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15 Apr 2012
106th edition of the Galician derby playing in a league competition, this time Depor and Celta arrive to the clash as the best two teams at Segunda and they present all their offensive power on the pitch. A win for Depor means a huge step towards the promotion.

Both Deportivo and Celta are leading the competition at Segunda División, not only for the points added on the season, but also for other statistics. The club from Vigo is the best scorer at Liga Adelante with 58 goals in favour; Depor is second in this department with 55. This means that both teams have scored 113 of the 899 goals at Segunda (13% of the total). Celta is also the best defense as it has only allowed 28 goals, same mark than Real Valladolid. Los Herculinos are fourth in this department (31) just one more goal than Córdoba CF.

Depor is also the team with more victories in the campaign (22), three more than second place Celta. Los Blanquiazules are also the best home team in this league as they have only dropped five points after 17 matches; Celta is fourth on this department with 34 points added in 15 matches at Balaidos. CD Numancia has added 36 points after 15 home matches, while Córdoba CF has added 35 in 14 meetings, so Celta will be the second home team in the league if they are able to win this clash.

Oltra’s team has been criticized throughout the season as its performance playing away from home hasn’t matched the expectations, but the true is that, despite the problems, the team is currently the fifth best visiting team with 23 points added after 15 visits, just behind Valladolid (28), Celta (28), Elche CF (25) and UD Almeria (23).

This is the Galician derby number 106 playing for a league competition; within the last derbies played at Balaídos Deportivo has achieved its best results visiting Celta; the team from A Coruña have won three of the last five matches played in Vigo, including the 0-3 of the of the season 05/06 and the historic 0-5 win of the campaign 2003/04.

The season is ending and Deportivo is close to reach the promotion to Primera, but it isn’t yet a mathematical fact and Oltra’s team still has to wait some matchdays before celebrating the so-desired goal; however a victory in the derby, visiting the nemesis, will probably mean that final push that Depor is needing before landing at the elite of Spanish football.

After all, a victory will leave Celta ten points behind Depor –they still have to play the final half an hour before FC Cartagena- while it will keep the eight-point gap with Real Valladolid, all of this with nine games remaining in the schedule. So, Depor is facing the 106th edition of the Galician derby in liga with the tranquility of knowing that it will continue to be the leader if it loses, but also with the motivation that a victory could mean that final push towards Primera.

The good news for coach José Luis Oltra is that there are no major casualties for the match, the only players at the injury room are centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez and central defender Aythami Artiles, this last one picked a muscular injury during the week, but his absence shouldn’t be noticed as Argentine Diego Colotto is returning from suspension.

In the end Oltra is picking all his artillery for the derby, including strikers Lassad and Xisco, this last one was discarded for the past clash before Real Murcia. The five players staying out this time for tactical reasons are right-back Diego Seoane, left-back Ayoze Diaz, right wingers Pablo Álvarez and Saúl, plus striker Rodolfo Bodipo.

The lineup will be the 4-2-3-1 figure used during the major part of the second round; Dani Aranzubia defends the goal, Laureano Sanabria ´Laure´ performs at the right-back position, Claudio Morel returns from suspension in order to play at the left, while the central spots at defense are for Colotto and Portuguese Ze Castro.

The only two Galician players in the formation are Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez, duo that covers the pivote functions. Portuguese Bruno Gama attacks from the right flank, Mexican Andrés Guardado does it from the left, Juan Carlos Valerón is the playmaker in the scheme and Riki is the central attacker.

Before traveling to Vigo Aranzubia talked of the importance of the meeting, ”It’s a game marked in the calendar and in past weeks we have been trying to stay aside of it, but now we are willing to play it and let’s hope it could be a pretty match. There are no urgencies, though the game is important for both sides and, like in the whole season, this is the most important game as it’s the next one. Both teams are living a solid moment and surely will be a pretty game.

Meanwhile, Colotto said that, ”It’s a pretty and special game and let’s hope it will be lived in peace. I don’t know which side is feeling more pressure, both teams aspire to the promotion; obviously we want to remain as the leaders and will try to win it. They have a strong attack and we must make a solid game in order to stop them. Their four attackers have a great level and we must be alert in order to make a great game and win. The victory will be a huge step forward and for me the little details are going to mark the difference.”

