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10 Apr 2012
The newspapers celebrated the comeback of Deportivo, and also emphasized several aspects of the game, from the two goals scored through headers to the quality of Guardado and the decisive performance of Bruno Gama.

El Ideal Gallego: Depor signs a comeback and continues to rule at the standings. Deportivo exploded the moves of its wingers, Mexican Andres Guardado and Portuguese Bruno Gama, and strengthened its leadership before the derby with Celta, the runners-up, with a victory against Murcia (3-1), side that fulfilled the menace over the Riazor, at least at the start of the match.

The Murcians met with an early goal, but withdrew in excess and the leader, with two headers, the first of Juan Carlos Valerón after a pass of Guardado, and the second of Ivan Sanchez ‘Riki’ after a cross of Gama, allowed the second comeback on the season, a result that Lassad Nouioui certified with another assist coming from the wing. C.A.F.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor isn’t afraid of a pinch. Even inflamed, the left ankle of Andres Guardado is the finest in the league. It was minute 33 when the Mexican player beat the mark to reach the lane and release a measured cross into the head of Valerón, who made no mistake. The cross didn’t deserve another destiny. Depor equalized the score and converted the early goal of the rival into an accident.

Colotto, suspended, gave way at the centre of the defense to Aythami. The Canarian committed an unnecessary foul and Emilio, with the collaboration of Aranzubia, who punched the air, transformed the set-piece into the 0-1. The absence of two of the three pillars on which rests the Herculino project, one at the stands and another in the clouds, prompted the visitors to take the lead at the Riazor. But Depor didn’t collapse.

With the encouragement from their fans, the Galicians stole many balls up front. Depor was well planted on the lawn and was moving the ball with criterion; they just missed scoring opportunities. At Murcia, Iturra multiplied himself to extinguish fires, but his delivery was insufficient. The ankle of Guardado appeared, recovered after a knock at the beginning, an issue that moved Salomão to warm up, and Depor tied the game.

Murcia offered too little. As soon as they scored they raced ahead to dig at their own side of the pitch. Like a frightened child who escapes after pinching a superior. Cristian, a combinative striker that plays backwards the goal and that’s individualistic, barely threatened the goal of an Aranzubia that returned to be the same with the pass of minutes.

The second goal was a matter of time. Bruno Gama crossed to Riki and the Aranjuez-born attacker masterfully maneuvered to head the ball into the back of the net (2-1). It only lacked the sentence to settle an important match. And it came a few minutes later. Lassad, who had just ten minutes into play, put the inside of his left foot and beat Alberto below the legs (3-1), again after another valuable cross of Bruno Gama. Then and only then, Oltra started thinking about the derby. He took off Guardado from the pitch, apperceived with four yellow cards, and with a privileged ankle. Fran Balado.

La Opinión A Coruña: To Primera with the head. Deportivo turned back the early goal of Murcia with the head. It wasn’t nervous. Not for a moment thought in resolving the game with long throws, quite the contrary. It preferred to use its many offensive arguments, combinative football and breadth on the wings, to destroy Murcia’s web. It was broken with headers, first of Valerón and then Riki, two goals that allowed the leader to complete its second comeback of the season in a morning session that began with fear and ended in celebration. It was joined by Lassad signing his ninth goal, scoring the fourth coming out from the bench. It was the icing on a new exhibition of Deportivo at the Riazor, place where it has clinched twelve straight victories. Exhibition football and, above all, punch; just what Murcia lacked to jeopardize the Galician team's placid victory, thrown to Primera with 69 points.

