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14 Apr 2012
It’s expected that 3,000 fans of Deportivo will travel to Vigo in order to enjoy the Galician derby; the police is concern as big part of them are traveling by train, which creates a difficult scenario to control.

There’s a lot of expectation in A Coruña towards the Galician derby; it’s predicted that 3,000 fans will travel to Vigo in order to attend to Balaidos. RC Celta is giving 2,300 tickets to Depor’s fans that will be placed in a sector of the stadium, while the rest will have to sit in other sectors of Balaidos.

One of the main concerns is how to control the fans traveling to Vigo, only 750 are doing it in special buses; the rest are traveling by train or in their own vehicles. The problem with the people traveling by train is that the arrival station –Guixar- is five kilometers away from Balaidos, and the police are concern on what could happen during the journey to the stadium.

There are two trains carrying with fans from Depor, what the police has planned is to concentrate them at the station and later escort them through Vigo. The Commission against violence in Spain has declared the match as a ‘high risk’ game, therefore around 700 policemen, firefighters and private security members have been called for the event; the streets near to the stadium are going to be closed and will be used as a parking.

To mention that the 32.000 tickets for the game were sold, which means that this is the first sell-out game at Balaidos in 13 years; the last time it occurred was on the season 1999/2000 as RC Celta was facing SL Benfica for the UEFA Cup (November 25, 1999).

Several websites in Vigo and A Coruña released a special statement asking for peace and to live a derby of harmony. The authorities gave a press conference on Thursday after a security meeting and expressed their confidence in that everything will be fine for the Galician derby.

This is the translation of the statement prepared by the websites:

“The most expected game of the last five years has arrived. A full stadium, a spectacular environment. There’s no doubt about that. Everything is ready to have a Galician party on Sunday’s noon. A party with all the ingredients: chants, rivalry, the previews and reviews, the salutes, the tears, the sadness, the emotion…

A lot of condiments to transform this game into something unforgettable, but there are a few that don’t want to collaborate. Who would be thinking in using violence? What kind of persons would allow this atrocity? Is it worthy to risk the integrity of the others?

Don´t enter into the game of those who are blinded by the wrong sense of protagonism. The same ones of always, those four fools that you can find anywhere, those who are more interested in throwing a stone than celebrating a goal of Oubiña or Valerón. Enjoy the derby as you know: with your friends, with your family, with your couple, with your shirt, no matter which one it is.

We don’t know other way to enjoy the derby. Put your grand of sand to see this game as what it should be: a party, a party for Galician football. Onosofutbol, onosoderbi



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