points to solidify the position at the lead. First it matured Guadalajara to get an advantage and then responded immediately to the 1-1 with another goal, the second, which turned to be definitive. It wins suffering, but it wins, that's what matters. Yesterday it took another step forward on their way to Primera, and at the same time it offered a triumph that tasted like heaven to the 2,000 fans that traveled to Guadalajara.

Depor knew what was waiting for them at the Pedro Escartín, a small field, ideal for small skirmishes. And Guadalajara searched for that, brave from the start despite the opponent's entity. It tried to attack on the counterattack and, above all, it hung many balls that put Aranzubia in trouble. Ernesto, who has a glove on his left leg, threw all set-pieces in search of Anibal, an uncomfortable striker for any defense. Among Zé Castro and Colotto they dried him, though it cost them dearly. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Bruno and Riki lead the way. Deportivo completed an exercise of faith at Guadalajara. Solid and confident as a block, it plays convinced that it will have a chance and that Riki, Valerón or Bruno Gama, its trident on fire, will hunt a chance to solve the meeting. Yesterday it wasn’t the game for El Flaco, scapegoat of the high intensity showed by the locals, so the responsibility was handled by his two companions on streak and they didn’t fail.

The Portuguese, fought with the goal since his debut in the first round in Murcia, is now seizing the chances. He opened the scoring at the Pedro Escartín, his fourth within the last five matchdays. Just missed to score in the game at Sabadell, but since scoring his first against Hercules, he has done the same before Barcelona B and Alcorcón. Until yesterday, an exercise of faith, an oasis in the desert of occasions that Depor had in the first part.

Gama was replaced shortly after the hour mark and Depor’s fate was on the boots of Riki, who also didn’t fail. Uncompromising marked by former Celta Gaffoor, he had barely touched the ball until Alex Bergantiños made the play leaving him alone before Saizar. He didn’t miss. He neither did it when the team was in disadvantage after the expulsion of Ze Castro, the striker endured on the field despite his discomfort on his right thigh. With nine goals he can now say that he’s the top scorer of Deportivo. A goal that brought three points, and that maybe worth its weight in gold. Pablo Barreiros.

AS: Wooden of a leader. This Depor, the one from A Coruña, is a natural leader. The Galicians added a victory in Guadalajara, a match that was full of hurdles that Oltra’s men knew how to jump one after another. Depor was able to stop the momentum of Guadalajara, the referee’s decisions and their own ghosts at small fields, almost the only vulnerable point of its spectacular season. And everything under the pressure of a Celta that threatened its leadership, but ultimately sees that it’s great cracking on Friday at Balaídos isn’t enough.

The game itself was vibrant from start to finish. In the first half, because both Aranzubia and Saizar had made extreme saves. There were two diametrically opposed styles, but both generated danger. Guadalajara’s one was the pressure and the stealing of the ball, and especially the direct game searching for the gladiator Anibal. Deportivo’s one was to combine, especially when Valerón and Juan Dominguez were finding each other.

Tied in scoring opportunities, the quality was the one that opened the can. Bruno Gama, a player of lights and shadows, put his best to score a goal from outside the area, an action that Saizar barely sniffed. The Portuguese, with four goals in five games, isn’t stopping from accumulating merits.

In the second half, the gasoline turned into diesel, but the passion was the same. When the game seemed controlled, Ivan Moreno tied the match with another great goal from outside the area, this after an indecision of Zé Castro. In other matches, as Alcorcón or Alcoy, the slab could bury Depor, but this team has grown a lot.

The anguish of the 2,000 fans that were at the Pedro Escartín lasted only five minutes, which took Riki to change the balance after a millimeter pass of Alex Bergantiños. The goal eased the fears and puts the Madrilenian striker in the Olympus of the ten goals. For many it sounds like too little, but is that nobody at Deportivo has scored a double digit figure since Diego Tristan scored eleven times six long years ago.

The match must have died at minute 74 when Juan Dominguez, another homeless youth squad former member, scored at will after an attempt of Salomão. The referee, in an incomprehensible call, gave no validity to the goal.

From then and until the end it didn’t stop to occur things that gave wings to Guadalajara in order to catch a tie that never came. At the 80 ', Oltra’s men were reduced to ten by a rookie move of Zé Castro. Soon after, Riki met his worst enemy: the injuries. Although the Madrilenian returned to the field, it was more an act of courage rather than a real chance to play, but pretty much sums up the commitment in the single obsession: the promotion. Luis De La Cruz

La Crónica de Guadalajara: Deportivo La Coruña regained the lead at Segunda after passing through Guadalajara... and the purple players showed that they can and must achieve the permanence. Not bad conclusions from a vibrant game with a great atmosphere, a match that nobody missed, not even the historic Valerón. Both teams jumped into the grass with their second kits.

The first great chance came for the visitors with a powerful shot from Bruno Gama, action that was answered with a header from Anibal. It wouldn’t be an exception, because Deportivo Guadalajara dominated for long periods of intense pressure and surrounded the area of the other Depor, the most famous one, although subject to the strategy of Terrazas. Arriaga forced a fine save of Aranzubia, which was repeated a few minutes later before the throw of Ivan Moreno. The locals were facing Los Blanquiazules  one on one, rewriting history. But something got broke at minute 39 when Bruno Gama beat Saizar with a volley.

The second half didn’t have the same electricity of the first 45 minutes. Ivan Moreno's goal awakened the hopes at the stands, grateful after a great shot from outside the area. However, the response from Riki was to beat Saizar with a low shot, eventually channeled the game for the visitors. It was minute 69 and the rest would be an unsuccessful attempt to force the tie. Despite the defeat, the show was worth the price of admission.



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