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19 Mar 2012
Oltra and the players were satisfied with the final result, but at the same time they were conscious that the team could have achieved a bigger result; meanwhile Lendoiro was defending the clubs after the recent comments related to their debts.

Coach José Luis Oltra was satisfied with the performance of his team, “We have been the superior side and it’s reflected in the scoresheet, which by the way was too short. The important thing is the victory, but we also improved in several aspects; we scored three times and didn’t allow any goal, and we were coming after leaking a goal in the past five weeks, and everything being faithful to an idea, without hurries and creating a lot of opportunities.”

“Bruno had two or three clear opportunities. Xisco also had many, Guardado too, and Juan [Dominguez] wasted another one… the team created opportunities, also football and clinched a comfortable victory, though Alcoyano never surrendered and fought until the end. There were other matches in which we suffered and that explains the difficulty of this league.” He added.

The Valencian man also commented the situation at the standings, “We now have 63 points, 39 points still in the schedule and there are many games still to be played. We must understand that a lot still ahead. Now it’s time to think of Córdoba; we must also congratulate the fans as they came to support us, but we must keep going, a lot still ahead.”

Finally, Oltra was hailing the work of Andrés Guardado, “Here there are many determinant players, and he is one of them for his quality. He’s an intense and committed player, and there’s no doubt about that. The assist of Colotto in the first goal was great, but Guardado has his merits too, and in the second goa, with his fight and the pass.”

Aythami Artiles was a starter at the centre of the defense; he commented that, “I ended tired, but satisfied for helping the team. In the second half we lowered the pace and they attacked, but we had enough options to achieve a bigger score. To be strong at home was one of the goals of the squad.”

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia didn’t like what he saw during the second half, “Often we go to the break having the advantage in the scoresheet, and maybe unconsciously we end relaxed. We’ve to improve in the second parts, because we know that the team lowers the intensity.”

Juan Dominguez scored his third goal on the season; he commented that, “I’ve scored a few goals and it coincided that two of them were scored before Alcoyano, but you never think of that when you are on the pitch. I am not a goal-scorer and it isn’t my main function on the pitch, but it’s always good to bring things to the team.”

The Galician midfielder also talked of his job at Oltra’s scheme, “The main difference is my function on this campaign, before I wasn´t a centre midfielder; besides the style of playing is different on this season. The important thing is that we are growing and pointing towards the promotion.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro also talked to reporters; he was commenting what he saw during the meeting, “There was the ghost of that possible goal that already complicated past games disputed at the Riazor, but today there were enough opportunities to be more calmed since the start of the game.”

Depor’s boss also talked of the recent attacks appeared in the media towards the debts of the clubs with the Spanish Treasury, “When people attack football they should think that the game has brought the most recent joys to Spanish people. They went out to celebrate the Euro or the Word Cup; we all felt Spanish and Spain is made of all the football clubs.  The clubs are preparing players since they are eight-year-old, and sometimes without having the rights to see them continuing in their parent club. We all must sit and negotiate, so anything wrong can be fixed through agreements.”

At Alcoyano, coach David Porras was admitting the superiority of Deportivo, “Depor has unbalancing players and they appeared at punctual moments. They took early the advantage in the scoresheet and then we made things easier for them. The difference was in the arrivals to both areas. In the second part we had opportunities to reduce the distance, but we didn’t do it. We came with the hope of facing Depor, because we play for our life eon ach weekend, and we always sacrifice in every game.”



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