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16 Mar 2012
Deportivo B wasted a great opportunity to reenter into the promotion zone as it was unable to beat a direct rival; Ramallo´s team dominated in the first part, while it lacked ideas in the second. The fourth place is now five points away.

Tito Ramallo had the casualties of right winger Diego Vela (muscular), central defender Diego Vieytes (knee), centre midfielders David Garcia (shoulder), Pedro Crespo and striker Luis Fernandez (both knee). Forward Iago Beceiro was dragging a muscular problem and started sited on the bench.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1; Marc Martinez was at the goal, Adriá Gallego played at the right-back position, Ángel Martinez did it at the left, while the central defenders were Pablo Ínsua and Oriol Ricarte. Uxío and Richi were the two pivotes, Álvaro Lemos was the right winger, Victor Diaz played at the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker in the formation and Álex Pérez was the central attacker.

The rival was Racing Club Vilalbés; a club that’s making a great and unexpected season, being among the top-six teams during big part of the season and now highly involved in the fight for the promotion to Segunda B. They arrived to Abegondo with three more points than Depor B. For the game coach Carlos Alberto Díaz ´Charly’ had a big casualty: midfielder Justino Campello, who is one of the two best scorers at the team with seven goals in favour.

Unlucky game for Deportivo B; Ramallo’s boys completed a solid first part, but they missed to score a goal, and in the only opportunity they did it the referee disallowed due to a doubtful offside. Later, in the second part, Vilalbés pushed and put the locals in troubles, though Fabril had the final two chances to claim the victory.

The game always had the same script, with Fabril having the ball possession, while Racing Vilalbés was holding back and waiting to striker through a counterattack; but the fact is that they never represented any problem to Marc Martinez. Neither Depor B was looking dangerous in attack, at least within the first thirty minutes.

And it’s that Ramallo’s side missed depth at the wings, because the major part of the game was focused by the centre, with Richi controlling midfield territory and with Juan Carlos only appearing from time to time, mainly because he was well marked and at times constantly fouled.  The true is that Depor B deserved more, but simply was unable to transform its dominion into more scoring opportunities.

There were two scoring chances for Deportivo B in this half; both in set-pieces; in the first Víctor Diaz threw a free-kick that was repealed by visiting goalie José Ángel González, the second came in a free-kick that ended with central defender Pablo Ínsua scoring a goal that was disallowed by referee López Rodríguez due to an offside (34’), a very doubtful call that cost two points.

The second part was even more complicated; Vilalbés had more control over the ball and Depor B wasn’t reaching the opposite area, actually there were times in which the visitors looked closer to score the goal. Ramallo shacked the bench and ordered the entry of Iago Beceiro, who despite not been at 100% entered in order to replace Álex Pérez.

Fabril’s first big chance in the second part came with a long-range attempt of Adriá Gallego that hit the crossbar and that later bounced at the goal line. Later Juan Carlos released a drilling shot that missed the target. Perhaps Ramallo lacked more decision to switch into a more offensive 4-4-2, because he only replaced players for others performing in the same function, so Depor was unable to break the deadlock of Charly.

The last two modifications for Depor B were the entries of Adrián Martinez and David Cubillas for Richi and Álvaro Lemos, and precisely these two youngsters were the ones that had the next big changes within the last ten minutes of the meeting, but in both opportunities they were unable to materialize their one-on-one plays before keeper José Ángel

No luck for Deportivo B in its quest for the promotion spots; Fabril dominated the actions during big part of the game, but it simply didn’t know how to create scoring opportunities, and when they found the road to the opposite goal they met the crossbar and even the referee, who invalidated a legal goal. This tasteless draw, combined with the victory of Pontevedra CF, leaves Depor B sixth at the standings, now five points under the promotion zone; and on next Sunday there’s a new final at Abegondo, this time before second place CCD Cerceda. Depor B is getting out of time with only nine games remaining in the calendar.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”It was an undeserved draw. We had plenty occasions to have scored before Racing Vilalbés; a ball that hit the post, a disallowed goal, plus two scoring chances at the end. It was a highly disputed match, a game in which we only missed to score a goal. We must keep going; nine finals are remaining.”

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez - Adriá Gallego, Oriol Ricarte, Insua, Ángel Martínez  - Uxío, Richi (Adrián 74’) - Álvaro Lemos (David Cubillas 78’), Juan Carlos, Víctor Díaz - Álex Pérez (Iago Beceiro 62’).
RC Vilalbés: (4-4-2) José Ángel - Diego López, Roberto Prieto, Borja Prieto, Álex, - Pablo Vivero, Hugo, Félix (Nico 74’), Vicente (Jesús 85’) - Dani, Rafita (Erni 68’).
Referee: López Rodríguez. He showed yellow card to Ángel Martínez; Hugo, Pablo Vivero, Borja Prieto and Jesús.
Venue: Abegondo (800).
Stats: Attempts to score (7 – 4); Corner-kicks (2 – 5); Fouls committed (15 – 23)




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