Finally, Claudio Morel believes that a win in the derby would be decisive in the quest for the championship at Segunda, ”It doesn’t matter how you arrive, or if you play a good or bad game. The fans in the end only remember the side that wins. This is the match of the season.  The derbies are always special, but it’s more important in this situation, because we are the first and the second place and can sentence the championship if we win.”

List of picked players (18): Aranzubia, Lux (goalkeepers); Laure, Ze Castro, Colotto, Rochela, Morel. Manuel Pablo (defenders); Álex Bergantiños, Borja Fernández, Valerón, Juan Dominguez, Guardado, Salomão, Bruno Gama (midfielders); Riki, Xisco and Lassad (strikers)

On the present Segunda season all eyes have been on Deportivo as it was the biggest club in the league and subsequently became the leader of the competition breaking some marks in the way out, but it can’t be denied that RC Celta has made a great campaign and that actually, it has been a more balanced team than Depor. Just to mention that Los Celtiñas have the best goal difference in the league (+24), which is a product of the fact that they are the best offensive line and also the best defense in the tournament.

While Depor was leaving some doubts, like in the 0-4 loss at CD Guadalajara, Celta has been showing a more consistent picture, because despite playing some bad games the team coached by Paco Herrera was always leaving a decent impression; as example the fact that in five of the six defeats suffered on this season Los Celestes just lost by one goal, the only exception was the 1-3 loss at UD Las Palmas occurred some weeks ago (matchday 29). So, Celta, beyond trying to escape from third place Real Valladolid, is also seeking to approach Deportivo at the standings and demonstrate that they also deserve some attention.

A couple of novelties are expected in the 4-2-3-1 lineup compared to the squad presented in the suspended meeting before FC Cartagena, but the defensive lineup should be the same. 25-year-old Sergio Álvarez has been the starting goalie lately after the injury of Yoel and he should remain on the job despite his team mate is already recovered.

Hugo Mallo, who last year played the FIFA U-20 World Cup and who has been linked with different Primera clubs, will perform at the right-back position, Roberto Lago covers the left side, while the central defenders are ex-Osasuna Oier Sanjurjo and former Celta B Andrés José Túñez

The first novelty appears at midfield as Álex López, who is returning from suspension, will join Borja Oubiña, the symbol of this Celta, at the pivote functions. Álex already scored two times on this season, and is also the most booked player at the team (10).

The other novelty for the game is the return of Fabián Orellana; the Chilean was suspended for the previous game at FC Cartagena, which means that Paco Herrera is recovering his dangerous diamond formation, with Orellana on the left wing, ex-Espanyol Quique de Lucas on the right-flank, veteran attacker Mario Bermejo performing on the playmaking function and controversial and at the same talented Iago Aspas up front. This quartet has scored 35 goals in liga.

Without forgetting the punch that Celta is having on the bench, because David Rodriguez and Joan Tomas will be waiting for a chance. Catalan Tomas is one of the best revulsives in the league with four goals scored coming out from the bench, while former Almeria Rodriguez already scored nine times on this league season.

Chilean Orellana talked before the game, ”In a derby you never have a favourite side and the best side will win the match, and I hope it could be Celta. This derby is a pretty game for any player, because it’s a classical match in Galicia, pretty well known by everyone and it has a rich history. It doesn’t matter who is the first and the second place, in a derby the mentality is different. Both teams are going to go out pretty motivated.”

List of picked players (19): Sergio Álvarez, Yoel (goalkeepers); Hugo Mallo, Roberto Lago, Tuñez, Cristian Bustos, Oier Sanjurjo, Bellvis, Catalá (defenders);Natxo Insa, Borja Oubiña, Joan Tomas, Fabián Orellana, Álex López, De Lucas (midfielders); Bermejo, Iago Aspas, David Rodriguez and Antonio Rodriguez ‘Toni’ (strikers)

Celta: (4-2-3-1) Sergio - Hugo Mallo, Sanjurjo, Túñez, Roberto Lago - Borja Oubiña, Álex López - De Lucas, Bermejo, Orellana - Iago Aspas.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama, Valerón, Guardado – Riki.
Referee David Miranda Torres (11 games on the season, 4 wins for the visiting team)
Kick-off: 12h00 CET (Balaidos)
Head-to-head Vs. Celta: 39 wins for Depor, 25 draws, 41 wins for Celta (Primera, Segunda and Segunda B)
Record at Balaidos: 8 wins for Deportivo, 16 draws, 28 wins for Celta (Primera, Segunda & Segunda B)



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