29 Mar 2012
Midfielder Juan Dominguez gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the Galician player talked of his career and the upcoming derby before RC Celta, though he wants to follow the path of promotion with the philosophy of going game by game.

Q: What are your memories when you left Narůn to start this new stage at Depor?
A: I remember well all the years I spent at Naron, all the colleagues I had in indoor football, Futbol 7 and Futbol 11. In the last year we won the League and the Cup, and I have very nice memories.

Q: As a child, could you imagine what happened next?
A: No, not at all. I saw everything far away. When I was little, I was watching the games on TV and saw impossible to spend the time playing football. You canít imagine being there one day. I played for fun, not thinking I would live of football, or that I was going to play at Deportivo in Primera or Segunda. But I think that everything comes only with sacrifice, enthusiasm and humility, without you going out for it.

Q: Each year you make a small step in your career, but perhaps in this one you are making a big jump
A: Maybe I'm having more participation at Deportivo, I'm being a starter, the team is fine... That's why I'm glad. Hopefully we put the icing with the promotion.

Q: Is the promotion already done, is it at 50 or 60%?
A: I could not say a probability. You have to go game by game. Its unknown if the other results will help or how we are going to play ... So, what you have to do is to think game by game and add the three points until achieving the goal.

Q: You compose a good tandem at midfield with another home player, Alex BergantiŮos.
A: Yes, I am very comfortable with him. I already knew him before, at Fabril. He is a player that gives you great confidence.

Whatís the contribution of both of you?
A: We try to bring a little of everything. Perhaps he brings more balance and support to the team, and I try to loose myself and bring things in offense. But the work of both is equally important.

Q: You raise your head on the field and see Valerůn upfront. What has you learned from him?
A: From him I try to learn everything, not only on the field but also outside. Itís an example as a player and as a person, and I try to imitate him in everything I can, in the sense of making things right, to decide well. And above all, as a person, being the good person he is.

Q: Whatís your note on the season?
A: I donít know, really. I'm bad enough to valorize myself. It looks better from the outside. From within, you are very concentrated and go out of the game and donít know very well if you were bad or good. All I can say is that Iím very happy, because I do everything I can. So Iíve a clear conscience. Then try to make my football and help with my style of play. Sometimes I get better and others worse.

Q: For you, on this league, everything started at the Riazor before Celta.
A: Yes, this year, my first start was on that match.

Q: That day, it didnít weigh you to go into the starting eleven in a special day.
A: I try to not think about it before the game, I think that itís another meeting, because it was actually like that, three more points. Yes, itís a game with a special atmosphere, a derby. It's the things the fans like to live. And I appreciate it more after the game rather than before. I think it would play against me to concentrate in all that surrounds the game.

Q: The derby is now at BalaŪdos, itís very close.
A: Itīs there nearby, but now we have to think of Girona, which is the biggest game we have.

Q: But everyone likes to play those games.
A: Yes, everybody likes to play a derby, a Depor-Celta, or any other.

Q: There was too much tension on the environment. What would you tell to the fans?
A: The fans have to take it as a feast of Galician football. The rest, all thatís violence and aggression, it has nothing to do with football. It must be a game, not pretending to be something else.

Q: Deportivo and Celta fight for promotion. Both can help each other in the way up.
A: I think everyone tries to achieve its goal, independently of what the rivals do. Each one tries to do its part in order to achieve the goal. We all work for the same, which is the promotion.

Q: I guess you will sign to see both clubs achieving the promotion
A: All thatís a promotion, I sign it now.



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