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15 Apr 2012
Both coaches talked before the derby that will be played at Balaidos. Depor’s coach is aware that a victory in this game will be a big step towards the promotion, while the coach of Celta was denying assuming the role of favourite for this clash.

Francisco Herrera Lorenzo is a Catalan trainer that currently is the active coach with more matches at Segunda División: 303. He’s also the oldest coach in the league (58). However his experience at Primera División is only reduced to twelve matches. He already worked for nine different clubs. As a way of comparison, José Luis Oltra has 169 matches at Segunda and 60 at Primera.

Herrera also has international experience as in the summer of 2004 he joined his compatriot Rafael Benítez at the coaching staff of Liverpool FC, working as both assistant manager and chief scout, this  during two seasons. During his stage at Anfield Road, The Reds conquered the UEFA Champions League 2004/05 and the Intercontinental Cup 2005/06.

He was hired as the coach of RC Celta on the past season and was hardly criticized as the team fell down in the second round of the past Segunda tournament; however he is regained part of his credit as Celta is the current runner-up in the league and a solid aspirant for promotion. This is the third confrontation of Herrera against Oltra; the first meeting took place on the Segunda season 2008/09 as Herrera’s Castellon defeated Oltra’s Tenerife (2-1) during the last matchday of that season, same score that allowed Depor to clinch the win in the derby of the first round.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Friday; he talked for seventeen minutes with reporters; he starting assuring that’s is a pleasure for him to be the coach of Depor during the derby, “It’s a pleasure to be the coach during a derby, the protagonists are the players, but we are close to them and we are living a party for Galician football. Besides, we are arriving in the middle of a good run; the same goes for Celta, both teams are arriving living a good moment, with solid players and a great proposal; a good background to live a great match.”

Then Oltra confirmed that he’s only having two casualties for the meeting, “Only Jesús Vázquez and Aythami are unavailable, the rest are ready to play and I have freedom to choose, so I’m happy as almost everybody is available.”

Depor’s coach denied that Celta is feeling more pressure before the derby, “I don’t agree; we have the same need and pressure, it’s true that we have more margin, but things change and we must go out there in order to win, they have won the last eight home meetings and will play in a full stadium, so this game have all the ingredients in order to be a big match. We know that this aren’t just three points, but are respecting the rival.”

“I can’t handle the pressure that the rival is feeling; I am just concern if the team is able to compete; we will try to face the game with normality. What I don’t want to see is our players thinking that nothing can happen if we lose, because we’ll remain as leaders, we must face things in other way. We should understand that we have a margin, but can’t relax.” He added.

Then he was asked if both teams can surprise the rival on Sunday, and he answered that, “Well, they surprised me in the match of the first round, because I didn’t expect their starting eleven; it was a surprise the position that the players were fulfilling; we can do the same now, but it doesn’t mean that we are changing the philosophy, but the characteristics of the players, though my sensation is that there won’t be too many surprises.”

Once again Oltra was denying to talk of the near future, “We must go step by step and the most important game is the next one; we face each game with ambition and highly focused; if we win then we’ll be closer to the goal; perhaps on this week that little step will be bigger, but still, there are 28 points still in dispute and that´s a lot. I won’t see myself at Primera by winning this game and neither will think otherwise if we lose.  Would say that each week we have the most important game of our careers, that’s my philosophy and the view I want to transmit to the players.”

“I always said it; our first barrier is the third spot at the standings; yes we want to be the first place and keep that spot, but our main goal is the promotion, so the first barrier is the third place, the second barrier is the seventh place. We will see the outcome of the game and then can make our valorizations. You make a bigger step not by defeating Celta, but because you will have more distance with two teams, which means that they can’t fail anymore, so it’s a benefit The idea is to go there to win, because if we want to draw then the most probably thing is that we will lose.” He added

Asked about how the plans to stop the powerful offensive line of Celta, Oltra said that, “I won’t tell you what we are planning, but we will try. They are the team with more wins on the road and are also strong at home as they have clinched eight straight wins there. They have arguments and a great coach”

Then the Valencian trainer predicted a similar game to the one saw in the first round, “In a derby, if I have to bet on something, I would say that it will be a closed games, stuck, with a poor football and few goals, but the game in the first round was great, three goals, a lot of alternatives and a good game, so I don’t think the planning at both teams is going to change now.”

Finally, Oltra was comparing the Galician derby with other derbies, “Each derby has its characteristics. I have played the Valencian derby between Valencia and Levante; we were also playing at Primera and for great goals as it was at the end of the season. I also lived the derby at Murcia [Real Murcia vs. Ciudad de Murcia], but it didn’t have the same repercussion; perhaps the one that’s comparable to this one is the Canarian derby [Las Palmas vs. Tenerife]. It’s pretty and intense, but it has some special characteristics as people can’t travel to the other island by car. What I would say is that this is a radical derby; not for the violence, but for the way people live it.”

Celta’s coach gave his press conference on Saturday’s morning; he denied to say that his team is the favourite for the game and even said that his side needs to be at 150% in order to win, “I know how we are playing at home and that we have been fine so far. We only had one game flying in the air, which was the one before Almeria, but Deportivo has lost with the teams at the bottom and not with the ones at the top. It’s a powerful rival facing the best teams, so we are not even slightly favourites in this game. It’s a pretty equal match. If Deportivo plays at 100%, then we will need to be at 150%. Surely we need a big effort in order to win.”

“Each side is going to use its weapons. Deportivo is a team that always begins from more defensive positions, because this is their style, which practically transforms the games into a man to man battle, it’s pretty hard to surpass them, and since that point they try to recover the ball and later make their football. They play good football and have solid players. It’s a more suffered them than us in defensive aspects; they are stronger in the contact, in the struggle, they´re bigger and it wears you down. We will have to play at 150% in order to be alive at the end.” He added.

He’s also hopeful as Balaidos will be full for the meeting, “The fact that stadium will be full is very helpful, but to see a derby between the first and the second place is a merit only of the players. We don’t know when it will happen again and to see a full stadium will remain in the memory of everyone. Let’s hope it could be repeated on next year at Primera with a full stadium.”

Before the press conference, the coach gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; he was describing Deportivo as a rival from Primera, “We’ve to face a meeting before a rival from Primera División. It’s a more sacrificed team compared to us, this in a defensive sense, and in attack they only need a few occasions to score a goal, and neither need to play fine to win a match. I like Aranzubia, Guardado, Valerón and Riki, but the other players are also good. The aggressiveness of Laure is good for the team, and the work of Álex Bergantiños is fundamental.”

He also admitted the importance of Guardado in the schemes of Oltra, “What he’s doing is something to be thanked by football, because he’s a player that hasn’t renewed for Depor, he will be free, perhaps having a contract with other club, and the compromise with Depor is total. It’s something to admire, because other players are erased from the pitch at the end of the season, and he’s highly involved.”

The Catalan coach was also saying that Celta must avoid the errors that caused the defeat in the first round, “We must have the initiative in the game, but always having both feet on the ground, because sometimes to dominate, control and have more arrivals it doesn’t mean that you will win the game, that’s what happened in the first round. We must learn from that game, and to avoid a counterattack or an error that could cost the match to us.”

Finally, Herrera was explaining the keys for the game, “We can’t have anxiety, we don’t need it. I believe it’s a pretty game to enjoy, it isn’t to have anxiety. Besides we must control the game at both areas, aspect in which we must include the effectiveness that we are missing. We are scoring goals, but aren’t seizing too many opportunities as it should be.”



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