22 Mar 2012
Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez was invited by Sportpaper Marca in order to chat with the fans in the Internet; the following is a transcription in English of the questions and the answers of the Galician player.

Q: Which one has been the most difficult stadium where you have played on this season?
A: Definitely the Martinez Valero in Elche; though weíve visited a lot of tough stadiums on this season. All the rivals are pretty motivated when they play against us.

Q: What will be your promise to the fans in case of achieving the so desired promotion?
A: I would be ready to dye my hair, but it must be something made by all the players, as it happened the day Depor won the league. In that case, there wonít be any problem.

Q: What could you tell us of Oltra that it isnít public?
A: He was brave enough to keep the same playing style; despite we had a very irregular start of season.

Q: Have you thought in leaving Deportivo or in staying?
A: My intention is to stay at Deportivo. I am content on here.

Q: Adidas or Nike? Estrella Galicia or Mahou?
A: Adidas. Iíve been lucky enough to see them sending me sporting material. About the second question, I donít like beer, though I prefer Estrella Galicia as itís a sponsor of Depor.

Q: Which one was your best goal?
A: The goal the day of Almeria on this season. It was my second goal as a professional: I hit the ball with the right foot and crossed the keeper.

Q: What do you think of Deporís fans?
A: Without these fans Deportivo wonít be the same team. They support us at any place and no matter we are living a bad moment; they are always with us. It isnít easy to do that.

Q: Donít you think the referees are helping you? as the penalty in Las Palmas or the goals in offside position, you could even be outside the promotion zone.
A: No. The referees make mistake with all the teams; without going too far you should remember that on the past week they invalidated a goal scored by me that didnít have any explanation. At the end of the season every team is where it deserves due to its own merits.

Q: Do you feel scared to try to shot on target?
A: It isnít that I am scared, but I make the decision of passing though sometimes I must recognize that I am wrong, because the easiest thing is to shot on target. Itís something Iīve to change.

Q: How do you see the evolution of Ńlex, can both of you play next season at Primera?
A: I want to think that yes. Letís hope we will have the chance to do it.

How is the team after the injury of Jesķs VŠzquez?
A: It affected us, because Jesķs is an important player at the team.

Q: Can Depor end as the leader in the league?
A: Weīre on that and thatís what we all want. Our main goal is the direct promotion, but it would be better if we end as the champions.

Q: Which player has impressed you the most? Off course without counting l Flaco?
A: Bruno Gama. I didnít know him before and is bringing a lot of things to the team. Besides, heís scoring.

Q: Do you think the team is strong enough to keep the pace and achieve the promotion? Why the team suffers so much performing on the road?
A: I see us prepared to keep the pace and achieve the promotion. Outside home all the teams face problems in order to win, the rival is always motivated and it isnít easy. I think we should try to kill the games before; itís something to improve, though I donít care if we always win suffering [he laughed]

Q: How big is the change from Primera to Segunda? Was it positive for you?
A: Although itís always a disgrace to suffer the relegation, it has brought some positive stuff, like the new style of playing, something that, maybe, itís more beneficial to me.

Q: What do you think of Juan Carlos [Real]?
A: Juan Carlos is a player with a great future and little by little heís going to be important at the first team.

Q: Do you see the team prepared in order to play at Primera Divisiůn?
A: I believe that yes. I see us ready to make a good season at Primera Divisiůn and then climb positions at the table. Still, the first thing is to achieve the promotion on this year.



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