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12 Mar 2012
Oltra was satisfied and the players were pretty content with this new victory, but the ones that were praised the most where the fans, because 2,000 of them traveled to Guadalajara and lived a party at the Pedro Escartín stadium.

Coach José Luis Oltra was quite happy with the performance of the team, "I'm happy and content with the performance of my team. We knew what to do in every stage of the game. We knew how to suffer and were faithful to our style, trying to combine and ending up the plays.”

“I am satisfied, because this result is approaching the goals. In this kind of tough visits is where great things are achieved. We have added 11 victories in 12 matches and it isn’t something that any team can achieve, only a few can do it, and that fact gives an idea of the commitment at this group. At some point we were playing with nine men and didn’t end playing hanging on the crossbar, instead we were trying to harm the rival.” He added.

About the referee, the Valencian coach said that, "The referee didn't influence in the result, but his decisions were strict. The job of the referees is difficult, but the call was rigorous. It’s better to talk of the referees when you win, because it’s an excuse if you do it when you lose.”

For the next match, Depor will miss Salomão and Ze Castro, while it has to wait for the evolution of Riki, but Oltra isn’t worried about it, “We have a large squad and it’s something already demonstrated, when somebody has been unavailable, then the replacement has done a great job.”

Finally, Oltra was thanking the fans that made the trip to Guadalajara in order to support Deportivo, “I want to thank the fans that came here in order to help the team in a tough stadium like this, and also when things were difficult. Thanks and surely the comeback trip will be happier.”

Juan Dominguez was also satisfied with the performance of the team, “It was a solid match of the team; things were difficult at some point, but we carried away with the match. The presence of our fans made us to go out pretty motivated”

Bruno Gama is on fire as he scored his fourth goal in five games; he said after the game that, "It's true that I scored and I'm happy for the goal. We knew it was a tough meeting, but we made a great game and the victory was fair. We are pretty happy as we surpassed this challenge. The fans were fantastic and it’s good to play having this support when we are outside home. 14 matchdays still ahead, but we are first, so the team is fine. We must go game by game.”

Álex Bergantiños was looking at the standings, “This triumph allow us to keep living at the top and we are opening a gap with the third place, so we are closer to our goal. The victory is well deserved; they were playing through direct game, taking advantage of the characteristics of some players, and we should have been alert in set-pieces. Sadly the third goal was disallowed, it would have brought tranquility.”

Diego Colotto turned 31 in the day of the game; he commented that, “The coach warned us that it was going to be difficult, that we were going to work harder in order to add the three points, and it was like that. Now we are going back home with the three points in the bag.”

Ze Castro was sent off ten minutes before the final whistle, he was admitting his error, “It happened like that, I am the one to blame, though I didn’t want to lose time, I just tried to attempt on goal. As I already had a yellow card I should have think twice, but well… at least the team mates achieved the victory fighting until the end. I won’t say that the referees do things prematurely, because if not we would have to rethink football.”

About the game, the Portuguese defender said that, “You have to suffer on these stadiums, you don’t win easily. You kill the game or things will be complicated, and today things turned to be complicated, but we were superior with our game and for that reason achieved the victory, we were the superior side, we practiced good football and deserved to win, no doubt about it. We’re the leaders, because we are doing things better compared to the rest.”

Captain Juan Carlos Valerón was quite happy with the final score, “The team knew how to compete in a difficult pitch, and especially having the references of the first round, so it’s something to be satisfied. It wasn’t a comfortable match, the rival didn’t allow us to create our game, it fought hard in every play and had a direct game, and for that reason it was a complicate match. The team suffered and pulled out the game, which was the important thing.”

Finally, the Canarian playmaker surprised with his declarations towards Guardado, “It’s highly probable that this is going to be his last year at the team, but he has been a key player on this season, and let’s hope he can leave with the satisfaction of leaving Depor at Primera.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was in Guadalajara supporting his team; he was congratulating the fans that traveled to Guadalajara, “Depor’s fans are a wonder. 2,000 of them traveled to Guadalajara and they were everywhere. It was a great joy for everyone. Anything I can say of the fans is not enough; no matter where we play they are there. I didn’t travel with the team in past seasons, when everything was great in liga and the Champions League, but started doing it last year, just when things were harder, and a group of fans like this has no limit.”


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