The fans ended up doing the wave, but also had their share of suffering in the first half hour, time that Depor lasted in achieving the draw. Some fans were still settling into their seats when Emilio took the lead for Murcia with a surprising free-kick. It had the unintended collaboration of Aranzubia, who is also human though sometimes he doesn’t seem to be a human. It was an isolated incident, an unexpected blow that the leader had to surpass. It had everything to do it: a lot of football and, of course, the Riazor, stadium that doesn’t score but it helps. And it really helps. The stand boomed like never before just when the team needed it the most. And it turned to be an overwhelming dominance. Eugenio Cobas

AS: Murcia succumbs to Bruno and the punch of the leader. Deportivo proved yesterday that it is a leader and that it has a steel punch. Oltra’s men knew how to overcome the early goal from Emilio and achieved the comeback, something only done once on this season. In addition, it beat the pressure of the pursuers and reaches the derby before Celta with a mattress of enough points to keep the lead no matter what could happen in Balaídos.

And that taking in mind that Murcia didn’t put things easy, especially in the first half hour. Emilio fueled the hopes of the scarlet team with a free-kick from the left having the collaboration of Aranzubia. The proof that Iñaki Alonso’s team was doing well was that Alberto didn’t have to intervene until the 25th minute as he saved a shot in a free-kick. Then it was Valerón who sought the goal in set-pieces, but his shot went off. It was the prelude to the goal, because El Flaco and El Principito were going to ally to tie the match. After a play of patience, the ball came to Mexican, who raised his head, he saw Valerón and put a measured cross that the magician headed in a natural way as he was the great Santillana.

The game reached the pause with the goal of Valerón, although the story might be different if Gil Manzano would have whistled a possible penalty of Ayoze over Cristian Garcia. Maybe, but even Iñaki Alonso acknowledged that Murcia didn’t lose by the referee. It did it because the visiting team stepped back after the goal of Emilio, leaving Ruso alone in attack and the omnipresent Iturra in the destruction tasks, the highway used by Depor to manufacture its game, attacking by the sides and because the lead has punch, enough to knock you down.

Yesterday's was the twelfth consecutive victory at the Riazor, and that is no accident. Neither the performance of Bruno Gama, decisive with his perfect goal assists to Riki and Lassad. The Portuguese may be better or worse, but always look ahead of his marker. The third goal sparked the party in a Riazor that celebrated and that chanted "all untied to Balaídos." More wood ahead of the derby. Luis de la Cruz

La Verdad (Murcia): Real Murcia wracks at the Riazor (3-1). The defeat of Real Murcia at the Riazor can be explained in few words. And is that Deportivo was much better than the scarlet team, it always tried to play football and took advantage of the defensive weaknesses at Iñaki Alonso’s outfit. And all though the scarlet team had everything in favour after just eight minutes with a goal from Emilio Sanchez, who scored with a brilliant execution of a free-kick at the side. Later Real Murcia managed to maintain Deportivo handcuffed for more than thirty minutes, which lasted its physical condition trying to pressure the output of the ball of the leader at Segunda and keep it away from Valerón.

In fact, until the equalizer of Valerón, Deportivo hadn’t created clear chances, only two free-kicks that Alberto cleared smoothly. The worse was that the equalizer arrived after the first attempt to overflow by Guardado, who put the ball into the penalty spot. Real Murcia inexcusably failed leaving Valerón, little known for his aerial power, to finish the play inside the six-yard-box. An action in which the entire defense failed: Molinero leaving the Mexican to release the cross, both centre backs for being together at the near post, and Mario Marin for losing concentration not seeing the arrival of the finisher.

In the second half Deportivo was more like the Deportivo that leads the standings and that always bets for football. Bruno Gama became master of the right wing and tormented Mario Marin, mortgaged at the time of joining the attacks. In a move of Gama it came the second goal, work of Riki and a play in which Jorge could have done much better. Deportivo achieved the comeback with two goals scored by players who aren’t particularly solid with the head inside the area and both scored with total immunity. The third was like the second, with Bruno Gama placing the ball at Lassad’s boots, who was just entering into the game, and again finding the ball at the six-yard-box. Within the final minutes Real Murcia pressed to close the gap on the scoresheet, but Borja and Cristian weren’t successful before a Deportivo that has more punch than Real Murcia, side that lacked faith and ambition. José Otón



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