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02 Apr 2012
Oltra and his players believe that the penalty and Colotto’s expulsion defined the game, but there was no agreement in Depor’s merits; for the coach the team at least deserved the draw; for Valerón, Girona was the side deserving the 3 points.

Coach José Luis Oltra was convinced that his team deserved more from this game, “Is it a fair result? The goals are what count, but at least my team deserved the draw; we weren’t inferior to the rival in the first part and then we dominated in the second, and you don’t deserve to lose a game in which you weren’t inferior. With the 0-0 at half-time and eleven versus ten men Girona wouldn’t have won. The game would have been different.”

“The penalty and the expulsion marked the game, after it the rival limited itself to protect the advantage; the first half was balanced, though Depor missed more weight in attack and to create scoring opportunities; I liked more the team in the second part. If Girona would have been forced to go out and search for you, despite been playing with one less men, then I think we would have won, because Girona was forced to search for you. The play of the penalty changed everything.” He added

The Valencian coach said before the game that he didn’t know what to expect from Girona, but in the end he wasn’t surprised by their performance, “I wasn’t surprised by Girona. I have already warned that it was a team with strong results at home and that their problem was to play on the road. They’ve quality players and experience. They have been at the bottom the entire year and that makes them to be motivated.”

Finally, Oltra was also saying that Deportivo missed more luck in the game, “We missed things from other games, including some luck. We hit the post twice and if we would have equalized then perhaps we could have won the match. The determinant plays were always in favour of Girona, even the penalty. Colotto didn’t intend to touch the ball with the arm, but he did it.”

Neither content with the outcome was goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia, “We made the merits to deserve the draw and we’re leaving with the defeat. The play of the goal has condemned us to play with ten men for the full second part and in the end we were desperate. Each game is different; there are matches in which you don’t have the same intensity, but this wasn’t the case. I do believe that we had intensity; we even had scoring opportunities.”

Laure was also pointing to the play of the penalty as the determinant action of the game, “It’s always more difficult having one less men; you are committed to attack and is easier to surprise you at the back. Despite everything we were fine, though we were unlucky to not score. Now we must win our next home match and try to add the three points.”

Meanwhile, Riki was listing the miseries of Depor in this game, “We weren’t fine at all during the first half, especially in attack. We weren’t combining and missed more determination. Then, after a long throw, Coro surprised us and provoked the play that meant the 1-0.”

“Perhaps it wasn’t so crucial, because later we created more scoring opportunities and I believe that we deserved to score, but the ball didn’t want to enter and you can’t do anything about it, now we need to correct the errors of the first minutes, which weren’t good at all.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

For Juan Carlos Valerón, Girona deserved the three points, “I didn’t watch the play of the penalty, but I can tell you that Girona deserved to win. It wasn’t possible to extract any point from this game and now it’s time to think of the next game. We must learn from this defeat and follow our way.”

At Girona, coach Javier Salamero was satisfied with the result and the performance of his players, “We faced a lot of problems, but it isn’t easy to defeat a team that has won thirteen of its last fourteen matches; I’m pretty satisfied with the work done by the players; they have completed what they started the first day I came here.”

He was also convinced that Girona is able to fight until the end in order to achieve the permanence, "We are alive, and now eleven games are remaining; each game is a final, there are eleven more finals. Girona, today, has demonstrated that it has the ability, and when the team has been demanded it demonstrated that it can fulfill the expectations.”



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